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Alleged MJ Love Child Surfaces!

8/26/2009 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonAs if there wasn't enough to figure out in the wake of Michael Jackson's death, a San Fran man is throwing his name into the circus -- claiming to be Michael Jackson's 24-year-old son!

According to a creditor's claim filed yesterday in L.A., a guy named Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson is requesting a DNA test to prove he is the biological son of the late King of Pop.

A birth certificate was submitted with the claim -- one which lists a "Michael Joseph Jackson" of Indiana as the father and Zerline LaVette Dixon as the mother.

According to the claim, MJ's family pressured Prince Michael Malachi's family to keep quiet.

Coincidentally, Prince Michael is the name of MJ's two "official" sons.


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3. Hey that would be kind of cool if it WAS Michaels biological child. At least we would have something left of him because Prince, Paris and Blanket obviously aren't biologically his. Probably not true though. R.I.P we love you Michael!! I was just at your star in Hollywood!!

Posted at 4:13PM on Aug 26th 2009 by ashlee

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Prince Michael already has vitiligo, which he inherited from MJ. Go to the Vitiligo Guide website,, and enter "Prince Michael" into the search box. I've seen quite a few photos on YouTube that show Prince's vitiligo. Prince looks exactly like Joe Jackson's father, Samuel, check YouTube. Blanket looks exactly like MJ as a child, only lighter. Paris has Debbie's facial features, but she has LaToya's color and shape of face, and her body type and overall look are MJ's. I have biracial kids, and I can see that those kids are biracial. They are much to dark to have two white parents. Their hair is relaxed and straightened. Paris just had her hair cut and styled at a beauty salon in Vegas, and they had to blow it out straight. Those are MJ's bio kids.

1882 days ago


Now where is Billie Jean??

God this will never end....

1882 days ago


This is never going to end.

1882 days ago


Oh boy, here we go. Another DNA test coming up, please take a number.

1882 days ago



1882 days ago


TMZ, can you use your connections at the Department of Motor Vehicles to get a photo of Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson?

1882 days ago


A new mother can put any man's name on a birth certificate and it's accepted.
Birth certificates are meaningless as far as accurate information about paternity.

1882 days ago


My only question: Is the baby mama just plain insane, or after some cash? Thank GOD for DNA testing...

1882 days ago


WHAT??? Oh my...I don't know what to think!!! All this is wearing me out. I don't think it's true just because MJ cattered to his three children. I hope it's not true...I don't know how much more I can take of this. It's distrubing.

1882 days ago


is he married to michael too?

1882 days ago


He was a prolific man... Not just musically. With all the wives and kids that are popping out.

1882 days ago


as ricky ricardo said "you got some 'splaining to do"

come on more stories on michael please!!

love you michael!!!!!!!!

1882 days ago

a total fan    

Would be nice if he did have another child, this would be proof that he did have a social life away from the media circus that surronded him all the time. But his Will stated he had no other children. Michael loved children too much that I don't think he would deny he had another son so I don't know whether to believe this.

1882 days ago


ZOMG, he's *my* daddy, too. I also hear he's actress Mary Tyler Moore's daddy. Dang, Mikey... keep it in your pants, will ya?!

I almost married Spencer Pratt, 'til we learned we're related (again, Michael).

1882 days ago


huh! again??

1882 days ago
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