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Jackson Time of Death a Mystery

8/26/2009 5:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MIchael JacksonLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ the L.A. County Coroner cannot pinpoint the time of Michael Jackson's death ... but paramedics say when they arrived they believed he was dead for at least an hour and maybe longer.

Dr. Conrad Murray
's statement to LAPD detectives lays out a timeline in which Dr. Murray administered Propofol at 10:40 AM and then ten minutes later (10:50) he walked out of the room, went to the bathroom and returned two minutes later (10:52) to find Jackson was not breathing. He did not have anyone call 911 until 12:21 PM ... approximately an hour-and-a-half later.

Sources say cops are suspicious of Dr. Murray's account. They say when Dr. Murray was interviewed by them two days after Jackson died -- his lawyer by his side -- the doctor's account seemed "scripted."

So when did Jackson really die? Rigor mortis typically doesn't set in for at least 3 hours, and often longer. If rigor mortis has not set in, the only way to approximate time of death is by body temperature. Once a person dies, their temperature eventually rises or falls to the temperature of the environment. For example, if Jackson were in a 70 degree room, his body temp would drop to 70. The body temperature typically drops a degree to a degree and a half per hour, but it's dependent on the ambient temperature.

Here's the problem -- when paramedics arrived the room was sweltering. So Jackson's body temperature could register in the 90 degree range, even if he were dead for a long time. But we're told paramedics did not get a read on his body temp because they were busy performing CPR.

Bottom line -- it's possible Jackson could have been dead much longer than Dr. Murray said. There's no scientific way of knowing.


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Very sophisticated-

Not even the time of his death might be not exactly known, but already the first reports on his "heart attack" made people believe he wasn`t dead at home ( here just the German news from June- 25 prior to the official death announcement):

That is why the have to put thes records straight by saying: / Jacko was dead already at home while Dr Murray insisted he was not and forced /ordered the paramedics to bring him in the hospital, as he had the higher meedical rank"

I think the first mistake the most make, is to misinterprate the official autopsy. Whatever Mr Murray or anyone else gave MJ: it was not a lethal drug dose itself. It was (as expected) the COMBINED EFFECTS of several drugs, MJ particularly took himself one day prior to his death ( due to stuff sources) as he had lots of pains part given by others ??? Just thin abiout what anyone could do with you if you were in a state unconsciessness by a drug used for surgeries!!!
Despite what all will come now up with the insurances and AEG ( if there was no illegal drug in place- British LLOYD will have to pay maybe hundred Millions?)

A 50 years old man can perharps still moonwalk but not make all these akward "robot dance" movements (MJ did when he was younger) without having muscle stress and even joint disorders afterwards
What would be more silly than to give such an well known person an overdose of Propofol?? Everyone can see, that - mostly by the media and not by the coroner- Dr Murray is already blamed and brandmarked with MJ`s death until the last corner of that earth, causing peoples reactions such as some of the Millions fans already call him am murderer would like to cruzify him? Will Murray have any patients right now- if he would not just helped to misuse anestaetic drugs? His has lost any reputation by the case and will loose his approbation and all his existence right now, if he did help misuse drugs.
, So- what advantage at all has Conrad Murray got with MJs death? Maybe prison ( "protection arrest like in Nazi germany"?) would be the only place we he might be safe. ( but that even would be not true and a mistake to agree on.)

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LMFAO, the EMT's were performing CPR on a dead body? That's funny Harvey. Really, how long will this last? I thought he died around 8.30 am??? Well, in that case he would have been pretty stiff already, but that didn't seemd to fit really well into the script, so now the time of death is again changed......
Give me a break here.

1862 days ago


interesting song ....


18. "I may win on the roundabout
Then I'll lose on the swings
In or out, there is never a doubt
Just who's pulling the strings????
I'm all tied up to you
But where's it leading me to?"

Posted at 2:35AM on Aug 26th 2009 by checkit

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Why cpr?

" What about the weak pulse ??"

1862 days ago


"Law enforcement sources tell TMZ" why r they talking to u guys.

i believe ,michael had been gone for a long time maybe a couple hours before 911 was called, it's so sad. i HATE that dovtor

1862 days ago


Murray probaly crancked the heat up early in the morning & thats why he could use the phone for so long & why he didnt call 911 untill after noon. he knew they wouldnt be able to tell time of death beacuse of this.

My question is: WHY didnt anybody go check on MJ. Murray seems to be the ONLY person MJ was around the last hours of his life. THEN when he got ready to call 911 is when he called for security & prince...hang this man.

can u imagine if this (MJ) was one of your loved ones? i would be even more heated

1862 days ago

Sue Wong    

Murray should try telling the truth for a change. I can't see a man of Murray's age staying up all night like that and not becoming frustrated with the patient and tired. He hasn't been a student or in residency for some time and he's busy hooking up with younger women. I work late night 12 hour shifts and alot of younger guys doze off. I would bet he administered a heavy dose of propofol and buggered off for awhile, only returning to find his patient dead as a door nail.

1862 days ago


what you cannot prove is f example- weather not drugs like Botox ( MJ asurely received for to give him a better outlook and face without wrinkles for his concerts. Botox however works for a half year and it paralysies muscles in which it is injected ) could have played another part in these drug coctail effects:

Here we have a medical drug which is permitted by high ranking medical scholars and merchandised and administered by pharmaceutical industry without zhese possible side effects with other drugs are prooven!

