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Alleged MJ Love Child Surfaces!

8/26/2009 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonAs if there wasn't enough to figure out in the wake of Michael Jackson's death, a San Fran man is throwing his name into the circus -- claiming to be Michael Jackson's 24-year-old son!

According to a creditor's claim filed yesterday in L.A., a guy named Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson is requesting a DNA test to prove he is the biological son of the late King of Pop.

A birth certificate was submitted with the claim -- one which lists a "Michael Joseph Jackson" of Indiana as the father and Zerline LaVette Dixon as the mother.

According to the claim, MJ's family pressured Prince Michael Malachi's family to keep quiet.

Coincidentally, Prince Michael is the name of MJ's two "official" sons.


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i agree, try to get us a picture tmz!! pretty please?

1887 days ago


59. And no, Michael was neither gay nor asexual. He denied claims that he was gay, he was married to 2 different women and was at least sexually active with one of them. But he was also a regressed child so no doubts very shy on the subject of sex aswell as being very respectful towards women so any sexual activity would be restricted in the boundaries of a marital commitment, and he loved Lisa and probably only wanted to remain loyal to her in terms of a sexual relationship. I'm only making a wild guess on the last sentence.

Posted at 5:07PM on Aug 26th 2009 by Melanie Hoyle

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I hate to burst your bubble, but MJ was kind of a playah. Some of the women he was involved with came forward during the trial to confirm that fact that he was a normal red-blooded man who loved women, very flirtatious, & sexually active with women. He was also 5'-7", not 5'-10".

1887 days ago


I live near the Neverland ranch, there has ALWAYS been a string of kooks showing up, claiming to be Michael's children or wives. Some had even changed their names, or happened to have the name Jackson. Of course all of them phony, just looking for their 15 minutes of fame ....or money

1887 days ago


75. I don't believe it, for three reasons.

One, Michael Jackson was probably the most difficult person on earth to seduce, you'd definitely need more than one night and you might have to give him quite a few drinks ahead of the act and also tie him down, before you could have your way with him.

Two, he loved kids and would never abandon a child.

Three, and most important: He stated in his will that he had no more children than Prince, Paris and Blanket, living or dead. He wouldn't do that to a love child, not even to protect him.

excellent comments !

1887 days ago


It was 1984, in the middle of the Thriller hype. She was probably just a nuts-o fan. As for the name, Prince was his grandfathers name, which she could have found out, or she named him in term of "the son of a king". The only thing the test will come back as is that that lady is hoe.

1887 days ago


There is no truth at all that Michael ever had sex with a female of any age.

Lisa Marie lied, because she was embarassed about their lack of sex life, even the maids testified that MJ would leave lingerie around trying to make it look like she had been there. Lisa never let her children live at Neverland.

1887 days ago


I just wanted to say that I am Michael Jackson's daughter too! I was born in 1974 my Dad was just 16 when I was born & I have curly hair too - so that just proves it right? it was platium blonde when I was very young but it got darker and darker as I got older. My parents married in secret just after I was born but because my Dad (Michael) was too young to get married the marriage fell apart after 6 weeks, but that was also because my Mother found out, he had gotten one of her cousins and her own mother (My grandmother) pregnant too - he really was such a gigalo, I have since found out... so this is the story so far.... I have 3 younger siblings that lived with my Dad, another who was born to a Norweigian woman, the 2 others (one my mother gave birth to - a brother) and the sister that my cousin gave birth too - and now another brother - I am over-whelmed - I am so lucky to have such a BIG family! How many more of us are out here, I would just like to know that - we are desperately in need of a family get-together! My Daddy loved children so much, so why did he not want to know me, it doesn't make any sense at all - didn't he love me? No, it was because he moved on to one woman, another woman and that is how it went on apparently for the rest of his life. I am certain for sure that there will be more of us out there, I guarantee! I love you Daddy, even if you didn't want to know :( I have got to go, my telephone is ringing hot for tv & tabloid interviews - lots of $$$ before I even press the add the comment button - I will come back again if I got time, but I got 2 go sell my story! By Y'all! ..... but please, if there are any more of my sibling out there - MAIL Me, I want to get to know you! ;)

1887 days ago


So on they have a crappy view of the birth certificate:

Here is the facts from the certificate:

-MJ was 26 at the time of the birth (09/23/04) states on the BC he was 27 (pretty close)
-The dude's name REALLY SAYS Prince Michael on the BC (states he was born in LA)

The copy looks crappy but it is there for viewing....

Bring on the DNA test-if not, like someone said on this post earlier...KICK ROCKS!

1887 days ago


Some people are weird: on one hand, they say MJ could not have kids because he was kicked by someone in the important body part when he was young. So people are rumoring the 3 kids are not his...

Now, if he could not have kids when he was legally married for 2 years, how would you believe that he could have kids with ONS with some women?

1887 days ago


64. Harvey, love,

Why are you always avoiding our questions? We have posted quite a few very interesting questions and they all landed unanswered on the floor.
And if you are saying Michael Jackson is dead, why do you feel so urged to repeat yourself about 4 or 5 times and look at our unanswered questions, ON THE FLOOR??

Souza & Mo

Posted at 5:10PM on Aug 26th 2009 by Souza

Harvey probably knows a lot more than he's free to say, because of confidentiality concerns.

1887 days ago


Thank you, Alex!

When was Michael a player? He never went out, never went clubbing or on love vacations. I've never seen a paparazzi pic with Michael and some unknown woman and the caption: "Who's Mike's new babe?"

1887 days ago


Time will tell...

But please people, don`t go again on roomers that Omer Bhatti is MJ`s son. I am from Oslo, Norway and have inside info that Omer is just a friend. Think that MJ had a trusting friend that NEVER talked about him, NEVER told on him, NEVER used his friendship to his advantage. That is a thru friend and that is why he is close to the family and the kids. A thru trusting friend who is not in the picture to explode him self. He is heartbroken to loose a friend and greaves like everyone else that loved Michael.

Just wanted to make this statement to awoid another meeningless story to start running again. Thanks for reading this.

1887 days ago


I totally agree with #78 and #79...

All good points made...MJ loved children you think he would abandon his own child? No way....that kid would be part of that will if he knew that was his kid.

Plus that was when he was on the peak of his solo success.who knows how strict the laws were back then in the case of who they place on the birth certificate as the father...all we know some guy she was seeing signed the BC as Dr. Seuss!

1887 days ago


1887 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    


1887 days ago
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