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Ryan Jenkins Dead -- Hangs Himself

8/23/2009 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: TMZ spoke with the manager of the motel and one of the residents. They say Jenkins checked in on Friday. He was dropped off by a woman in her early 20s who drove a silver PT Cruiser with Alberta license plates. She stayed for about 20 minutes and wasn't seen again. The room was paid for two days. When Jenkins didn't check it out today, the manager and his nephew went to check on him. When there was no answer, they entered the room and found Jenkins hanging by his belt from a coat rack. He was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. There was a laptop open on a desk inside the room.

Lt. Steve Holliday of Buena Park PD addressed the press, saying, "The sadness of this is all is that Mr. Jenkins will not stand before an Orange County jury for his crime."

His body was discovered at about 5:00 PM PT.

Jenkins was apparently ID'ed through fingerprints.

RCMP Sgt. Duncan Pound: "At this present time the investigation into the circumstances of his death is continuing, but preliminary evidence suggests that he took his own life. Any further details will not be released at this time as this investigation remains in its infancy."

Ryan Jenkins
has been found dead in Canada, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

He was found dead at the Thunderbird Motel in Hope, B.C. of an apparent suicide, according to RCMP Sgt. Duncan Pound.

Jenkins' body was discovered by motel staff. According to law enforcement sources, he was found hanging.

Jenkins was charged on August 20 in the murder of his wife, Jasmine Fiore.

Fiore's mutilated body was found in a suitcase inside of a dumpster in Buena Park, Calif. on August 15.

Story developing ...

Thunderbird Motel

UPDATE 11:00 PM PT -- The Buena Park PD held a press conference earlier this evening (below middle). The Royal Canadian Mounted Police also did a press conference earlier today (below right).


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Oh stop preaching you bible thumper. I believe in God too but shut up already

1886 days ago


234. Man,to bad he was good looking.the wife looked like a skank tho.thats what you get when you marry plastic


We are not here to analyze why Jasmine choose the path she did. She seemed to be escaping or searching for something.

There are a lot of troubled young teens who run away from home for various reasons who wind up in similar situations.

1886 days ago

Fact Checker    

Since TMZ does not have the full story about how Ryan checked in, who helped him, the witness interview that found him, pictures of the crime location and people involved and the full video, here it is:

1886 days ago

Commodore Donald    

And - Pop! Goes the Weasel!

Good riddance. This was a sordid story about a bunch of no-bodies.

Exit stage right and take Michael Jackson's corpse with you.

1886 days ago


Yea looks like his paranoia got the best of him.... The people who found him said it didnt even look like him (maybe because he was decomposing for a few days)

But it seemed like he could have gotten away

1886 days ago


^ your right. there are many airstrips there. ive' been to them. i live 1 hour from hope.

seattle is about 2 hours south of vancouver. whereas hope is about 2 hours east of vancouver. mommy would of had to drive alot. in traffic, on the freeway. which is chaotic most of the time. she could of gone down hwy 7 through agassiz. less travelled rd.

1886 days ago

Sad sad    

On a lighter note ;o I hope they check his computer to see how many post he made to TMZ.

1886 days ago


Why did Jasmine change her name lastname so many times? She was born Jasmine Lepore, then changed it to Fiore, then changed it to Kincaid...???

1886 days ago



Actually, you self absorbed lil nasty yeast infection.. I called out ONE of your ridiculous, drowsiness inducing posts..the fact that many others are as well speaks to the fact that you suck. You say don't read your posts? How does one miss them when they usually take up half a page of rambling incoherent babbling? You seem to spend alot of time here and maybe its time to take a break and develop some semblance of life AWAY from TMZ and your loopy CSI-esque theories. So get a life Beyotch..your sad life as a social reject is your own problem and not TMZ readers

1886 days ago

Holly G    

"I think he panicked, my little boy, and we had to protect him, even now that he’s dead," she told the Herald, sobbing

Quote from Jenkins mother! are you kidding me?!? I have kids and i get you need to grieve but I would drag my kids sorry butt into the police station! You do the crime you do the time!

