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Ryan Jenkins -- No Remorse

8/23/2009 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned someone had a chance meeting with accused murderer Ryan Jenkins the night he escaped to Canada, and he was cool, calm and collected.

Law enforcement sources tell us after Jenkins docked his boat but before his short walk to the Canadian border, he had a conversation with someone who had no idea Jenkins was on the run. The person told law enforcement there was "no sign of remorse" and Jenkins acted as if everything were fine.

And law enforcement sources say they have a "reason to believe" Jenkins' parents have been assisting him. One law enforcement source says he believes Ryan enlisted their help before anyone knew that Jasmine Fiore had been murdered and he lied to them. But authorities believe they may still be assisting him.

The parents are divorced and live in separate cities in Canada. They have tremendous financial means. Law enforcement sources say after Ryan became a suspect, his father's plane came in from Honduras -- Ryan's dad developed a resort on an island off Honduras.

Authorities don't know where Jenkins is hiding presently, but they believe he needs the assistance of family and friends.


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Now, I think this guy is evil, but come on. He's not stupid. He's gotten this far away from the police, like he's gonna act all nervous. He's not gonna be stupid and blow his cover by showing "remorse" and really how can you tell if someone is remorseful from a five minute conversation with him WHEN you don't even know at the time that he's been accused of murder? You think you are meeting a random person, not knowing that he just killed his wife. You aren't looking for signs of remorse and stuff. And who cares if he is remorseful or not? He killed his wife. Doesn't matter if he's remorseful. Murder is murder.

1851 days ago


I still want to know who took the video in Mexico!!

That person holds a clue -- a big one.

1851 days ago


What Ryan is probably freaked out about is facing his father. One of his friends said his Dad always had high expectations of him carrying on the family business ventures and Ryan veered off course and got caught up the LA scene and subsequent reality shows and his Dad was pissed off and disappointed in him and even less enthused with Ryan marrying Jasmine.

1851 days ago


lol that mexico video seems almost fake its too creepy to be a random chance

1851 days ago


that's just it, racerzeke -- it likely WAS fake so the person holding that camera was obviously someone Ryan trusted enough (or paid enough) to do it yet was unknown to Jasmine and her former BF

1851 days ago


I mean the guy said his name "michael" like 8 times and its just very strange... Also why didnt he head to Mexico immediately? He was probably less than 2 hours away in San Fransisco I mean if he took the risk to drive 20 hours to Canada I'm sure the support he is getting in Canada outweighed the short drive to Mexico.

1851 days ago

die a painful death already Hollywood    

This board has the guy convicted already , his parents guilty of helping him and what else ? Lets string him up now !

I've read the news and listened to most every news cast on this story and here's my 2 cents from whats been reported in the news .

It's all speculation ( his guilt ) so far unless the police are holding back reporting a smoking gun.( solid evidence )

I thought we have a judicial system in which one is innocent until proven guilty . So far the only thing proven is he left town in his own car. Does it look bad ? Sure does , however looking bad or running/ leaving in itself doesn't equate to a conviction or guilt .

He went from "person of interest " to a murder warrant being issued in short order .

Heres a few things to think about ;

Remember he checked out of the hotel alone ?

Maybe she was already dead in that suitcase he rolled out ?
Maybe she left with someone from the poker game ?
Maybe she met someone else and didnt come back to the hotel ?
Maybe he killed her elsewhere and came back to the hotel alone ?

Remember it was reported she was (already packed) ready to leave for Vegas to see her old boyfriend ? ( text message )

Maybe this Ryan saw the text and lost it ?
Maybe someone else saw it and lost it ?

The police said didnt find evidence of a ( bloody ) murder occuring in the hotel room so how can she have been dismembered and fingers cut off without leaving some kind of clue ?

Was this guy so clean and careful not to leave blood smear or evidence of a bloody crime ?

Did this guy go from slapping around a couple of ex-girlfriends to slicing one up ?

