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Ryan Jenkins Video: "I Love My Wife"

8/23/2009 10:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just two weeks before he allegedly murdered Jasmine Fiore, Ryan Jenkins was cooing at the Palms pool in Las Vegas, "Damn, I love my life. And I love my wife." His comments came as Jasmine danced for him poolside.

Jasmine Fiore

Jenkins posted the video on his MSpace page on August 9. Law enforcement believes he strangled Fiore on August 14.

Jasmine & Ryan: Click to launch

Jenkins also posted this video to MySpace at the same time. Once again they are in Las Vegas, but Jasmine's hair is blonde in the video -- so it was probably taken a different time.

Jasmine Fiore


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Just goes to prove my point that white people can't dance.

1856 days ago


This case reminds me of that Andrew Luster case. At least in so far as seeing a guy who had it all - i.e. - family money - throw it all away by hanging around with whores.

The lesson in all this: Don't hang out with whores. Find a nice girl with an education and a meaningful vocation - and a sense of decency.

1856 days ago


DerekD - don't be an idiot! If he didn't do it he would have been helping the cops in CA find her killer instead of escaping - He'd have gone to the cops in Canada and turned himself in already - He's a murderer!!!! The only thing to determine is whether it was premeditated or not -

1856 days ago


His next video is going to be called - "I love your pretty little mouth and puckered anus." It's going to be directed by Leroy "Tuna Can" Wallace.

1856 days ago


Ryan is a hunk. Wish I could meet a man like him ( $$$) He has such a gentle look aout him, tender eyes and gorgeous face. I don't think this man harmed that woman in anyway. He just couldnt do something so awful like that. I feel sad for the girl but, also for him. Hope they dont hurt him if and when they find him.

1856 days ago


ok i did see it written somewhere that he had asked the company for money, the one associated with that show he was on where he had supposedly won half a million, is it possible that he was running out of money or had spent too much (maybe he or they took drugs together) and was desperate to get his hands on the money early to pay a debt, maybe he owed drug dealers money or owed money to the casino and was counting on this money to pay why is a supposed millionaire going on a show to win money anyway?, is it possible that this was a hit?, i can't seem to find the info but i know at the very beginning of the case there was a story that he either asked the company responsible for that show for the money or something like that just before this happened with Jasmine's murder but they did not give it to him, it's only a guess but they did seem like they were very much into the party scene and when you get mixed up with the wrong people in that scene bad things happen, maybe it was a hit to get back at Ryan, Ryan could be running due to being scared he's next if he's dealing with badass criminals or could be dead himself now. The Guy that filmed Jasmine and her mates in Mexico could also have been a part of keeping track of them, maybe he was filming to keep an eye on them on where they are or she could have been killed by a stalker even, surely there were other guy's that could be sick enough surrounding her profession even though he could have lost it and did it himself i have a hard time thinking he would chop her fingers and all that since there are degree's of sociopathy and not all will go that far, wasn't it enough for him to have strangled her if it was him?, i have an active imagination but you just never know.

1856 days ago


Sex addict boy will be doing the daily prison rapes

1856 days ago


Run Ryan run! I think we should start a foundation to help support Ryan through these tough times. Everyone needs to donate money to help this poor guy escape. We need him around to keep these nasty hos in check. Run Ryan run!

1856 days ago

dr fred    

I agree with angeleyes ,it may have been premeditated, there was some planning , the mutilation part, the suitcase, it was too clean & too gruesome afterward to be spontanious.

I am so sick of this crime of passion defense.
he is 100% sociopath evil monster, stop blame the victim

1856 days ago

scott is yummy.    

you shouldn't pity someone just because you think they are hot
what a stupid thing to say
you'll probably end up in a suitcase one day, if that's your attitude.

1856 days ago

Lori in Chicago    

If this was premeditated, that changes everything... That is just pure evil... A crime of passion is understandable... but Premeditated??? I can't even think about it or understand it... He deserves the death penalty if this was premediated....

1856 days ago


1856 days ago


ahh, thanks Cal well it puts it all back to square one if that's the case then yes he sure is making himself out to be more and more guilty, wonder why he couldn't get any cash if he was a millionaire, spent it all on drugs? could explain his state of mind at least.

1856 days ago


interesting the song in the background is "let me upgrade ya"by Beyonce.........IRONIC???

1856 days ago


hang on the article said he approached the company earlier in the week which makes it before the murder, the murder happened supposedly friday and she was found on the Saturday, and he went missing after that so "earlier in the week" would imply mon-wed right, i still think it's possible he owned money but i guess the Police have more real evidence then us.

1856 days ago
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