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Who's to Blame in Jackson's Death?

8/25/2009 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe've been telling you for weeks Propofol killed Michael Jackson and authorities had their sights set on Dr. Conrad Murray. The affidavit to the Houston search warrant makes it clear -- Dr. Murray fueled Jackson with multiple drugs before he stopped breathing and Propofol was the crowning blow.

So the questions -- did Dr. Murray come clean when he spoke with the LAPD or is it even worse than we thought? Why was he on the phone for 47 minutes after Jackson stopped breathing? Why did he wait so long to call 911? Why did he refuse to pronounce Jackson dead at UCLA? Why did Dr. Murray disappear for a day?

And the bigger question -- is Dr. Murray the patsy -- taking the heat for years of prescription abuse at the hands of various doctors?

What do you think?


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Let's get on to the next celebrity train wreck. They are so much fun to watch. Too bad MJ's dead, I would have liked to have seen him reduced to living in a refrigerator carton in some Los Angeles alley with the other derelicts.

1884 days ago


MJ was just one more celebrity junkie who surrounded himself with overpaid "yes" men who would give him whatever he wanted whenever he wanted it. Someone who has to undergo surgical anesthesia every night in order to sleep is someone with a massive problem and I doubt that he could ever have gotten the kind of professional help he needed. He'd already mutilated his face so badly through surgery that he was a grotesque mockery of himself. What can anyone do for someone like that?

So gifted and so utterly crazy! And I'm sure we've got more like him in our stable of entertainers. It's just a matter of time before the next death.

1884 days ago


No Winsome Davis III, Murray delivered the lethal shot, but MJ and NO ONE ELSE was responsible for his behavior. He begged and pleaded and paid the doctors whatever they wanted. Yes, they were negligent, but MJ was a grown adult and made his own decisions. Let's stop blaming everyone else for our own problems! MJ did it to himself.

1884 days ago


I believe Michael isn't a "addict"!!!!!

1884 days ago


Are we all not responsible for our lives after all?

Come on, on one hand the Doc could have just refused to treat him, but on the other hand, dude was an addict. Period. He was going to get his scripts from someone, anyone. Mike for responsible for Mike.

I don't get the whole pill thing, when I was a teen or young adult, we would never risk taking someones' medication. There was a stigma, a sense of this is wrong.

Now today, its just a free for all. Have a piil, it will get ya high.

What happened to blowing a dobbie and drinking a beer? That was reckless in my day. Too bad its gone out the window and now its take a pill, snort some form of powder, stick a needle in your arm, or hey how about some really good hospital only stuff to make ya sleep?

Goodness, where are we going from here?

1884 days ago


Murray is a patsy? Not a chance because even though Murray may have been the straw that broke the camel's back Murray knew (or should have known) what he was doing was illegal. Manslaughter seems appropriate to me at this point. The feds should back track all of Jackson's other physicians and charge them appropriately for sustaining Jackson's habits.

Money may not buy you happiness - but it will sure buy you a quack that will f--- you up.

1884 days ago

Karen Ann    

Michael Jackson WAS NOT an addict. I'm tired of people saying he was. He needed medication for his illnesses. He was just a poor understood man-child that was in very deep pain, physically and emotionally...

1884 days ago


If i shoot myself in the head, is it my fault, or the gun makers fault? Micheal had WEAK will power and was hooked on drugs for years. Real men and fathers get help, not demand drugs that knock you out for surgery.

1884 days ago


You have everything in the world you need...If you cant sleep everyone wants to pop a pill.LEAVE THE DRUGS ALONE !! It will just kill you in the long run. Let this man rest already.

1884 days ago


It's not a question of Murray being the fall guy. It was his actions that day that caused or contributed to Michael Jackson's death. He started CPR and stopped to make phone calls (A big no-no. You never stop once you start).Michael is ultimately responsible for what happened to himself though. Murray and all those involved in prescribing and administerng medications to an addict should all be prosecuted. I just don't get how you could spend all that time and dedication becoming a physician or pharmacist and then throw it away so easily.

1884 days ago


Why the controversy, when both sides are accountable. Nothing like a trial ...if the good doc doesn't plead out. MJ's 30 year drug history will be revealed, as well as the doc's financial need, and poor decisions in regard to his patient.

1884 days ago

Yas Grant    

I am soo sad to know MJ has passed I grew up listening to him from
the moment I heard this I said it's got to be the Doctor, how else
could MJ administer the drug of course the Doctor Murray is responsible, there are soo many unanswered questions like why did
it take you soo long to call 911, why was he given drugs all through the night, why did you go missing, and more importantly we
do not buy your sorry face on video talking how you never did nothing tell that to MJ family.

1884 days ago

my 3 cents    

Michael Jackson WAS NOT an addict. I'm tired of people saying he was. He needed medication for his illnesses. He was just a poor understood man-child that was in very deep pain, physically and emotionally...

- Oh please you are in denial, you would not be able to get that drug even if you wanted to throw down $2k for one nights worth....MJ was a drug addict.

1884 days ago


Please Stop!

You write "I'm tired of people saying he was. He needed medication for his illnesses. He was just a poor understood man-child that was in very deep pain, physically and emotionally..."

This is a textbook definition of an addict.

1884 days ago

maria clark    

all of these doctors should be brought to justice for what they have done, what right do they have to play god with someones life. mj was addicted to all this crap and was very vunerable so at whatever cost these doctors should have walked away and refused to get him the stuff. what kind of people are they who care more about how much money they stand to make rather than the safty and care of their patients. i hope they are very severley dealt with

1884 days ago
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