1886 days ago


The manager said when he opened Ryan's hotel door on Sunday because it was pass check out time that "he opened the door wider and he(Ryan) was hanging from the coat rack by a belt."

Ok, I don't know what kind of coat racks they have in Canada but my coat rack is a bit taller than me and I am 5'4. Now, how could Ryan hang himself from a coat rack. His feet would still be touching the floor after he put the belt around his neck.

Even if the coat rack was the kind that is fixed to the wall, no one puts a coat rack up real high. It is usually about the height of the average person.

When a person hang themselves it would be from an object much higher than they are tall and they would use a chair or an object to stand on so when they jumped off the rope or belt would tighten around their neck.

I would really like to know what this coat rack looked like.

1886 days ago


Obviously, the noose was tightening around his neck, no pun intended. In another words, the police were closing in on him and he knew his time was limited.

Although I don't usually condone violence, or an "eye for an eye", I do feel he received condign punishment.

The police were going to get him sooner or later, so it was just a matter of time. I wonder if he left a suicide note, or called his parents and apprised them of his intentions. Possibly a missive was left divulging facts about the murder he was responsibe for? Then again, he's too selfish and probably took that information to the grave.

1886 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Ok, so this guy, obviously a complete mental case, becomes obsessed with a 'product' of a fake image of a person that he imagined would be completely different from the reality of the situation. He probably built her up into something she wasn't and she went along with the charade. He imagined the perfect girl and when she wasn't that person, the cracking of the foundation began. She meanwhile had built that image to match for a while too, but then she probably got wind of him being a nutcase and began to probably get nasty about it and ripped him a new one in a cold, hard way! So his possessive ass becomes psychotic over her lack of reciprocation of this ridiculous image and this whole crushed illusion and finally snaps and kills her in a fit of psychotic rage!

Once he killed her, he panicked and realized what he did and tried all that he could to cover up this crime, but at that point it was a lost cause. His mind spinning, he completely went off the deep end and started cutting off fingers and removing teeth. He probably saw something similar in a movie or tv and foolishly thought her could destroy the evidence in this way. Since you can't plan out something like that in reality, he had no game plan and ran as the authorities quickly figured out the obvious. Once the reality finally hit him, he killed himself, rather than go through a trial that posssibly could have ended with a trip to death row, or a life in a nice, happy prison.

This kind of crime has all the telltale signs of a psychotic crime of passion. The videos of her dancing seemed to indicate her superficiality and her lack of interaction to his amorous advances and I bet that she had no problem being cold to him without realizing the danger that she was now in. Not that she deserved to die from this in any way, but she certainly did not appear to be a young woman in love, but basically a hired stripper out for money and an easy life. Her biggest mistake was probably being blinded by greed and it was just too late when she it was all said and done.

This is my theory and there are certainly holes in it, but I bet this is very close to how it took place. I think this is much more simple than people think it is. There was no premeditation or plan, he simply snapped and his violent side came out and she paid the price for playing along with this folly. What more can be said that it was basically a slow motion murder/suicide. Two people are dead and now the families of these people will suffer for it.

1886 days ago


Yes, I understand that too,but still, if it was, she didn't really try to hide even her plates. Not sure what I'd do if it were my brother,(I think I'd've turned him in).....tho I do know if I made the bad choice to aide him,I'd probably not let my vehicle be seen.Kinda sad that a sister would hafta make such a choice.IF it was, they must've been close & it sure adds to the story.Like say it was& she told him after that,he was on his own.& that's what brought on the suicide.Goodness this is such a sad story all the way around.So many people affected by the vile act of one man. :-( I do know that she will be punished as well,but I for 1 won't say anything against her IF it was his sister,how conflicted she must've been, I can't even imagine being in that position.An ex GF,well,that's another thing entirely,IMO.


298. Raven: Mia said maybe his sister. I could understand that.

Posted at 1:02AM on Aug 24th 2009 by Sad sad

1886 days ago

Sad sad    

"Reached shortly after the news broke Sunday night, his mother, Nada Jenkins, said she still believes her son is innocent."

Figures. No, your son just decided to kill himself just for fun.

1886 days ago
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