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Jackson Time of Death a Mystery

8/26/2009 5:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MIchael JacksonLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ the L.A. County Coroner cannot pinpoint the time of Michael Jackson's death ... but paramedics say when they arrived they believed he was dead for at least an hour and maybe longer.

Dr. Conrad Murray
's statement to LAPD detectives lays out a timeline in which Dr. Murray administered Propofol at 10:40 AM and then ten minutes later (10:50) he walked out of the room, went to the bathroom and returned two minutes later (10:52) to find Jackson was not breathing. He did not have anyone call 911 until 12:21 PM ... approximately an hour-and-a-half later.

Sources say cops are suspicious of Dr. Murray's account. They say when Dr. Murray was interviewed by them two days after Jackson died -- his lawyer by his side -- the doctor's account seemed "scripted."

So when did Jackson really die? Rigor mortis typically doesn't set in for at least 3 hours, and often longer. If rigor mortis has not set in, the only way to approximate time of death is by body temperature. Once a person dies, their temperature eventually rises or falls to the temperature of the environment. For example, if Jackson were in a 70 degree room, his body temp would drop to 70. The body temperature typically drops a degree to a degree and a half per hour, but it's dependent on the ambient temperature.

Here's the problem -- when paramedics arrived the room was sweltering. So Jackson's body temperature could register in the 90 degree range, even if he were dead for a long time. But we're told paramedics did not get a read on his body temp because they were busy performing CPR.

Bottom line -- it's possible Jackson could have been dead much longer than Dr. Murray said. There's no scientific way of knowing.


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MJ was a 50 year old man who knew taking this drug was dangerous. But he was also an addict, and the 'doctor' should have said Murray needed the paycheck, and MJ found his med pusher. So sad because MJ really seemed to be getting to a better place. However had he just lived his life for himself and not for the world he would never have been in the position where he needed to do those concerts at this stage in his life in order to gat $. All the $ others made off his back...and he was going out again to make more for them. Sad. Karma to all who were a corrupting force in MJ's life.

1849 days ago


That youtube video someone posted where michael is talking about the allegations made on him & the strip search the police did. This video broke my heart bad. They practically raped the poor guy :-( how can that be legal. It's so sad, I wish I could have saved him. RIP MJ, you deserve peace.

1849 days ago


YOU SEE?nothing matches!!!
WHAT THE HELL HAPPEND TO MICHAEL??????maybe latoya is right. maybe its a cospiracy! damn it. I'll kill those people.

1849 days ago


44. I too ? the involvment of AEG. They are suspect and their constant need to be involved in the estate matters beg many ?'s. MJ was going to die if he did not top the drug abuse, that seems pretty clear. 'Doctors' involved in his life should have helped him not enabled. $$$ is evil.

Posted at 7:07AM on Aug 26th 2009 by ***

One thing that sticks to mind is that interview the CEO of AEG did shortly after MJ's passing and talking of his role the day it happened etc, to me it seemed that he was emphatic about the fact that MJ had hired Dr Murray & wanted to take him to UK with him & that AEG wern't keen and wanted him to have a London based Doc on board since it was cheaper for them since they were paying. This may be in fact true, but dispite Confidentiality clauses, People must talk, and with the scare over Michaels Skin Cancer (which must have worried AEG significantly) and if AEG got wind of the exact state of Michael's poor mental health maybe they felt they had too much to loose with Michael's contract to do 50 shows and felt they had to do something about it to loose face and money! And there is also the fact that Micheal said that he went to bed knowing he had signed up to doing 10 and woke up to the news he was doing 50 - I imagine that sort of pressure is un-imaginable, he may have been fired up on his meds they day when he signed the extended contract - feeling positive & emthusiastic about it all, and was considering the debts he had to pay off - I am sure that once he had the realisation, of his heavy obligation anybody in his position would have wanted more medication to help him sleep and over-come his anxiety and panic! So Michael was feeling all kinds of emotions - including fear he can't deliver. Therefore AEG may have their own informants inside the compound that by the way, they are renting out, and executes a plan that frames the doctor - it is just a theory. Love & God Bless MJ

1849 days ago

Michael Jackson    

Why all the fuss about the death of Michael Jackson? He isn't the first white woman that ever died and he won't be the last.