One report was he hit this same girl in the arm at a vegas pool . Sound like murder may be his next step ? Maybe

If there was a fight for ones life , no one reported hearing any noise from that hotel room according to the news reports and the hotel manager said the walls were "thin" .

Think about it .

USE A LITTLE COMMON SENSE . They police said the suitcase was very bloody . Dont you think blood would drip through the inside to outside ? Wouldnt anyone notice a bloody suitcase being rolled out ? The police from the reports seem to think she wasnt killed in that hotel room , well then where was she killed ?


They havent found her car yet and that may hold some answers .

Where is her car ? He couldnt have driven both cars to Washington

A Mercedes S550 should have a factory GPS tracking device as standard equiptment (SOS)similar to On-Star . I wonder why they haven't found it yet . Maybe its been disabled ?

Why did he bother to report her missing in person in West Hollywood Sherrifs station ? Who knows ?

Maybe after he reported her missing and she turned up dead he freaked out thinking he would be blamed ?

Speculating is not fact nor science !

Stranger things have happened and rushing to judgement or speculating on what happened often has surprising outcomes .

I can think of several high profile cases in which the person looked guilty as hell only to be aquitted or completely innocent .

How many innocent people were doing life in prison only to be freed years later by DNA ?


Rushing to judgement is a sure way to make errors .

This was a sick sick crime committed by a sick person . Im not convinced just yet the cops have the right person for murder charges to be filed until more facts are known.

Too many maybes and so few answers !

If I was a betting man ( I am ! ) I'd bet he will turn himself in with attorneys proclaiming his innocence and explain away his reasons for leaving .

A man that has every reason in the world to live free doesn't fit the type to throw it all away on a girl no matter who the girl is .

1851 days ago

Sad sad    

Top Notch Sleuth R U 4 REAL?

1851 days ago

Sad sad    

"USE A LITTLE COMMON SENSE . They police said the suitcase was very bloody . Dont you think blood would drip through the inside to outside ? Wouldnt anyone notice a bloody suitcase being rolled out ? The police from the reports seem to think she wasnt killed in that hotel room , well then where was she killed ?"

She wasn't hacked up when he rolled her out of the Hotel

1851 days ago


I would also like to add that I dont not believe for one second that he himself dumped the body where it was found. I've been to where she was found and he would had o A) Drive all the way down a very small alleyway next to many apartments late at night and dump her, then drive out or B) Wheel this bloody suitcase down a very long alleyway both ways are extremely suspicious for a guy who went so far to cut her fingers off to have her not be ID'd.

I think he paid someone to dump her body and that person lives around where she was found. Just think about it why would he dump her in such a random location in Buena Park? He had the means to put her in the ocean I think that once he killed her he freaked and handed her over to someone else who mutilated her and dumped her while he ran

1851 days ago


This atrocity couldn't possibly have been committed by a Canadian, right (I mean, eh)? These people are so far in the dark, they cross the border in Vancouver to be "stars" and they also cross the border in Detroit to buy clothes and music. (I ain't one to gossip or anything, so you ain't heard it from me).

Watch out for these thugs from Canada!

1851 days ago


@ Top Notch Slueth (aka DAN JENKINS)

Shut the hell up and use some common sense yourself rather than babbling incoherently..Ryan Jenkins committed this crime and is not a fugitive because he is innocent you idiot..there is much that has not been released to the media OF COURSE and you will be eating your rambling, babbling protests of innocence of a psychopathic killer

1851 days ago

Sad sad    

Another report states Ryan punched the x girl in the head and knocked her to her knees. That pool thing is retarded. I think Ryan posted that cause he's a dip.

1851 days ago

Sad sad    

racerzeke would you go mutilate someone for your friend and take the chance behind bars for the rest of your life? Ryan maybe rich but not that rich.

1851 days ago

kendra joy bethune    

good bye tmz why are you still talking about a sex addict who murdered therir model girlfriend at 3:oo in the the morning when every one sleep i heard about the investigatigatigtion from inside edition
good night not intersted anymore halle berry had trobluble with her ex husband being a sex addict

1851 days ago
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