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Ryan Jenkins -- No Remorse

8/23/2009 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned someone had a chance meeting with accused murderer Ryan Jenkins the night he escaped to Canada, and he was cool, calm and collected.

Law enforcement sources tell us after Jenkins docked his boat but before his short walk to the Canadian border, he had a conversation with someone who had no idea Jenkins was on the run. The person told law enforcement there was "no sign of remorse" and Jenkins acted as if everything were fine.

And law enforcement sources say they have a "reason to believe" Jenkins' parents have been assisting him. One law enforcement source says he believes Ryan enlisted their help before anyone knew that Jasmine Fiore had been murdered and he lied to them. But authorities believe they may still be assisting him.

The parents are divorced and live in separate cities in Canada. They have tremendous financial means. Law enforcement sources say after Ryan became a suspect, his father's plane came in from Honduras -- Ryan's dad developed a resort on an island off Honduras.

Authorities don't know where Jenkins is hiding presently, but they believe he needs the assistance of family and friends.


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1.)He probably withdrew has much money as he could while driving to the border. He had that much time, he probably wiped out his saving/checking to get as much cash as he could.

2.)Obviously during that drive , he must of communicated with his close friends (if he has any)/ family . Maybe he got a wire transfer via western union or something.

3.)He's probably not communicating with his cell phone, he probably got a pre-paid cell on the run.

4.)Cash is king, he probably not using any type of credit cards/checks

5.)All his preparations were probably done while driving to the border...contacting family. So whoever is helping him, set him up with place to stay and all. rumors are his family owns multiplel homes at points roberts. But I doubt he would be staying at those places

6.) He might of changed his appearance, but it is doubtful otherwise the police would have given update sketch. He still has the option of changing it.

7.)He's probably staying awy from any email, facebook/myspace , etc, cause all of that can be traced.

8.)I think him and his family are prob deciding what to do , either turn in (which is doubtful) or get jenkins a plane, so he can go off wherever.

I think he'll get caught, we need to monitor his family and known friends. Evnetually someone will slip up and give away the location of where he is staying.

1890 days ago

Sad sad    

Sad thing this fool is probably thinking this is the coolest thing that's ever happened to him. And is probably laughing his arse off at all of it.

1890 days ago


I sure hope they find him soon. I would hate to see anyone else get hurt, or killed by this creep. He has nothing to lose right now,and who knows, he may just decided to take out as many people as he can. His family really needs to be closely watched as well.

1890 days ago


I think this guy can buy the things with the money. But one hopes to find the right justice.

1890 days ago


Ryan looks so friggin HAWT in this pic. I for one wouldn't mind being locked up in a cell with him. I bet I am not alone !

1890 days ago

Calgary born and raised    

I heard he went to college in aviation? is able to fly a plane himself? What is the probability he can fly off without being detected? anyone??

1890 days ago


i think its great, unfortunately watching Eastern Promises wasnt enough!

1890 days ago

Sad sad    

This is like a bad episode of Miami vice. Wait, they were all bad.

1890 days ago


Ryan is likely having a sleepless night figuring out his options - his family are likely urging him to give himself up cause they know the other options are not good ones either - Ryan on the other hand is likely still obsessing about Mexico - the Honduras etc. etc. - DUMB!!!! HE'S BLOWN HIS LIFE!!!! Mr. High Flyer will not be satisfied living a life on the run - hiding out in remote locations - instead of the bright lights of Vegas -
This is a train wreck for his family - and for him but he was the one who orchestrated it and he has to pay for the music he produced! Keep going like this and he brings the whole family down and all their investments too -

1890 days ago


I dont think there is anyway he can get out of Canada with his parents help now because they are probably under surveillance but who is to say he did not already get out of Canada. Pretty crazy little chase he is leading the authorities on

1890 days ago

Bobo Frog    

The Canadian Mounted Police is on it. They'll catch him, because Canadian mounties are some of the best mounties in the world. Their mounties are world-renowned for their mountie abilities. Mountie.

1890 days ago


It's becomming clear how he got the way he is, seems as if his parents have spoiled him all his life and enabled him like they are now if it's true, people like this never take responsiblity of their actions and blame it on someone else, he probably has poor impulse control because he's used to getting what he wants when he wants it, yep the parents or one of them at least has some kind of sociopathy that's where he learned it from, no remorse for the suffering of others is pretty typical in people like that, women beware, it's good to study personality disorder so you know what you are dealing with and for men too, if you spot someone like that at least you can get out before it's too late, don't fall for their charms or money, it's not worth it.

1890 days ago

Sad sad    

Ryan doesn't have to worry about that green card anymore at least.

1890 days ago


I hope to god he doesn't come to Australia, we don't want him here either, this story has been on the news here too not so much on tv but on the internet, thank god for internet, hopefully whereever he is someone will know who he is and snitch on him.

1890 days ago


Jenkins was in contact with his family early on and they must know where he is and possibly squired him off somewhere..his Dad owns a private plane and Ryan has a pilots license..his mother left Vancouver a couple of days ago. She lives in a condo a few blocks from where I live in Vancouver and there has been police at her condo and at the step mother's home at Point Roberts..he would be a fool to be around here because his face is plastered everywhere..I think Daddy has him hidden somewhere

1890 days ago
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