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TMZ's Moustache Madness Contest -- WINNER!

8/25/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tribe has spoken and the Baby-Stache dominated our Tri-Annual Moustache Madness Contest -- landing the $250 prize and a pretty cool hand painted portrait compliments of!

May we suggest the money go towards a sweet baby Trans-Am to compliment the macho moustache!?

**This week's contest is TMZ's Drag Race -- So email in your best gender bending drag pictures for a chance at this weeks $250 prize!**


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Kid looks like a Future Murderer.....

1887 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Bogus, dude, it's not even a real moustache. Total disrespect to true moustache afficianados.

1887 days ago


Bozo..You're Jealous Because the Kid is Cute!!

1887 days ago


His mother should have stuck with blow jobs. That kid is hideous.

1887 days ago


why is it whenever there is a contest, most times anyway, that a kid is in, the kid almost always wins? even on funny home videos, if its between a kid video and two ROFL videos, it seems like the kid one always wins

1887 days ago


This kid is cute!


1887 days ago


hmmmm...looks like a product from one of the southern states....

1887 days ago

Lori in Chicago    

That kid looks like accused serial wife killer Drew Peterson... This kid's parents need help... They actually gave TMZ this picture of their kid like they are proud???

1886 days ago


BJ, don't be sad your mother didn't love you. It's not your fault. Well, yeah, it probably is, but still. Face the facts that you are a waste of space. And Lori in Chicago, if you ever find someone blind or stupid enough to make children with you, you will understand that kids do some funny stuff, and parents DO enjoy showing that off. I don't expect someone with such limited intelligence to understand, but if you put down the twinkies, I bet you will be able to focus a little better. Unlike you two LOSERS, I have enough common sense and compassion (look it up, I'm certain you don't know what it is), to not judge a person by a picture. Canaan is an AWESOME kid who most certainly already outshines anything either of you morons have done, and he's only two. So, consider TRYING to be a little more considerate the next time you decide to comment on a picture. OK? GREAT! THANKS!!

1886 days ago


By the way, BJ, I'm pretty sure Lori has PLENTY of moustache you can borrow for next time they have this contest. Maybe once you hit puberty it'll come in naturally, but I really doubt it! Don't be jealous you didn't win!!!!!!!!!

1886 days ago

Lori in Chicago    

RE: #10 - Posted at 10:05AM on Aug 26th 2009 by Lindsey

Lindsey, I apologize. It was very insensitive of me to make that comment and I feel bad if I hurt your feelings. The kid is cute, you are right, "kids do some funny stuff". I wasn't really dissing your kid, I was dissing Drew Peterson... TMZ - Please remove my comment if you can. I realize that if I don't have anything nice to say, I shouldn't say anything at all... I never intended to upset anyone. I don't get upset about anyone's comments about me, unless they are true. So the only part of your comment that bothered me was my "lack of compassion", because I do have compassion. The rest is untrue. I am guilty of being inconsiderate, that's all.

1883 days ago

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