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Michael Jackson's Kids Could Turn Preppy

8/23/2009 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The home schoolin' days may be over for MJ's kids -- we've learned Katherine Jackson is "seriously considering" sending the golden children to one of the most elite private schools in L.A.

Family sources tell us the Jackson matriarch is talking about enrolling Michael Jr., Paris, and Prince in the Buckley School -- the same place Tito's three kids attended, as well as several other members of the Jackson clan. In fact, Tito's deceased wife, Dee Dee, once served as president of the Buckley Parent's Association.

Our sources say the family has talked to friends and school reps about enrolling the kids.

We're told Grandma Katherine used to show up for different events at the school and just loves the place -- great education, it's close to their Encino home, and it's heavily protected.

Problem is ... the school ain't so easy to get into. Plus, classes start really soon -- as in this Wednesday -- and it's unclear if the kids have even applied yet.

One cautionary note: Paris Hilton attended Buckley as well as ... (gulp) ... Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian.


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I feel So Bad for MJ's Kids .

1851 days ago


79. Them little bastards just gonna be wanderin' around sayin' to everybody they meet "Are you my Daddy?" "Are you, my Daddy?".......

Posted at 10:04AM on Aug 22nd 2009 by Darious Jones

OMG, why to show to every body that you are mentally retarded, it's very humiliating for your, the best to do is to hide you

1851 days ago



Yes and in the interview he did while in Ireland with, exactly the same Michael voice. (The interviewer is an idiot I have to say...)

1851 days ago


MJ was a gay man,who had numerous gay lovers!

1851 days ago



Is that so? Interesting that nobody seems to have any proof, nor have any lovers come forward...even fake lovers with the fake mothers of his children in the media and family-propelled circus.

1851 days ago


Yes Disfasia,very weird and creepy huh? The guy in the message pronounces his letters and words just as MJ did or does.

1851 days ago


if they do will the medias leave them alone?

I wish you all the best kids your father is a great great person no matter what was said and no matter what will be said.
He's loved and respected by us.

1851 days ago


98. MJ was a gay man,who had numerous gay lovers!

Posted at 10:38AM on Aug 22nd 2009 by Della

Della you are very badly informed, this stupidity was invented by a nasty person Ian Halperin, for selling his disgusting book. You can be sure that Michael loved very much women.

1851 days ago


Some of the comments on here are sickening. These children apper to e very well mannered and smart. From what I read they are fluent in 3 languages as well. I think Michael would have wanted what was best for them, including their education. Maybe its the children who want to go to a traditional school,not sure what the situation is, however, I wish them all the best. These children are so beautiful God Bless Them

1851 days ago

Darlene Bennett    

You can be sure that the tuition for this school will come out of the children's 40%. Katherine isn't going to give up any of her millions. She is probably considering this so she can add it to her resume for the world's greatest grandmother. It breaks my heart--any parent knows that kids thrive on consistency---they really need to continue their home schooling with their same tutors for at least 6 months to a year. This stuff is way too fresh in everyone's minds and the first thing they would probably hear from one of those snotty kids would be---"your daddy wasn't your daddy." Yea, buddy, that's going to be great for their emotional development. They haven't even begun to heal from the loss of their father.Katherine--this is your chance to make up for some of the horrendous mistakes you made in protecting Michael's emotional well-being. Keep em home for a while and spend your time hugging them and stay out of the dam courtrooms. RIP MJ and send your love and protection daily to your precious babies.

1851 days ago



Well, I wouldn't say that either. I don't think Michael was very sexual at all...He was quite asexual and enjoyed life as a celibate parent from all that he said and from that which I have read. I think after Lisa-Marie, Michael figured out what he really wanted in life and being a father made him immensely happy. I don't think lovers did.

1851 days ago



I have been wondering about this myself and it would be horrible if the children had to use that money to pay for their own education. I think the money for the children was really meant for them once they come of age and the money for Katherine for her taking care of herself and the children until they are of age.

Perhaps this is all stated in the trust?

1851 days ago


I feel sorry for these kids. Only God knows who their parents really are. They are white in a black family. They never went to school. I would lay money, they cannot read & write. They were not socialized with other children. The only contact they have had with the outside world was to be used and abused during the stupid memorial service.

1851 days ago


"They are white in a black family." ??????

What is that supposed to mean. EVEN IF they were genetically from someone not of African origin, they will still be both "black" and "white". But we need to move away from such language--race is a fiction, it does not exist. Color does not matter, who is the "sperm donor" does not likewise. Such language divides people, it does not unite nor show love.

1851 days ago


I think outside schooling would be good for them now. Prior to their father's death, apparently he did a stellar job of ensuring they were home schooled both by himself and others. They were reading at a young age and appear to have impeccable manners. He also took them everywhere with him; although some people found that disturbing, it certainly enhanced their life lessons in dealing with people, seeing the world, etc. It is incredibly sad that Michael is no longer around to tutor them in music; there are few people that can exceed his mastery in creativity. I think schooling could be a good opportunity for them. Bottom line, however, is what do they want to do?

1851 days ago
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