Here from wikipedia something about which dangerous neurotoxine Botox is made out of :

The problem here is, that there is a procedure to prove whether anyone has swaLLOWED BOTOLINIUM BACTERIES BY CONTAMINATED FOOD; but THERE IS NO WAY KNOWN yet to prove the pure toxine itself in a human body as it is administered with the extract in BOTOX:
Dr Klein writes about Botox:

I dont wann cause more speculation n ow. But: a big part of the problem is the ways medicine goe today by focussing on quick effects , quick successes for single persons and quick money supported by the high ranking international scholars and medical experts. They are at least also responsible how drugs are finally used by any doctor and they are ay more questionable as these experts are not elected by any majority of mediciners but by certain Traditions such as the illimuinati once had been in the universities of bavaria / Germany and their succcessors are in office and dignities today , because of democratic political changes did not take place in these traditions.

1862 days ago


A 50 years old man can perharps still moonwalk but not make all these akward "robot dance" movements (MJ did when he was younger) without having muscle stress and even joint disorders afterwards.
Who once has displaced any of his backbones by any akwards movement at work, knows: That won`t let to sleep at night, . you are not even able to sit on a table if you are not treated by an ortopedist, who is able to perform so called "Chiro practice" which can bring back your joints to the normal positions without any drugs- the pain caused by blocked or pressured joint-nerves would imidiately stop then

No Mr Jackson was in a great hurry to perfom these concerts. He had signed for 5 concerts only but someone must have made a " Null" behind so they weerre suddenly 50!! That is what MJ_ due to home sources had discovered just one day before he died. He wanted to call up his father Joe,( who was always experienced with the dealing out of ciontracts) but the stuff said they could not get him on the phone the whole day.
The day before his death , MJ refused to go to the probes at stapßles center. He was already< dressed but than found in pyjama again Then he received a phone call by the managers , who wanted to come immidiately to his house after which he said:" I met the devil"

( source: unconfirmed you tube video reffering to a recent report on Michael jackson last days by a wellknown newspaper )

Read more:

1862 days ago

Carter Forster - London, Ontario, Canada    

Then WHAY was the *totally* *bogus* paramedics "last known picture" of Wacko Jacko w/ an oxygen mask on his face and a neck brace around his neck?????????? Looks like the paramedics were in the SCAM, too. They would have taken ONE LOOK at this corpse MJ called a body and called him dead. How much did Murray *pay* them to FAKE like he was alive???

1862 days ago


There's no mystery at all... the doc is a liar and a killer. Michael had obviously been dead for quite some time. The doc is running scared. He knows he's guilty and he's desperately trying to cover his tracks. Arrest him, jail him and throw away the keys.

1862 days ago


#14 checkit......thanks for that great link. Michael talking about the police raid photos of his private parts.

Everyone should watch that.

Tom Sneddon has a lot to answer for.

1862 days ago


a bit offtopic but necesarry to put on account:
Our German neo liberal politicians. most of them servants to the US one reps their international capital have introduced a new " health" insurance system in Germany , which is almost identical to the US system but designed only for the sake and profits of the insurances and the doctors . One effect of the chaos, that came by that and what is bad for all patients is , that actually no doctor can inform himself anymore , what any other doctor did or what any other doctor may have prescribed and drug trafficking is also less controllable than before. To pay off, German universities make even derug test for internationalö uS pharmaceutical companies for those they use blindfolded patients
While US President Obama is fighting for a common social health insurance ( what to do with all the unemployed is another question) the German politicians have abolished their which was existing since last Ceasar Wilhelm II. and his chancellor Bismarck, and are replacing it with the US system

I would be glad If you would take all of them ( Merkel Steinmeier etc) to the US .(The former german social insurance system that was payed by the industrialists and financed by money made with the "state energy production monopol ofn the state. which had to be sold to private persons in the 60th due to an allied order since nazi germany had an state driven ecomomy. After the reunion, the east german agents run politics ansd these "new order politicians have even sold the rest of the energy shares to EON that was founded as a private run energy monopol. So there is no way anymore for the future of the famous german social state.

So far these background information to privately run health systems

1862 days ago


Was Michael a bank-account-under-drip for a lot of persons ? But for who in reality ?

(Sorry for my english)

1862 days ago


FINALLY, we are all getting to see just what a crook this Murray is, he has, at all times since he killed Michael, tried to cover his tracks and protect himself. He can't run anymore, people thinking he was forced to give MJ drugs on Michael's insistence, well he is a DOCTOR, HE calls the shots with medication, not the patient, he should have said NO and got MJ to hospital fast. Not keep feeding him more and more doses of lethal drugs, so that HE, (Murray) could get some rest, or make some calls or do whatever nonsense he had to do.
Any Doctor, worth his salt, would not have done what he did that night. He had only been treating MJ for 6 weeks, in that time he could have helped him, not killed him, why did he not call in outside help when he realised that he was assisting Michael to become and addict.
I'm sorry, but I have no good thoughts on this man, he aided Michael to die, top and bottom, and the buck stops right there. He can't blame anyone else, he was the one with the drugs, he gave them to Michael, he must take the consequences, and appearing on Youtube like some angelic soul, is not going to wash with the Police.
He must go to jail..and stay there, his greed is why Michael Jackson is dead today.

1862 days ago
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