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Ryan Jenkins Video: "I Love My Wife"

8/23/2009 10:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just two weeks before he allegedly murdered Jasmine Fiore, Ryan Jenkins was cooing at the Palms pool in Las Vegas, "Damn, I love my life. And I love my wife." His comments came as Jasmine danced for him poolside.

Jasmine Fiore

Jenkins posted the video on his MSpace page on August 9. Law enforcement believes he strangled Fiore on August 14.

Jasmine & Ryan: Click to launch

Jenkins also posted this video to MySpace at the same time. Once again they are in Las Vegas, but Jasmine's hair is blonde in the video -- so it was probably taken a different time.

Jasmine Fiore


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#102 - Well put. Hanging out with a chick like that is just begging for something like this. He should have used his family resources to pursue a good education and a meaningful vocation. Instead, he used it to bankroll a "player" life style - I mean, come on - Megan wants a millionaire / I love money / jello-wrestling "model"

What a waste of a life. Now look at his options: Suicide or a life of ass rape and misery behind bars. I would choose suicide.

1864 days ago

Jimmy Gimbels    

How does a slep like Ryan end up with a big-boobed "model"?

1864 days ago


LOL! Jello-Wrestling!!

1864 days ago

dr fred    

he was planning something ,you can tell by his behavior ,he was trying to get $$$$ before the murder,

He killed her because she was leaving him & his narcistic ego could not handle..
he planned ahead of time, usually crime O Pass. does not mutilate & run

1864 days ago


What's the big deal? It's not like she was a real person.

1864 days ago

A Person    

Wow. That girl seems narcissistic.
All she needed was a Chris Brown beating, though and after that he should've told her to get back in the kitchen.

1864 days ago


To Jill #77,

Nobody is jealous of someone who exploited their body for a living, whether as a Playboy bunny or something more risque, and married a man they barely knew for money. I can't really comprehend why anyone would be jealous of her anyway. This girl was not pretty. Her face is really ugly.

1864 days ago


It was a hot and humid night behind the bars at San Quentin. In cell #435, inmate Ryan Jenkins, dressed in jello-dyed pink bikini cut underwear, vigorously fanned Jerome "Tuna Can" Jenkins with a June 2007 issue of Home and Garden magazine. Jenkins grunted once, and Jenkins put down the magazine and got on his knees. Yes, he knew the system by now - One grunt meant mouth...

1864 days ago


The whore must have been good at her job for the john to rush her to the chapel the next day. Robert the pimp must have bought her the Mercedes as a bonus

1864 days ago


I mean, seriously, a show of hands people - who all thinks this guy is going to get ass raped in prison? I say they'll blow out his ring piece within a week.

1864 days ago

Fact Checker    

RIP #93

Here is a link you were referring to about Ryan Jenkins asking 51 Minds for his $250,000 winings check. 51Minds filmed I Love Money which Ryan did right after Megan Wants a Millionaire.

1864 days ago

the sane & the old    

i dont know if it has been mentioned or not, but it's possible that even these videos proclaiming his 'love' for her and his life could be planted by him as evidence pointing towards his innocence.

think about it - if he had a video showing his love for her, (or better yet proof of her love for him, which he tried to get from her, like if she had said 'i love you, too' when he said it in the video) in the public record days prior to her murder would you suspect him as much?

I think this whole thing was planned - the trip to San Diego was simply an opportunity to follow through with it.

pre-meditated spousal murder checklist:
-find business-related trip as cover that takes both parties out of town (check)
-make plans and videos professing how great life is and how much in love you are (check)
-gather items for the deed like cleaning supplies, pliers, a cutting tool, a suitcase (check)
-post videos online, making love for this person public knowledge (check)
-do the deed during trip, out of town (check)
-remove unique identifiers from body and stash in dumpster (oops, missed the boobs)

i really and truly believe he planned this, and if the body hadn't been discovered as early as it had been, he would have been seen in a much different light. He might have even been seen as innocent if he had been seen 'upset' in public between the time of her disappearance and discovery of her body, and if he went on TV and cried. I really believe this to be the case.

This guy is a sociopath, and this myspace video stuff is just him using the media to try and help cover his tracks. Just like calling the police and reporting her missing, and talking to the roommate about the relationship being over. He knew he was going to do this. He knew what was going to happen and how to do it. He just F-ed up by not hiding the body well enough. His spoiled upbringing is not the root cause of his sickness, but it enabled his behaviour to grow to the extreme that it has, giving him the delusion that he can literally get away with murder and it sickens me.

1864 days ago


Now, this video could very well be at the same time as I do believe it's a blond wig - looks like a wig and has bangs whereas her natural hair, she combs back.
She's very in secure in that she has to act like a tramp all the time to please him. I hope so much he gets caught!!

1864 days ago


Curious I agree with you - I have been thinking all those videos with him spouting "I love my wife" are pretty much a manipulation on his part - and when he loaded them is part of his planning process -
He wanted Fame - with all these reality shows - Well now he's got it!
Let's also stop bashing the victim here - she was not the prettiest crayon in the box but went to the big city to become famous - So like alot of other personalities she did the fake boobs - bleach blonde hair - erotic photos - and knew her "past due date" was approaching so I can understand her excitement to marry a young millionaire instead of some old toad - But what's Ryan's reason for asking her???? A young handsome millionaire should be able to find lots of Las Vegas "wanna be" starlets to fill his fantasy life - Maybe she fulfilled his need for a green card - or more likely she fulfilled his sexual oddities - But when he got tired of not being able to control her I think he decided divorce would be costly and the "suitcase in the dumpster" was a better option -

1864 days ago


I hope this guy likes having large black penises inserted into his anus and mouth. Seriously, this guy is done. If I were him I would off myself.

1864 days ago
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