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Chris Brown 'Depressed' Since the Attack

8/25/2009 7:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown claims he's been "depressed" ever since his February attack on Rihanna.

The statement was part of a probation report released after today's sentencing, in which Brown was also quoted as saying he "does not want to carry on that cycle."

Today, Brown was sentenced to 5 years probation and 180 days of community labor -- probably won't help with his depression issues.


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I don't believe it! Everytime his face was posted on TMZ he was out clubbing, drinkin', with a big-o Kool Aide smile on his face! Who in hell is he kidding??!!

1850 days ago


breezy plz do as the judge requested of you stay away from the drama chick. let her be beyonce problem. im sick of her i wish she would go back to barbados and sell umbrellas and t-shirts to tourist. 5 years will go by fast i hope in that time you will meet someone else and forget completely about this attention seeker, low self esteem, jealous creature. they come here and they think the world owe them something sick of the arrogant,big mouth, bossy,poor island chicken heads.

1850 days ago


Depressed? WTF? What about Rhianna? How happy do you think she feels having to go through all this mess? At least she acted like a responsible adult and stayed away from him.

1850 days ago


Oh, you poor F@#%!!!!! Depressed that you got CAUGHT beating the crap out of a woman????? You got no0ff too lightly, you piece of s%$*!!!!!!!!!!!!

1850 days ago


And I'm depressed because he didn't get any jail time.

1850 days ago


This guy is nothing more than the low life's on the other side of 8 mile & I'm not talking about the suburbs. I would have at least given him a year in jail. Animals should put in a cage.
It's also pretty ironic that he gets himself a white lawyer.Where was Jessie or Sharpton. Oh, they would have been there if he got jail time. Racism, white justice system. All black boys disrespect black women. Beat the & leave the kids fatherless until the kid is old enough to sling rock or sell booty. What did anyone really think was going to happen? Just another O.J out walking again.

1850 days ago


I am shocked that this loser got off virtually scott free. Probation? are you kidding? He's not depressed. This is a joke. He is an abuser and manipulator. Justice was NOT served.

1850 days ago

Black Power    

This is just another case of celebrity justice. A slap on the wrist, a small fine and on your way. Although he looks like he couldn't beat his way out of a wet paper bag, he still has to live with the fact that he is a punk ass woman beater.

1850 days ago


14. #8.. Rhianna didn't "beat" him!! Get your facts straight!

yes she did you dont read!

1850 days ago


Ahhh poor baby.

1850 days ago


I agree with Nameless. He's mostly ashamed. And I couldn't care less. Everybody just take a moment and envision him banging Rihanna's head up against a window. Imagine blood spattering. Now, imagine him promising her there's more where that came from. Now, imagine him stopping ONLY when he couldn't find his car keys and he sees her on the phone calling the police. Yeah, nice imagery right? GO TO HELL, Chris. Everybody deserves a 2nd chance, but what you did is despicable. Stop being a baby! Depressed...sheesh! What the hell is he gonna be the nxt Ryan Jenkins now??? He def doesn't get my sympathy!!!

1850 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

I think he should go on Oprah. How would she handle this interview?

1850 days ago


He's as 'depressed' and 'sorry' as Vick is for torturing and murdering dogs over three years. Yeah, right. The smirks on both their faces *really* show their sorrow and regret - at getting caught!

After a beating like that the reason Brown is heading to prison is... oh, right, he's a freaking celebrity.

1850 days ago

Jill Goessling    

Why is it that these "celebrities" never do any
jail-time? Being convicted of a felony dosen't
deserve probation. This is DISCUSTING.

1850 days ago



Yes, Rihanna's the bad guy here. WTF? Females like you make me ashamed to be a woman sometimes. You're a sorry excuse for a woman, if you're a woman at all. I suspect you're another one of Chris Brown's delusional, teenage groupies.

1850 days ago
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