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Gerard Butler -- Pug You

8/26/2009 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gerard ButlerWe now have the poop on the Gerard Butler dog attack that occurred Monday afternoon in New York.

Here's the lowdown -- Gerard was walking his female pug Lolita when a woman with a greyhound sauntered by. We're told the greyhound attacked the pug, biting it twice. At the time of the attack, the greyhound was on a leash, but the pug wasn't. Score one for the greyhound.

But here's the deal: Butler quickly put his dog on a leash and began walking away, when the woman followed him -- greyhound in tow -- and the larger dog went in for a 3rd bite. We're told Butler blunted the potential bite by pushing the dog's snout away from his pooch.

The woman went to the cops alleging animal cruelty and we're told they got a good laugh out of it. As for Butler, he spent 3 and a half hours at the vet's office with his pug. The pug is OK.

Sources close to the situation gave us the following statement: "Bitches always seem to get Gerard in trouble."

As if he needs it, the story will only help Butler score more chicks.

UPDATE: TMZ spoke to the owner of the greyhound, who told us she's not after money and she's not going to file a lawsuit. However, she did want to say this about Gerard -- "He's a pompous son of a bitch."

UPDATE #2: The greyhound owner's dog tells a different story -- sources close to the situation tell TMZ she claimed Butler's unleashed pug charged after the greyhound. When she told Butler that his dog should be on a leash, the woman claims Gerard fired off a few expletives.


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Just to prove that Greys can live and socialize with small animals here are a couple of videos that pretty much sum it up

1849 days ago


#88 I am not star struck I just dont understand how any person can strike a dog for no reason other than nose touching?? It doesnt make sense. I also agree that if the pug was really injured it needs to be proved at this point. Because if he truly struck an animal in such a way well then he needs to be struck in the same matter.

Yes I am a fan but that is not why I gave him the benefit of the doubt. As a dog owner I cant understand how another dog owner could do such a thing? I dont buy the pampered celebrity thing...but there could be something else that set him off. We just dont know what it is.

His publicist is an idiot for saying what he did...."a teeny tiny dog...big menacing dog etc". You are referring DOGS dude not a school bully. Different mentality!!! Hello?? Where did this person get an education?

1849 days ago

Another A-List A-Hole    

Check out Gerard's little psycho pug Lolita. Nice PR move there Gerard kissing the other dog. Stop BS'ing the public and learn how to control your dog and, even more importantly, learn how to control your anger. Meaning keep your hands off other people (photographers) and other people's pets (the innocent greyhound in this particular case.)

1849 days ago


TMZ, might I suggest you send your people to the surrounding establishments to try and track down video of this. It is quite possible this was caught on nearby store security camera and maybe the establishment would be willing to release the footage.

1849 days ago


Butler's dog was never attacked. Why is everyone assuming that the owners of the greyound are at fault. I personally know this greyhound and he wouldn't hurt a fly. His owners were doing what they do every day, walking their dogs in their own neighborhood. They didn't go out looking for any trouble, especially from Butler. Not only did Butler hit the greyhound (so much for him being a big animal lover) he was also verbally abusive to the owners. Does everyone think that's ok, yelling like a madman at innocent people in public. Just another actor who thinks they are above everyone else.
I would love to see the report from the vet, i would think that after such an attack there would be some type of wound or trauma to the dog. The owners of the greyhound have never asked for anything other than an apology from Butler. But we have never heard anything from him, only from his public relations people. Come on, everyone should know that this is just another way for him to get publicity for his movie.
What i find interesting is that after the incident someone from his camp apologized to the owners for his behavior. Funny how things changed. I guess what they say is true, money talks........

1849 days ago


I agree nola. Actually I am not sure a vet report would even prove it. How could we be sure it is a legit report. Its possible he could obtain a phony report from the vet. People, even vets can be paid off. I want to see the dogs wounds, and I don't mean I just want to see her all bandaged up because that could be faked as well. At this point until I see her stitches I am not convinced. Butler, go on Good Morning America with her and show the public her wounds. Then we will believe you. Until then the accusations against Mayfair the Greyhound and her owners are unproven.

1848 days ago


I'd like to see the report from the alleged veterinarian. Why no name or specific location of practice? You talk about "attacks being common when greyhounds are retired because these dogs are trained on small animals". Aside from being absolutely cruel, it is against the law to use live animals in the training of a racing greyhound. In fact, if that alleged vet knew even a little bit about greyhounds, he/she would know that greyhounds are sight hounds and they are hunting dogs (just like a beagle is a hunting dog, the beagle uses his nose). A sight hound uses his/her eyes to hunt. However, greyhounds at the race track are not trained on live animals....ever. The racing industry will have a huge problem with that alleged veterinarian stating that greyhounds are trained with live animals.

