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Ryan Jenkins Video: "I Love My Wife"

8/23/2009 10:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just two weeks before he allegedly murdered Jasmine Fiore, Ryan Jenkins was cooing at the Palms pool in Las Vegas, "Damn, I love my life. And I love my wife." His comments came as Jasmine danced for him poolside.

Jasmine Fiore

Jenkins posted the video on his MSpace page on August 9. Law enforcement believes he strangled Fiore on August 14.

Jasmine & Ryan: Click to launch

Jenkins also posted this video to MySpace at the same time. Once again they are in Las Vegas, but Jasmine's hair is blonde in the video -- so it was probably taken a different time.

Jasmine Fiore


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Dog the Bounty Hunter ready to join manhunt lol

1850 days ago


How can you murder that which is already dead? That would be my opening statement if I were defending this sorry bastard.

1850 days ago


I think this girl was a hooker, why in the world would you be dancing at a public pool like your on a strip pole !! i don't like seeing anyone killed but geez don't go out in public and act like a whore .. she was wanting attention all the way and now she got it 9 feet under !!!!

1850 days ago


What does he say at the end of the video (pointing himself, meaningful gesture)? I cannot get it! thank you.

1850 days ago


Yup, what a video! we're seeing the world's oldest profession in action, folks! I am not suggesting that she deserved it ... no one deserves what happened. Sheesh, what to think about this woman??? she won't get a lot of public/jury sympathy if Ryan gets caught and the case against him goes to trial. Right or wrong, women like her never get much sympathy! And I won't say why, since the video tells the story! Good gawd!
Posted at 11:01AM on Aug 23rd 2009 by Oy Vei!

So you're saying because of her lifestyle, people aren't going to find sympathy for her, and pretty much be okay with the fact that she got killed? That's messed up. Wow, she is dancing in the video. Wow, she was on the not so glorious side of modeling. Who cares? Her life was taken away from her. And from what I have read, she was trying to change her life, and start her own business, and go down a new path in life. She didn't deserve to die. Hookers on the street don't deserve to die either. You people disgust me.

1850 days ago


Wow that is really creepy. I think she looks great and is just having fun.This whole thing is just so sad and I cannot wait till they catch this lunatic.I cannot belive how mean some of you are being towards this girl was brutly mudered.She wasn't a hooker or a stripper,it's really sick that there are people calling her names & trashing her like in some way it was her faulght.Jeez,have some kind of heart.Imagine if someone you loved died this way.

1850 days ago


does anyone have the link to his myspace page???

1850 days ago


I don't condone murder - but if someone is going to get butchered, better a skank like this than a real person.

Getting i.d.'d by your implants - I mean - how skanky is that?

1850 days ago


Who are these skanky nobodies & why are you spending so much time on their sordid story?

1850 days ago

dr fred    

poor baby ,RIP ,no one deserves that treatment!!!!

it does not matter if she was a hooker, tramp, dancer .stripper, porn star,slut etc...

The fact is he is a narcistic sociopath murderer & deserves the death penalty.

He added an entire sick heinous level by the mutilation & dumping in trash.
also he is from CANDA!!!!! & came over hear & commited this evil crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1850 days ago


I guess the moral of this story is that if you are a stripper/sex worker, and some John that you have only known for 2 days proposes marriage, you might want to think about it before going ahead.

1850 days ago

scott is yummy.    

first of all, it's Canada, it's pretty easy to spell. Second, why is the fact he's from Canada such a big deal? You have more psychos per capita then we do. Americans commit crimes over here all the time, we don't all run around saying "OH MY GOD! HE WAS AMERICAN TOO~!"
God let's not make this into a American VS Canadian issue,.

1850 days ago

danger baby    

I agree Wendy. She definitely knew how to use her gorgeous figure as can plainly be seen in the video. For every "Jasmine" in Vegas, there are a 10,000 more like her, many whose "beauty" is achieved with plastic inserts and artfully-applied makeup. The tragedy for women like Jasmine is what do they do for a living in another five years? Because their 'value' is all about how they look. And as we all know, looks don't last.

That said, I don't pass judgment on her. She worked the system to survive; she didn't invent it. Jenkins is a pig who threw one last big tantrum that resulted in murder.

He WILL be caught...eventually.

1850 days ago

dr fred    

the reason it is important that he is from CANADA is that he came over to "another country" & committed a crime of the most evil magnitude & left to escape punishment.

So sorry your too stupid to recognize a typo.

It does not matter what this women did to earn $$$ or what she looks like. No person deserves to be murdered, Then mutilated .

1850 days ago

danger baby    

Who appointed you God? You have NO idea what MJ's "emotional and mental" state was during the last 10 years of his life. Direct from a LOT of people who had direct contact with him, MJ was a in control, productive and had big plans for the next phase of his life (directing films). As the head of AEG said, he had one of the BEST EVER meeting with MJ just weeks before he died. You should stop reading the tabloids and listening to trash writers like Halperin, Bashir and Dimond!


46. R.I.P. Wonder what her mother thinks of this video? Seems the victim had lied to her family about being divorced and, unfortunately, was playing a sick game with her "husband" as well as he with her, i.e. maybe both sex addicts? Hopefully, young women reading about this story will take heed. When you play the sex, alcohol, drug, and money game with men, it can turn out just like this pathetic story. Disturbed souls...nothing pretty about these personas, the sick Lindsey Lohan or the emotionally and mentally disturbed Michael Jackson the last 10 years of his life. Stop worshipping false gods and find the hero within yourselves!!!!

Posted at 1:06PM on Aug 23rd 2009 by Pathetic

1850 days ago
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