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Brown: My Lawyer Wouldn't Let Me Plead Guilty

8/25/2009 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BrownChris Brown met with probation officials in late June, and he told them he was "ashamed and embarrassed" over the Rihanna beating.

In documents released today by the court, Brown met at the law office of his attorney, Mark Geragos. Brown's mom and probation officers were also present.

During the meeting, Brown said he wanted to plead guilty immediately, but his attorney would not let him. Brown says he also wanted to undergo counseling before he started his probation but Geragos wouldn't let him.

Brown said when he was growing up he saw violence in his own household and didn't want to "carry on that cycle."

Brown told the probation people he wanted to attend domestic violence counseling and wanted to "do it right."

And there's this... Brown says he has already apologized to Rihanna "on a few different occasions." He added he was "uncertain" of the status of their relationship. Note, this interview was June 26, 2009, more than 4 months after the beating.


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Pssst. Lawyers don't make the plea decision for the client, Chris. They provide you with the advice, and you make the final decision. There is no such thing as a lawyer "not allowing" you to plead guilty.

1886 days ago


I actually believe him. Gerragos is a self-serving bottom feeder. I think he cares less about his clients (and not at all about what's "right") and more about his own aggrandizement.

1886 days ago


Gee Chris, it is terrible that Geragos didn't let you act like a real man and take responsiblity for this cowardly, low-life thing you did. Sure hope he can support you in the style to which you have become accustomed, because I have a feeling that the public is through with it. So I guess there will be some justice to come your way.

1886 days ago

Jerry Martin    

He's not ashamed of what he did. He's a moronic thug and he'll do it again.

1886 days ago

MJ RIP    

Good God, he had that horrible lawyer? No wonder he got that sentence. Mark Geragos screwed Wynonna Ryder and not only got Scott Peterson the death penalty but MISSED the conviction the jury handed out.

Maybe he's doing it on purpose but the LAST person I'd ever hire to defend me in any way is MG

1886 days ago

MJ RIP    

He's too fill of himself to kill himself. Too bad.

Short of that, he should get sterilized. He should be not be allowed to be ANYBODY's father. THAT would stop the cycle of violence for sure. Why all these excuses? Don't hit people and don't have children that have your deamons and violence tendencies. Ugh.

1886 days ago

MJ RIP    

oh Boo freaking Hoo. You're man enough to beat up a girl who didn't hit you but not man enough to stand up for what is right? No one cares in the end what you 'wanted' your lawyer to do. I'm sure Rihanna 'wanted' you to stop beating her.

What an immature a hole.

1886 days ago


I fully agree with Tubby.

1886 days ago


@Really really

"He shouldn't be allowed to be a father"?
Are you freaking serious!?!?
Some of you ppl on here are just plain stupid, and heartless. Yall act like Rihanna is little miss innocent and she's not. She has more to do with that fight than you think.
You're saying that since he made 1 mistake...he should lose his right to become a parent!?!?

Wow...some of you guys on here are just sick in the head, man...i wonder how many of you dudes on here beat your wives then come here hate on Chris Brown for it.
He wanted to plead guilty, but his lawyer wouldn't let him...he recommended it was a bad idea. Big whoop. You think he's gonna take jail time on his first offense? Would YOU? Heckz naw. You'd wanna plead "Not Guilty" until you get a Plea Deal...ADUUUUUH *wipes drool of keyboard*
Get a grip folks, you guys are racist, and pathetic.


1886 days ago


This dude needs to do hard time in jail. I wish i had been the judge!

1886 days ago

who dat    

This is nothing more than damage control. Public relations "spin". Total BS. His lawyer would never stop him from pleading guilty.

1886 days ago

MJ RIP    

Well as an adult married black woman raising three children in this messed up world, I do have a definite opinion. As do most of my friends. I have no idea what Rihanna did but she didn't beat him up and put him in the hospital.

Why should you even tempt yourself into having children if there is a billion in one chance you'll repeat the cycle? Heck yes he shouldn't have children. That would STOP the 'CYCLE'. No one ever cares about children, only the 'RIGHT' to reproduce at will. It's disgusting.

Feel free to point fingers and play childish games but what he did is serious. If she did it to him I'd say the same thing about them. If they were white or tan or purple that makes no difference. There is no reason to continue this cycle. Let it stop with him.

1886 days ago


Who cares?!!! Blaming the lawyer is ridiculous.

1886 days ago


Geragos, what a guy. If I got that many guilty people off I could not sleep at night.
He is quite a guy.
No jail time for Chris! What a surprise!! A celeb walks free?
Who would have guessed. Is everyone in LA just in awe of these

1886 days ago


To Really really: Well, as a married white woman raising two children ... I totally agree with you!

1886 days ago
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