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Judge to Brown -- I've Heard the 'Chatter'

8/25/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown was just sentenced to 5 years probation and 6 months hard labor, and the judge threatened Brown by talking about the "chatter" she hears.

Chris Brown: Click to watch
Judge Patricia Schnegg said during the sentencing, "I am not immune to the chatter on the airwaves." It's unclear if she was saying that she's heard reports that Brown and Rihanna are still talking ... or if she was just saying he needs to be careful because she watches TV and reads TMZ. To us, it sounded like the former.

Down to business, the judge sentenced Brown to perform hard labor at the Commonwealth Catholic Charities in Richmond, VA, where he must also take a 52-week domestic violence course.

The judge ruled Brown -- who pleaded guilty to felony assault -- must stay 100 yards away from Rihanna, unless they are both at an entertainment-related event, in which case he must stay 10 yards away. The protective order lasts 5 years.

He must provide DNA samples as requested by authorities.

Brown must also keep in touch with the Probation Department and is subject to search and seizure 24/7 for the next 5 years. He can't own any dangerous weapons, including guns or knives.

Chris Brown: Click to watchBrown must pay $2,500 in restitution and another $2,500 in probation expenses. He must also pay a $30 criminal conviction fee -- BARGAIN! He must also pay $400 that goes into a domestic violence fund.

Brown must get prior approval before leaving the country.

As Brown left court, female fans could be heard screaming "I love you."


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This question concerns MJ.

Is it true that he suffered from Lupus?

If so, the pain that is typically associated with this disease may have contributed to his need of pain medication. And if he was truly addicted, would the doctor not be at fault for not providing alternatives and/or a rehab program?

If he did have Lupus it would explain the mask situation a bit, as the sun is to be avoided for most sufferers.

Thanks for answering my questions.

1882 days ago

Tom Vjestica    


What if Rihianna wants to see Chris? or get back with him in those 5 years? Can she?

1882 days ago


Can Rhianna go into court and fight the protection order? Do yo think she will do it soon?

1882 days ago


than how could they do CPR on someone with no nose?...because you have to block the nose to get a breath in...

and he is wearing a nose in the ambulance picute, yet they say he didnt have he had hair on..

i heard he was bald when the EMS got there..

somethings just dont add up..

thats all im sayin..

1882 days ago


What kind of hard labor will chris do?

1882 days ago


Will you please start posting these live things.

1882 days ago


Half that stuff is not even necessary. But it's funny though. I say humiliate him all you can. He deserves it. I think next I'd like to see him get on stage and get booed off. That would be fun!! :)

1882 days ago


Will the Michael Jackson rehearsel movie be available to buy on DVD?

1882 days ago


He should have to pay all her medical bills including any cosmetic surgery she had to have done. If he had not been a "celebrity" he would
have gone to jail. People with the mindset of a moron like him will not
change. Cleaning up a street in Virginia isn't going to do anything and
the monetary fine is laughable. He got off way too easy. Shame on the

1882 days ago


we all were taught to keep our hands to ourself but what i dont understand why isnt riahanna on probation or some kind of anger program. i know hitting a women is wrong but i also heard she was the one who put hands on him first so wouldnt that be self defense.
i like them both as artist but i think she should be punish too.

1882 days ago


The doctor claims that he was a friend. But a friend will want the best for you and are not looking for money, etc. Michael looked only at the doctor at someone that could give him what he wanted. If they said no, it was bye bye. Is the doctor so stupid that he does not realize that everyone can see that this was only because of money and status.
And he must understand that to give a man all these medicines were very sick. Where did he get his his education ... in kindergarden or by mail.... or did he bye it on Ebay???

1882 days ago



If Michael was found to be in great health in the extensive physical which was performed for the AEG contract why did AEG hire a 150k a month cardiologist for Michael? What is their excuse for this?

1882 days ago



Will you hurry up???

It's already 3PM PST!!!!


1882 days ago


69. What did the judge mean about getting DNA samples from Chris? Will they be checking if he had any type of contact with Rhianna??

Posted at 6:02PM on Aug 25th 2009 by Fran

Felons in many states are required to give up their DNA for the criminal database of DNA. It helps solve the crimes they commit later, and many times the crimes they committed before felony conviction.

1882 days ago


What did Dr. Murray talk about on the phone for 47 minutes?!

1882 days ago
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