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Gerard Butler -- Pug You

8/26/2009 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gerard ButlerWe now have the poop on the Gerard Butler dog attack that occurred Monday afternoon in New York.

Here's the lowdown -- Gerard was walking his female pug Lolita when a woman with a greyhound sauntered by. We're told the greyhound attacked the pug, biting it twice. At the time of the attack, the greyhound was on a leash, but the pug wasn't. Score one for the greyhound.

But here's the deal: Butler quickly put his dog on a leash and began walking away, when the woman followed him -- greyhound in tow -- and the larger dog went in for a 3rd bite. We're told Butler blunted the potential bite by pushing the dog's snout away from his pooch.

The woman went to the cops alleging animal cruelty and we're told they got a good laugh out of it. As for Butler, he spent 3 and a half hours at the vet's office with his pug. The pug is OK.

Sources close to the situation gave us the following statement: "Bitches always seem to get Gerard in trouble."

As if he needs it, the story will only help Butler score more chicks.

UPDATE: TMZ spoke to the owner of the greyhound, who told us she's not after money and she's not going to file a lawsuit. However, she did want to say this about Gerard -- "He's a pompous son of a bitch."

UPDATE #2: The greyhound owner's dog tells a different story -- sources close to the situation tell TMZ she claimed Butler's unleashed pug charged after the greyhound. When she told Butler that his dog should be on a leash, the woman claims Gerard fired off a few expletives.


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I am very surprised at everyone's reaction to Mr. Butler's reaction at
the time his dog was attacked. I would have been surprised, frightened,
and worried about my dog. I would have been doing everything I could
to get this animal that was 4 times larger than my animal away from my
animal. AND, I would have been livid at the owner's that had allowd
their animal to attack mine. I probably would even have used abusive
and very colorful language to discribe my horror at the event, and I
would probably have been somewhat out of control seeing my animal
Mr. Butler was very close to where his movie is being shot. He was
obviously on a break to walk his dog.
It is possible, that the couple, being self professed Butler fans, were
in that area to possibly connect with him. Their dog sent this into a
frantic rescue scene for Mr. Butler. Far stranger things have been
staged to meet the man.
I don't know. I wasn't there. I just think that Mr. Butler is a very
busy man with very little time to himself and that people who recognize
him should make an effort to respect his personal time, and his dog.
He is a public figure and has to endure much abuse because of his career,
if these people were truly fans and respect his work, they should also
respect his person and his privacy and allow him what few moments he
has to walk his dog in peace and not have her attacked and them himself
because he happened to take his dog for a break.
I'm appalled at the response this has received. His dog was attacked,
not theirs. His dog was injured, not theirs. Think about how you would
feel and react if your beloved pet was attacked when it could have been
prevented by a tug on the other dog's leash.

1890 days ago


#72 Just because you had a Greyhound you had to put down because of aggression doesn't make all Greyhounds aggressive. Same with #18 Just because you had a "high strung" foster doesn't all Greyhounds "high strung". One dog does not answer for every dog of every breed. If that was the case no one should own any dog of any breed, it probably wouldn't be safe.

1890 days ago


Dear Maryann #87

I see you are very passionate about greyhounds and seem to be very starstruck yourself.

Please don't stoop the level of everyone else and just assume the couple was at fault. You were not there. His dog was never touched. I would love to see a report from the vet or to see the dog's injuries. Did you know that 2 hours after the incident Butler was filming his scenes and the pug was prancing around again without a leash. I believe he said he spent the next 4 hours at the vet.

Why do you say that this couple is not telling the whole truth. What about Butler? He has yet to say a word. His people are doing all the talking. The owners had nothing to lose by going public with this. It shows they have nothing to hide.

I too am very upset that the greyhounds are getting a bad rap, but you should really know your facts about the story 100% before you make such cruel comments about the owners.

1890 days ago


They say this happened on the movie set, near one of the trailers. Maybe Butler wasn't even walking his dog at all? Maybe that's why she wasn't leashed.

Anyway, I just find it hard to believe that a known dog lover like Butler would hurt a dog completely without provocation. He must've had a good reason for doing so. I've seen him interacting with other people's dogs and he wasn't flipping out because they 'invaded his and his pug's personal space'. Granted, he shouldn't have lost his temper and yelled at the greyhound owners, and you can even blame him all you want for not putting his dog on a leash. But I don't blame him for wanting to protect his pug, even if it meant acting on impulse and harming the other dog in the process.

Butler is at fault to a certain extent, but I also think the claim that he lashed out for no reason whatsoever is just bogus. Anyway, none of us will really know for sure what exactly took place. I think neither party's statement is completely reliable and tells the whole truth.

1889 days ago


It is a known fact that Greyhounds are hunting dogs and have been bred this way for thousands of years. They hunt and kill from the size of a deer to a rabbit. FACT. In Modern times they are used for coursing hares and racing to kill a moving prey is in their genes. FACT. To Kill they bite in the back on the neck. Any small creature from small dog or child it is wise to put a muzzle on these dogs. Mt Butler was lucky that Lolita his pug wasn't killed as that dog was obviously uncontrollable as it was leash and still bit. Gery butler is noway an aggressive man. He saved a child from drowning and works unsung for childrens cancer victims. FACT.Remember people you cannot humanise a dog it will always revert to type. It will chase a cat it will pee on a tree and it will hunt to kill it that is what is in it's genes. fact.

