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Gerard Butler -- Pug You

8/26/2009 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gerard ButlerWe now have the poop on the Gerard Butler dog attack that occurred Monday afternoon in New York.

Here's the lowdown -- Gerard was walking his female pug Lolita when a woman with a greyhound sauntered by. We're told the greyhound attacked the pug, biting it twice. At the time of the attack, the greyhound was on a leash, but the pug wasn't. Score one for the greyhound.

But here's the deal: Butler quickly put his dog on a leash and began walking away, when the woman followed him -- greyhound in tow -- and the larger dog went in for a 3rd bite. We're told Butler blunted the potential bite by pushing the dog's snout away from his pooch.

The woman went to the cops alleging animal cruelty and we're told they got a good laugh out of it. As for Butler, he spent 3 and a half hours at the vet's office with his pug. The pug is OK.

Sources close to the situation gave us the following statement: "Bitches always seem to get Gerard in trouble."

As if he needs it, the story will only help Butler score more chicks.

UPDATE: TMZ spoke to the owner of the greyhound, who told us she's not after money and she's not going to file a lawsuit. However, she did want to say this about Gerard -- "He's a pompous son of a bitch."

UPDATE #2: The greyhound owner's dog tells a different story -- sources close to the situation tell TMZ she claimed Butler's unleashed pug charged after the greyhound. When she told Butler that his dog should be on a leash, the woman claims Gerard fired off a few expletives.


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Keep your dogs on a leash... oh but I am famous, I can take my dogs into the grocery store, restaurant, or anywhere I like, because I am famous. (I was in Starbucks one day when someone famous brought their dog inside off leash. They were asked to take it outside, to which they said it was a guide dog). Plus the dog owner was shirtless and barefoot. Ugh!

1885 days ago


First off. Your "scoop" CLEARLY comes from his PR people. If you read the story in the NY Post and other local papers, it states very clearly that it was a MAN walking the Greyhound with his wife (Fred and Maria Varecka).

That the Greyhound sniffed Butlers dog and he lost his mind about it. Butler then accuses the other dog of biting his, NEVER puts it on a leash, NEVER picks up the dog, walks away and gets overheated...turns around and starts screaming at the Greyhound owners about putting their dog down. The dogs then go to sniff each other again (duh) and he wacks the greyhound on the face so hard he whines and his face hit a fence.

The police didnt laugh, they came and took a report. Butler then and only then goes to a vet because he knows the police will be after him for questions, and so GENEROUSLY pays for another persons visit...because he is so niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

Come believe everything that is said to you by PR people?

He is probably just trying to figure out a new way to promote his next flop.

1885 days ago


The only thing more high strung than a greyhound is a greyhound owner. I fostered a greyhound from a rescue for a few months once and it was a twitchy, nervous mess. Give me my pug any day!

1885 days ago


I have two pugs and they are extremely mellow and friendly dogs. While the dog should have been on a leash, that doesn't mean it would have prevented an attack. That's just a stupid statement to make. Besides, if a dog attacks another, THAT dog is at fault, unless it's provoked.

1885 days ago


I have had 3 pugs and 2 of them have been attacked while on leashes so your theory doesn't cut it . Yes pugs are lovers not fighters but my older one fought back and ended up loosing an eye. She should have followed him only to make sure his dog was ok . Her dog had already been aggressive with his dog and may have attacked his dog again .

1885 days ago

Lady 5    

I am a greyhound owner and an active member of the greyhound community. Although they are very good pets..any responsible owner knows that the prey drive on these dogs can be extremely high and yes little dogs do look like a nummy treat to them..ALL DOGS BEING ON A LEASH is the only way it should be!!!! Lets be reasonable and say all parties are at fault on this one.

1885 days ago


tmz where are you getting your facts from and why are you giving this guy a pass. he should have had his dog on a leash.

1885 days ago


rumor has it from inside scoop at the emergency clinic - while he was there he actually paid for someone else's dog's treatment that came in (from a separate dog attack incident) because that person could not afford it. so anyone calling animal cruelty on gerard is lame. celeb and good samaritan! extra points in the chick category (not that he needs it)

1885 days ago


she knew who he was and she wanted a lawsuit. he should have leashed the dog, but she also had the dog on the leash...which could have been easily moved. I keep my leashed dog away from unleashed dogs...its not that hard.

1885 days ago


HE is a pompous whatever?!?!!? OMG lady YOUR dog attacked his repeatedly and you LET it!!!!! WTF if I was him I would be suing you for every penny you had. No wonder your dog is so nasty....they say they emulate their masters. Lady you are the sort of person who gives dog owners a bad name!!

1885 days ago


I own a greyhound & they are by far the gentlest canines out there. However, most greyhounds are rescues, used to being crated & chasing lure. My greyhound never showed any aggression towards anything until a white lil bijon snarled at him & went to bite him first. Regretfully, that was enough to do damage. It's taken a lot of training (which you really can't do to a huge extent with greyhound/whippet/italian greyhound because they're sighthounds) but we've finally helped him understand that there are tiny dogs out there, & while he still wants to chase them as lure on occassion, I'm never far behind & luckily he respects my voice...that & he's muzzled.

1885 days ago

TMZ is Biased    

Get your facts straight TMZ. Gerard was the wrong person here. His dog ran after the greyhound and the greyhound was scared so it jumped up- it did not bite! Then the owners of the greyhound were seperating the dogs and doing everything responsible dogowners should do. Gerard then went crazy and slapped the greyhound in the face!!!!!! He also was cursing and said it should be put to sleep.

So who was wrong here TMZ? It's a disgrace that you would publish only Gerard's side of the story when it is very very wrong. No wonder why you are not considered a credible news source. You're a joke.

1885 days ago


The couple with the greyhound should be charged with "animal cruelty", "assault with a deadly weapon" (greyhound), "terroristic threatening", "stalking", and "Hate Crime" (yelling at Gerard Butler and his dog). Mr Butler did the right thing by walking away to try to defuse the situation. The greyhound owners are incompetent and grossly negligent about controlling their dog and their own aggression (the first attack should have clued them in that something needed to be done). Take it from someone who knows that is NO way to treat an animal.

1885 days ago

Dorothy Gardner    

'He's a pompous sonofa bitch'..........takes one to know one.

1885 days ago


Seems to me that there is something fishy going on at the Butler camp. He must have a very savvy publicist. All the articles say the greyhound bit the pug which is not the case. Little Lolita was NEVER bitten. The person who wrote the article should get their facts straight. All the couple did after he came back to hit the dog was file a complaint with the police dept. They are not looking for money or a lawsuit. They never once called a paper or a TV station. They just showed up on the couples doorstep looking for an interview. Seems Butler's people want to get the story out to make the couple look bad first and get publicity for his new movie. If his dog was mauled by this gentle giant why didn't he press charges himself. It's too bad. I loved Gerard Butler until now!!!

1885 days ago
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