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Law Enforcement Doesn't Believe Dr. Murray

8/26/2009 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. MurrayLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ the L.A. County Coroner and the LAPD are not buying Dr. Conrad Murray's story that he gave Michael Jackson a relatively low dosage of Propofol before he died.

Sources say the L.A. County Coroner has determined Michael Jackson died from a lethal level of Propofol. There were "traces" of other drugs in Jackson's system, but nothing that would have killed him.

According to the search warrant affidavit, during Dr. Murray's interview with LAPD detectives two days after Jackson died, he said he gave Jackson 25 milligrams of Propofol shortly before the singer stopped breathing. Dr. Murray also said he had been giving Jackson 50 milligrams of Propofol for the prior six weeks so Jackson could sleep, but he felt the singer may have been forming an addiction so he cut back.

Here's the reality. It takes approximately 400 milligrams of Propofol for someone of Jackson's body size to sleep 8 hours -- that's 16 times the amount Dr. Murray says he gave Jackson the day he died.

Our law enforcement sources simply do not believe that 25 milligrams would have in any way compromised Michael Jackson, especially since he had developed a tolerance to a much higher level.


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OMG Senator Kennedy has passed away at the age of 77. R.I.P Mr.Kennedy you reshaped politics. BTW TMZ has no story on yet. Shame on You lol.

1851 days ago


You know the LAPD really needs to figure out why the hell they have so many leaks during an ongoing investigation. I wonder who is selling all these bits of info to the media hmmm. If nothing else this should tell Dr. Murray and his nut butter attorney to keep their mouth shut. They are not accomplishing anything with all this talk. The more Murray talks the more he seems like he deliberately took this man's life. So I guess i should say keep talking Murray you are doing a great job of looking like a killer.

1851 days ago


Please arrest this man already!!

1851 days ago


Neverland ..... I agree ... it was premeditated murder and I don't think Murray pulled the trigger .

1851 days ago



1851 days ago

no way    

seems almost the opposite of Billy Mays
the coroner and media and everyone assumed Billy Mays died of natural causes until the facts came out. Michael on the other hand was labeled a junkie and the more facts we are getting the more it's looking like he wasn't.
I'm beginning to see him as the most misunderstood person in history

1851 days ago


I agree this was indeed a planned and poorly executed murder.

1851 days ago


mouse and neverland:

I agree it was premeditated murder. That's what the Jacksons believe also. Who else could have pulled the trigger if not Murray, though?

1851 days ago


Maybe they haven't arrested Murray yet because they're really investigating this as murder.

1851 days ago


I think we need to take a look at motive to identify the other players. We need pay specific attention to the people Michael pissed off in his camp. From what I can gather he really made some people very angry right before the died, and this anger was triggered by them loosing millions or the possibility thereof. Michael even said he was scared. I think he knew he had crossed some very dangerous individuals this time.

1851 days ago


is it possible murray wont be charged because of the amount of info the public are hearing about this case,why are we hearing about all this stuff and yet he is still free it doesnt make sense what are the police waiting for.mj fan

1851 days ago


WHO believes him, he's lying!

he gave michael more than he's saying and that timeline is suspicious.

he's hiding information

1851 days ago


He is definitely hiding a lot. I am reminded of Liza Manelli's comment. When this investigation is finished "All hell is going to break loose". She was a close friend why would she say that unless she knew there were some shady things going on in this situation.

1851 days ago


WHY isn’t he behind bars? It’s been established that it was Propofol that killed MJ so that means that MJ couldn’t have killed himself but still no arrest, I’ve read that the law enforcement could arrest Dr. Murray in a week or so but I’ve never once before heard that the Police is saying that in advance, in a week or so we’re coming.

1851 days ago


4. by Alex

Is Michael Jackson stil Alive ??? Watch the video on and decide for yourself! Is it real, or just a hoax?



MJ is worth more dead than alive + Dr Murray AND Dr Klein's malpractice insurance = ATM MACHINES FOR EVERY JACKSON!!!!

No wonder Katherine or Joe haven't shed any tears, nor have any other adult Jackson for that matter.

1851 days ago
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