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Brown: My Lawyer Wouldn't Let Me Plead Guilty

8/25/2009 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BrownChris Brown met with probation officials in late June, and he told them he was "ashamed and embarrassed" over the Rihanna beating.

In documents released today by the court, Brown met at the law office of his attorney, Mark Geragos. Brown's mom and probation officers were also present.

During the meeting, Brown said he wanted to plead guilty immediately, but his attorney would not let him. Brown says he also wanted to undergo counseling before he started his probation but Geragos wouldn't let him.

Brown said when he was growing up he saw violence in his own household and didn't want to "carry on that cycle."

Brown told the probation people he wanted to attend domestic violence counseling and wanted to "do it right."

And there's this... Brown says he has already apologized to Rihanna "on a few different occasions." He added he was "uncertain" of the status of their relationship. Note, this interview was June 26, 2009, more than 4 months after the beating.


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btw ... I have no idea why race had to enter into the topic ... domestic violence occurs across all races ... but some cultures do seem to approve of it and condone it .. and that is SO WRONG!!!

1848 days ago

Kathi Morris's not just the R&B singers doing this ex-boyfriend, the Annapolis Graduate of 1990/ex-Navy Pilot/Anesthesiologist did the same thing to me but got away with it because the wonderful State's Atty's Office of Chicago has the sorriest legal team on earth. "While you had a credible did not prove your cast" were the last words I remember.
Good for you, Rihanna!

1848 days ago


has anyone heard these two turds music? who cares! im sure that "umbrella" song started playing on the radio and then he proceeded to smack her for exposing that to masses! which is wrong, he should have have beat the crap out of the Dream for it.

1848 days ago


you are a piece of *hit

1848 days ago


his lawyer wouldn't "LET" him!

what a joke-he could have taken a different lawyer
or instructed his lawyer to do what he wanted to be done
people do that all the time
what a wimp-out by Brown

show's he's not a man at all

easy to blame things on someone else

he needs to grow up and accept responsibility for his choices!

1848 days ago


It's simple. Boycott Christ Brown!

Stop buying his music, don't go to his concerts. Ignore him.

1848 days ago


Hey dumb a$$ your lawyer can't TELL YOU what or how to plead he/she can only ADVISE you how to plead. So keeping that in mind you are a coward. You are guilty of the crime and you should have plead guilty to if's and's or but's. I am not a fan of either's music but my daughter and I are victims/survivor's of domestic violence at the hand of a man that is just as worthless as Brown is. Hey Chris there is a special place in Hell for men like you!

1848 days ago


You people are stupid. You have no idea how lawyer/client relationships REALLY work. You watch unrealistic tv shows, or high profile media cases when everyone is on their best behavior. On paper the lawyer works for the client but that's not how things really work. Not defending Chris Brown, but grow up about the legal process.

1848 days ago


Brown is a coward, and it is men like him that stimulate the growing numbers of violence against women. Rihanna's response to his brutality did not give a strong enough message to women and girls that this is unacceptable behavior. She's a celebrity and a role model, and the right thing for her to do is become an advocate of preventing violence against women instead of hiding her head in the sand as if nothing has happened. Hopefully these two will get the psychological help they desperately need and move on with their lives.

1848 days ago


His attorney wouldn't LET him plead guilty? His lawyer wouldn't LET him attend counseling? He didn't want to "carry on that cycle"?

All of that is BS. he may have taken his attorneys advice, but Geragos still works FOR him. If he really wanted to plead guilty and take counseling, he WOULD HAVE.

and to all you CB supporters, of which I don't see many of you here, Embarassed and ashamed hardly sounds like an innocent man.

AND he didn't know the status of his relationship? Really?

1848 days ago
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