Joan. (HUG) xxx

1889 days ago


I baelieve Butler...just the woman's commments show her lack of "breeding." He had to take Lolita to a vet...Did the greyhound go to a vet? Doubt it...Butler showed his true spirit by paying $2,000 so that a family at the vet's could save their dog who needed an operation; his donation saaved it. That's the kind of animal lover Butler is.

1889 days ago


The pug should have been on a leash,that is the law in NY and it's there for a reason. It's always the same damn problem-- the person who's dog is wandering off leash,is always the type who think they are more entitled then others. It's always that way. I see it here everyday. Their dog is above everybody else's. I am sick of it. That pug had no business having free roaming ability.
My dog was bitten twice in a row by a pug who was also off a leash! Just because the dog is little is no excuse! They are often the instigators,yapping and running around another dog who is on leash. A lot of us have had to put up with this crap!
The other dog was on a leash! The pug was not. I'd have said get your pug outta' my dog's face,got it?!
That pug should have been leashed and that's that.
Whatever happened in this situation,it would have been just an ordinary walk with no incident if the pug was on his leash like he was supposed to be by law.
I wonder if that guy butler would have hit the dog if he were being walked by a muscle bounder guy and not a woman? or if it was a different breed of dog,like a Cane corso or something?? I think not,that little punk.

1889 days ago


ah,going for drama with the "FACT","FACT" thing,but almost all dogs were initially bred for different reasons,most commonly hunting,almost all of 'em.
Actually racing is more what those dogs were bred to do.
The nature of a racing greyhound is something you ought to consider looking up,even for your own enjoyment. Beautiful dogs in every way.
Best thing to do whether it's that guy's pug,or anyone else's dog off the leash,is take a picture with your phone for proof,and report them.

1889 days ago


It doesn't matter if the pug wasn't leashed, because Butler wasn't even walking her at the time, so no, she wasn't 'wandering off-leash'. The couple passed by his trailer, the door opened and he stepped out, along with his pug. I'd like to know what the couple were doing inside the movie set and how they got so close to his trailer in the first place. And they claim he hit their dog for no apparent reason? That just doesn't make any sense.

1889 days ago

Another A-List A-Hole    

FACT: Gerard Butler is a liar because his dog was never bit. He acted irresponsibly and smacked the greyhound. His PR people got to this rag TMZ to get a story out before he got into trouble. TMZ 'is told the greyhound attacked the pug'. Gee, I wonder who told them that? It's sad that most of the public believes the lies.

Don't believe everything you read. He's an arrogant, lying, idiot that should be stopped from this type of behavior.

1889 days ago

Another A-List A-Hole    

Ok people in never, never land. Try to get 'hollywood' movie set out of your heads. These are the streets of New York. People's neighborhoods and not a movie set.

If someone can't control their dog from running out of a trailer, house or whatever you want to call it, then they shouldn't have a dog.

And, once again, his dog was not bit.

1889 days ago

Another A-List A-Hole    

Joan - Regarding your statement 'you cannot humanise a dog'. Where did the human race come from Joan? Some men kill and some men don't. With your logic every man would be accused of being killers.

You're not that smart so take your facts and shove them up your a$$.

Fact is, Gerard Butler and his PR crew are liars! I wouldn't be surprised if you're one of them.

1889 days ago


katd,time for some of you to get over yourselves.
These trailers for people filming are here and there in nyc on any given day,and it's not up to you or anyone else to say how any of us should or shouldn't get so close to "his trailor". We walk our dogs,shop,go to and from work,and we pass these trailors all the time.
And you know what? He and his pug have to play by our rules.
The dog needs to be on a leash,and butler needs to not be so careless as to have his dog run out of a trailor.
And if a person can't manage a pug for God's sake,then I'm not at all surprised such a person would be lacking in the ability to maintain control of himself toward any dog. I guess everybody-dogs,laws,people,yeah,that's about everybody -well I guess we all just have to do things differently for this guy. huh. ain't that somethin'?

1889 days ago


Wow, it is amazing to me how "star struck" some people can be. Well I am just a regular person who happens to know a thing or two about greyhounds and NY...I own greyhounds and I live in NY. There are leash laws here, Gerard Butler is clearly above the law in terms of following that particular law. Anyway, the greyhound NEVER bit the pug. The pug approached the greyhound and they touched noses. The greyhound owner immediately pulled the hound away as she was not sure if the pug was friendly. It was at that moment that Gerard freaked out, ran over and started cursing and yelling at the couple and the greyhound. He then punched the greyhound, sent him flying into a fence screaming. Also...THERE WERE WITNESSES!! Gerard Butler created this fictional story about the greyhound suddenly turning into an attack dog...that's a joke. Hey Gerry...nice work this week helping the efforts of greyhound rescue and adoption...Good job there animal abuser! Lisa

1889 days ago


The bottom line here until someone can prove the way this incident went down it is all hearsay. But we do know this for sure. The greyhound was on a leash. The pug was not. Contrary to what a few one here claimed, Greyhounds by nature are laid back, docile and non-aggressive. Pugs tend to be more high strung yippie little dogs. It is POSSIBLE being that the pug was running around off the leash that this particular Greys prey drive kicked in since SOME Greys have a high prey drive but its not so much a sign of aggression as it is the desire to pursue which is instilled in them for their racing careers so he could have lunged toward the pug though its also possible the pug could have run toward the grey. At the very least we need physical evidence that the pug sustained injury otherwise none of what Butler says holds water. Butler needs to let the public see the injuries his dog sustained that required the vet visit. If he is not willing to show us then he a liar. Hopefully someone caught the incident on their cameraphone and will help expose the truth.

1889 days ago
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