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Jackson Time of Death a Mystery

8/26/2009 5:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MIchael JacksonLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ the L.A. County Coroner cannot pinpoint the time of Michael Jackson's death ... but paramedics say when they arrived they believed he was dead for at least an hour and maybe longer.

Dr. Conrad Murray
's statement to LAPD detectives lays out a timeline in which Dr. Murray administered Propofol at 10:40 AM and then ten minutes later (10:50) he walked out of the room, went to the bathroom and returned two minutes later (10:52) to find Jackson was not breathing. He did not have anyone call 911 until 12:21 PM ... approximately an hour-and-a-half later.

Sources say cops are suspicious of Dr. Murray's account. They say when Dr. Murray was interviewed by them two days after Jackson died -- his lawyer by his side -- the doctor's account seemed "scripted."

So when did Jackson really die? Rigor mortis typically doesn't set in for at least 3 hours, and often longer. If rigor mortis has not set in, the only way to approximate time of death is by body temperature. Once a person dies, their temperature eventually rises or falls to the temperature of the environment. For example, if Jackson were in a 70 degree room, his body temp would drop to 70. The body temperature typically drops a degree to a degree and a half per hour, but it's dependent on the ambient temperature.

Here's the problem -- when paramedics arrived the room was sweltering. So Jackson's body temperature could register in the 90 degree range, even if he were dead for a long time. But we're told paramedics did not get a read on his body temp because they were busy performing CPR.

Bottom line -- it's possible Jackson could have been dead much longer than Dr. Murray said. There's no scientific way of knowing.


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I’m sure Dr. Murray knew that about the body temperature, and had to wait until the room heated up to 90 degrees. We learned about the body temperature in our Biology 101 class. Anyways, I believe that played a factor in the time the paramedics were called. Meanwhile, he’s on the phone with LaQunda? and LaQuazar? telling them to remove evidence. But, only after he had called the mafia behind the hit. That’s my thought.

1848 days ago


Something is very fishy here. For me the whole thing spells premeditation. Think about it...It looks like this murder has been very well orchestrated. First Murray kills MJ, then he takes his sweet time to clean up the mess...finally calls for help...raises room temp...knows not to sign death certificate...goes to hospital...disappears for some time...lawyers up. I think he wants us to think that it was like ups, I panicked...manslaughter, few years and I walk free. But in reality it was highly premeditated murder!!! He knew that if he did not sign death certificate he would have a lot of time for his next steps. LAPD dragged its feet big time...gave him so much time to get rid of stuff, tell me he did not play it well!

1848 days ago


I don't feel like reading trhough every comment, but did no one notice that the math in here is a little faulty? Even if you go by the original time of 10:40 am (which you shouldn't because at 10:40 am there was apparently no reason to call 911), it is nowhere NEAR an "hour and a half later" to make it 12:21pm.

Obviously, though, we are supposed to understand it was "approximately an hour and a half" later from 10:52, however, which is, um, like only approximately half an hour.

Yes, THAT is what I'm going to pick at thank you!

1848 days ago


If what you(TMZ) is saying is true, then this thing was botched from the beginning. By all accounts, the paramedics believed him to be dead. If they thought he was dead, the ER doctors would have also known he was dead. And why did it take so long for the ER doctors to "call" the time? Anyway, so MJ's in the ER, he's dead, they have to call the coroners office, and they came pretty quickly. If there was ANY question at this point, why the hell didn't they do the autopsy asap, instead of waiting til the next day??? That's just lame.

Here's my awesome link to how to determine a time of death:

Regardless of time of death, Murray's time line, the fact that he didn't tell police he was on the phone for 47 minutes, and the fact that he didn't tell the paramedics OR the ER doctors what meds he had given, you would think they'd have enough to arrest him. Apparently not. Blame the coroner if Murray gets out of this.

1848 days ago

Justice for all    

If the majority of the "general public" can put the pieces together on these blogs... why is the "lame" LAPD still having trouble connecting the dots????? It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that things don't add up to what Dr. Murray wants them to believe.... Get a grip, they need to stop using the drugs out there in LaLaLand and get a real police department to look at this mess and figure out why MJ was murdered....