The greyhound did NOT think the pug was a rabbit because a pug does not look anything like a rabbit.

The misinformation that has been spewing from the Butler camp into the press will undoubtedly lead to more greyhounds being euthanized at the race track. Each year approximately 20,000 innocent, healthy, young greyhounds are put down for no other reason than they have nowhere to go. By characterizing these gentle giants as "menacing" and using words like "attack" you can bet that folks that might have considered adopting these deserving hounds will no longer seriously think about adopting.

Gerard Butler and his reps have a responsibility to tell the truth. An alleged veterinarian who most likely does not have a greyhound (or a name for that matter), is the "expert" for the press instead of the president of the Grateful Greyhound organization who has been saving and living with greyhounds for 15 years and whose name you were provided.

> In closing I must say how disappointed I am in the whole ugly ordeal that Gerad Butler has created. I am most disappointed with of the coverage TMZ and NY Post with regard to the harmful and totally inaccurate press the ex-racer is getting. I find it extremely disturbing.

You should know that the majority of former racing greyhounds, live amicably with small animals including pugs, rabbits and cats.

1848 days ago


Harvey Levin!

I challenge you to find pics (and I mean good,legit pics) of chunks missing and bite marks on his dogs neck. Further, I challenge you to get the vet name and statement from him/her saying this dog was brutally attacked. I would also love the name of the people he helped at the vet.

Yes, money goes a long way, but actual proof of the dogs wounds would really help this couple. Seems to me Butler's PR people are using bits and pieces from what everyone is saying to try and make their story sound good. They put their foot in their mouth when they quoted the vet saying they use small animals to train the greyhounds at the track which is entirely untrue. Kirsten Fleming from the New York Post also quoted Stacey Richman, a Butler person as saying that the vet made that comment. She too should have checked her facts. I'll bet the racing industry would have a huge problem with that comment.

So Mr. Levin, let's try and show the real true colors of Gerard Butler and his Enterouge!

1848 days ago


1. if the dog really needed stitches then provide photos and a copy of the bill. 2. provide a copy of the bill and the name of the people who needed the help in getting their dog taken care of. This is nothing but a PR hype to make him look better and the victim simply because he's another Russell Crowe in the making; some one who has a bit of fame and a hot head.

1847 days ago


This never would have happened had Butler obeyed the leash law. But he's yet another entitled dog owner in NYC who thinks the leash law doesn't apply to him. I feel for his dog. Its always the dogs that suffer for the human's arrogance. I'm not a big fan of Greyhounds but this woman and her dogs did nothing unlawful...the dogs were leashed, an unleashed dog (a small one at that--not easy for a Greyhound to resist) approached, and, bites happened. That said, there are rescued Greyhounds that really should be muzzled in public (if they have the common dog aggression these rescues can sometimes have).

1847 days ago


Where is his proof that there were ANY bites. Oddly enough there are no vet bills. I personally know the owners of the greyhound, and there is no way they provoked the dog. Leash your dog!!

1847 days ago


It is hard for me to believe the owners of the Greyhound. They have changed their story so many times since the altercation, it went from that the dogs didn't touch each other; then the dogs only touched noses; to then their dog only barked and lunged at the pug; plus the accusations that Butler hit their dog for no reason; and he kept shouting at them for no reason that the dog should be put down.
Honestly, it looks like the dogs got into a scuffle, Butler admitted that his dog was not on a leash, so he would have had to step in to separate his pet and it is a sure bet he would have had to pushed the animals apart. And I've had enough confrontations walking my dog that it can be an awful experience especially seeing a larger dog lunge at a small dog and unfortunately even two leashed dogs can get into a fight.
It seems to me that the people that own the greyhound just don't know what the story is so that is why their story keeps changing. Things happen fast in situations like this just like in auto accidents and everyone sees things from their point of view. What angers me is why they didn't just try to deal with Mr. Butler and his management personally after the altercation instead of going to the police and the press. So, I asked myself what is their motive, and I've come to the conclusion that they may have been worried that their dog would be seen as aggressive. And that is a problem for any pet owner even if the dog was provoked.
As for Mr. Butler providing proof that his dog was injured, no one would believe the information or any photos of the dogs injuries, after all he is a Hollywood actor and it was probably manufactured information anyway.

1846 days ago


#117 get your facts straight, the owners of the greyhound called the police because he was acting like a jerk and they didn't call the press, his pr people did - you make it sound like you know so much, but YOU don't have the facts


1845 days ago


The statement that if both dogs were on leashes that Mr Butler's dog would not have gotten bitten if laughable. The woman is at fault for not caring about the poor pug being not once but twice. Plus no one knows the history of the greyhound it might have a race dog at one time and they are trained by using small mechanical rabbits. Plus just because greyhounds are known to be gentle one must remember that each and every dog is different.

1843 days ago
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