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Maxim Attacks Over Megan Fox's Image

8/26/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nobody accuses Megan Fox of being some skanky nightclub posterchild and gets away with it ... especially when the skanky photo on the poster belongs to Maxim Magazine.

Megan Fox's Image

A ridiculously hot photo of Fox in a cleavage-exposing, micro-skirt appeared on a flyer advertising a club in Milwaukee. Problem is, the pic came right off the cover of a July issue of Maxim -- and the club didn't ask for permission before they took the image.

Now, Maxim is launching a legal attack on the club, saying they're "infringing on Maxim trademarks and copyrights and must immediately cease and desist from using the photograph (or any other Maxim material) from any of their flyers or other advertising material."

To the club's credit, they did flip the image 180 degrees -- making it that much harder to figure out where they stole it from.

Megan Fox


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A Person    

8. meagon foxs is freaking hot and this is coming from a female and her boobs dont need a lift u just mad cause your ugly ass cant get the attention she gets

Posted at 9:02PM on Aug 27th 2009 by ophilia

She's a skank

1814 days ago


Sorry, but she needs a definite boob lift; those puppies are doing some serious dangling south....and kinda pointy...

1882 days ago


I don't really find her that pretty. She looked a million times better before all the surgery.

1882 days ago


haha, they flipped it and photoshopped her head from another picture of her on!!

1882 days ago


Uhm...if you actually flip the Maxim image of Megan is NOT a flipped image...Doesn't anyone notice her mouth open? different expressions in the eyes?
Unless the photo on the flyer was a picture of Megan Fox INSIDE the magazine itself...and not the front cover...

1882 days ago


They don't even changed the dress color lol
how brilliant.
Maybe they want to get attention of Megan Zorra

1882 days ago


They only flipped the pic and "squeezed" her head

1882 days ago


meagon foxs is freaking hot and this is coming from a female and her boobs dont need a lift u just mad cause your ugly ass cant get the attention she gets

1882 days ago

Patrick Coholan    

Intellectual property is serious and great and deserves every protection afforded to that magazine. July was a nice cool month and I am sure Milkwaukee was real nice that time of year but this actress disputed as intellectual property certainly is owed a lot of credit for her amazing celebrity. I'm sure her new movie is great, I liked the earlier film when I watched it, and while I watched it on a pirate videodisc, and it will be nice to watch the legitimate premiere of the leading Saturday night variety series.

1882 days ago

dr fred    

she is trashy, skank

the MAGAZINE is stupid ever here of promotions, mEGAN doing a personal apprearance they bring in the MAXUM issue to get signed

1882 days ago


Megan is friggin Skexy..thats Skanky Sexy.
Love the bad tats too..not only can you aim for the bulls-eye abover her butt crack...but if you ever wanted to blow a load all over Marilyn Monroe megan can help ya out there too with that tacky ass forearm tat. Fox does show the path to stardom though...Screw anyone, and often...and make sure you humm like a kazoo when you audition for Michael Bay.

1882 days ago


I love megan shes fine,i'll make babys with her any time!!!!!

1882 days ago

George William Gockel    

Megan Fox is a sex object. Corey Erwin Burke and Tommy Felshaw will meet Robert Roth,Leofwin Smallwood,Jill Marie Matolla,Pete Pilaf,Ron Krotchman and Peter Brodsky as their new friends. And Megan Fox and I will meet each other on purpose.

1882 days ago


Damn! It's to bad I'm a loser, living here in the butthole of the world, Cincinnati Ohio. Cuz I would love to get with that girl. She's hot, you see the steam coming off of her, cuz I do.

1882 days ago

who dat    

Cyber squatting at its best.

1882 days ago
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