1848 days ago


A person with a medical background would know these little details. This dude is getting more and more suspicious with each passing day.
But, of course, Michael is ALIVE. Haven't you guys checked out that video yet? (sarc)

1848 days ago


I hope American police can find the murder quickly. Mj is not only the treasure of America, but also the world. We all love him.

1848 days ago


It's distressing to think Michael laid there dead for some time before anyone called for an ambulance. And the fact that Murray was likely performing "CPR" on a dead body, then supposedly calling in Prince to do the same, is morbid. Conrad Murray should just come clean and spout the truth - it's more than obvious to all involved he's lying. (Unless, of course, he's protecting Michael from something - we're all so busy thinking Murray is guilty ...) As for the warm room, I've read that Michael was always cold and would have the heat cranked, fireplaces burning, even in the summertime. Obviously that worked to Murray's advantage. Sigh, I'd so like to believe the video suggesting Michael's alive - that'd be a perfect Neverland fantasy!

1848 days ago


post-15 checkit- i watched the video but i dont know how you are comparing it to dr murray,i dont understand what i am looking for in simularities!!! can you please explain it to me? sorry i dont mean to be clueless just interested.. thankyou sue from tampa

1848 days ago


I think Dr. Murry probably thought he could get away with it. He's probably gotten away with a lot in his life and is a shady figure just like the entrouge. Is he connected with the Nation of Islam? As to What's the Fuss, even if you didn't like MJ, he was still a tax payer and citizen of the United States and deserves justice. Just think how you would feel if that was your father, and I said the same thing to you? I'm sure you would be very upset. MJ gave people a lot of happiness in his life strange as he may have been. Ian Halperan said that MJ was afraid and could not cancel the concerts because he thought they would "kill him."

1848 days ago


When will this guy finally be arrested?

1848 days ago


Things that may seem like common sense, have to be proved in a court of law, beyond a shadow of a doubt. I'd rather the LAPD take the extra time to have concrete proof of all the "connect the dots" then to go in with a half assed case that is based on conjecture.

1848 days ago

Melanie Hoyle    

I hope they can come up with a conclusion because it sounds very shady all this stuff about injecting different drugs, the hot temperatures keeping his body warm, the phonecalls inbetween Michael's respiratory failure and the 911 call, the fact it was left as late as it was before 911 was called, the botched CPR, the doctor's unusual behaviour of refusing the paramedics to write Michael off as dead at the scene and refusing to sign his death certificate at the hospital, and the fact the doctor vanished during the time Michael's body was in the hospital. It's just one huge mess after another. :(

1848 days ago


I heard Dr. stepin fetchit saying “yes sir, boss; I’s gonna go do what you told me, boss. I’s gonna richt now and give dat boy an extra dose of propofol. Dat way boss, you’s and your gang can get all his money and I’s a gets throwed in the slammer. Yes sir, dem other Doctors can get clean away, while I’s a take the fall for all y‘all good white folks. Yes sir…ree ball, you white folks shore knows how to treat us colored Doctors. I’s a call y’all when the deed is done”.

1848 days ago


I am so sad. There is something really wrong here. To think Michael was dead for some time before the 911, the room temperature so maybe couldn't established an accurate time of death, the amount/doseage this Dr. gave, all this has not been answered and is WRONG SOMEWHERE. Dr.s are supposed to keep their patients ALIVE not kill them. If Michael was desperate I just wish wish wish ANY OF US ordinary sensible folks who LOVE HIM (if his family didn't wrap around him and help him) could have just taken him in our arms and said Michael, We love you, come with me, we can get you better, made him feel safe and to a place where he could have lived out his life in grace and dignity. This whole end of his life is APPALLING AND THE DOCTOR HAS TO TAKE THE WRAP HE DID NOT LOOK AFTER MICHAEL TRY TO HELP HIM OR KEEP HIM ALIVE. I think Michael was absolutely surrounded by a circus of we gotta get this guy making bucks for us stuff and folks and he felt trapped. Neverland your poem is just amazing, beautiful, thank you for that, can you get that published?

1848 days ago
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