1849 days ago


Smiles--MJ felt pressured his entire life which is very sad. He had others dictating his life from childhood. I agree that he felt too much pressure, stemming from his need for perfection, the extreme # of concerts he was facing, and saving face. AEG too felt this, and they should have known MJ was not capable of such a grueling schedule. AEG had a huge control over MJ...$ is evil and for MJ, it was what ultimately killed him.

1849 days ago


I understood there was a test they could do with the potassium levels in the eye, to determine time of death, when the body temperature and rigor mortis status was unhelpful????????

1849 days ago

missing michael    

My God! RIP Michael....i can't imagine this doctor knowingly leaving Michael or anyone for that matter, lying there dead for hours just so he could cover his azz....unbelievable...


1849 days ago


Bevamerica, Bev-America, Bev America, Emily Underwood ....... to be continued pending conversation.

Moodland Hills

1849 days ago


53. Smiles--MJ felt pressured his entire life which is very sad. He had others dictating his life from childhood. I agree that he felt too much pressure, stemming from his need for perfection, the extreme # of concerts he was facing, and saving face. AEG too felt this, and they should have known MJ was not capable of such a grueling schedule. AEG had a huge control over MJ...$ is evil and for MJ, it was what ultimately killed him.

Exactly, as much money as he once had, I would have no traded my life for his for money, money is as you say Evil. I am not a person who can deal with pressure myself, from a certain point of view there are many things that I can identify with him, since I suffer from anxiety problems myself - it really isn't funny. It is a shame we couldn't PM each other, we could probably talk for ages! As much of a fan of MJ that I am, unlike some, I did see MJ as a human being, rather than some unrealistic God Like figure, He may have been a gift from God, but that is sometimes where people have gone wrong, especially some of those around him.

Posted at 8:02AM on Aug 26th 2009 by ***

1849 days ago


I think the reason the top part of the house was so hot was because the Doctor was trying to keep Michael Jackson's body temp up so they could not tell how long he was dead. That gave him time to make his phone calls to cover his @ss. They need to arrest him already. The world will never see such a kind hearted loving person again. He was a gift to this world and all the media did was try and tear him apart.

1849 days ago

doc murry    

lets set the record straight,,paramedics are paid by the hour so you kinow they took their time getting there,,then they had to take a smoke break,,call their freinds and wives on the phone to tell them mj was dead as a doornail..then they had to take cell phone pics to send to their freinds and tmz..and then after 2 hours they finally check to see if he is dead or not,,so how does one get a time line on that,,typical lazy pot smoking state workers what do u expect..

1849 days ago


I really don't think a more accurate timeline matters. According to him, he found him in respiratory arrest at about 10:52. 911 or no one in the household was alerted until 12:21....if it was 90 minutes or 3 hours, it doesn't matter. It's clear he was trying to clean up the mess, and they know who he made those cellphone calls to during that time. 90 minutes is mindboggling, and there's no plausible excuse for it.

1849 days ago


25. Murray should try telling the truth for a change. I can't see a man of Murray's age staying up all night like that and not becoming frustrated with the patient and tired. He hasn't been a student or in residency for some time and he's busy hooking up with younger women. I work late night 12 hour shifts and alot of younger guys doze off. I would bet he administered a heavy dose of propofol and buggered off for awhile, only returning to find his patient dead as a door nail.

Posted at 3:11AM on Aug 26th 2009 by What s up doc?
This is pretty much what I'm thinking.

1849 days ago


Mr. Jackson probably died that early am. Why Do You Think It Is Taking So Long For the Physician To Be Charged: because the pa pa aint gonna charge him with nothing. The pa pa would have charged him by now, not allowed him to leave the state, and the pa pa would have revoked his Medical Practices. The only sad outcome to this is the Enabling Jacksons will have to file a Civil complaint on a Physician that has no money. NO JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL JACKSON. RIP.

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