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Ryan Jenkins' Half-Sister May Be Mystery Woman

8/26/2009 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Jenkins' Half-Sister Ryan Jenkins' half-sister may be the woman who dropped him off at the motel where he ultimately killed himself, this according to The Vancouver Sun.

The Sun reports a silver PT Cruiser with Alberta plates -- which matches the description of the car seen dropping Ryan off at the Thunderbird Motel -- was spotted at Alena Jenkins' condominium in Vancouver late Tuesday night.

Court records show that Ryan's father also owns a PT Cruiser, but it's unclear if the car at Alena's place is the same vehicle.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl. Norm Massie would not confirm Alena is the woman who helped Ryan check into the motel -- but did say they would need some proof that the mystery woman knew Ryan was a wanted man before they could press charges.

Jenkins -- who was wanted for the murder of his wife Jasmine Fiore -- was found hanged in his motel room three days after he checked in.


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Sad sad    


"Saturday morning, they found all sorts of love letters outlining their plot."

Outlying what plot? Where did authorities (not hearsay/ media) say this? I'ld like to know.

They got letters I'm sure. I'm assuming you are the girl who said you knew him cause I've yet to hear anyone say "plot" lmao wtf

1885 days ago


I dont know what this means but saw it on another forum,JASMINE

Also I saw on Nancy Grace or one of those shows where they said they talked to Jasmines ex-fiance "Travis"... So this makes multiple ex-fiances and BFs involved that once everything is unraveled it makes it hard to believe that Ryan Jenkins may be the only suspect.

1885 days ago


Seriously.. where are people getting all this additional info? Like, Sylvia, where'd you read that?

I read even though the belief is that Ryan killed Jasmine and brought her out of the hotel in that suitcase, there were later reports of the two in a casino Friday night. And some guys said she was blowing him off and saying rude comments to Ryan in front of them. Hmm..

1885 days ago


Oh wow here is an article about Cardosi's arrest saying he owned a white mercedes , coincidence?

Moyer got into a white Mercedes – which the agents said belonged to Cardosi – and was dropped off in front of the store a few minutes later, according to the testimony.

1885 days ago

ROB W    

It's kind of obvious that she helped her half brother, the car is registered in her dad's name, it had Alberta tags where Ryan's dad lives - Calgary, his boat was found not far from Point Roberts, where his mom lives (on the Canadian side) and I think the RCMP & Orange County police are not releasing any info at this point in time because if these people helped him (Ryan), they could be in for a whole world of hurt if the prosecutor's drop an atom bomb of charges on them. They knew he was coming back to Canada, they helped him, but at least he did the right thing - Suicide. You don't see many innocent people "pulling the pin" on themselves. What's done is done.

1885 days ago


racerzeke, to my knowledge the only person who came out of Fiore's and Jenkin's hotel room was Jenkins, toting a suitcase which is apparently identical to the one into which Fiore was stuffed. If you want to present an additional suspects theory, back up your claims with some evidence, not just some vague inferences. And remember, the cops probably have a lot more evidence than you are aware of. They are building their case, it will probably all make sense soon.

1885 days ago

Pls don't make me feel sorry for Ryan!    

Seriously peeps, I get the feeling Jasmine wasn't so INNOCENT in all of this. JMO of course; and I don't think she deserved what she got, but you know some girls just ask for trouble! With all the shady ex's and her own shady background, I'm starting to think Ryan was being manipulated and maybe he figured it out. Ryan's parents need to invest some serious cash in investigating this case ... for Ryan's sake if he was being shafted by this woman.

1885 days ago


Anyone else get the feeling that Jenkins' family is here depositing posts, trying to shift the focus off of Jenkins and onto someone, anyone, else? Or is it just me? Because right now, it looks like Jenkins is the only credible suspect.

1885 days ago

Sad sad    

That article was in 2006. I don't think it matters who gave her the car.

1885 days ago


I guess her ex-bf was a californian convicted of drug running who owned a white mercedes possibly the same car who she was romantically involved with.

he probably has ties in mexico. jasmine was in mexico 3 weeks ago.

police raid his home and he is arrested.

i guess that isnt relevant

1885 days ago


I'm really tired of this "blame the victim" mentality. Some dope here alleges that Fiore had a "shady" background. Yah? What exactly did she do that was "shady"? The girl was MURDERED and DISMEMBERED. She had her teeth yanked out! She was stuffed in a freaking suitcase! It wouldn't matter if she were a Nobel prize winner or a crackhead prostitute, SHE DIDN'T DESERVE TO BE MURDERED. What's wrong with you people????

1885 days ago


Looks now like it was the half sister.She knew he was being hunted for murder.She helped him .She is going down.Going down -meaning charged-not the other one she was good at.Hey its on the grape vine.

1885 days ago


Not sure how you can convict her if he is not tried and found guilty.
Can she be sent to jail for helping him if he never gets convicted of anything?

1885 days ago


racerzeke, your facts are ALL screwed up. The man you're talking about WAS NOT ARRESTED, the cops just talked to him. He knew Fiore, it shouldn't be surprising that cops would want to talk to him. In fact, he volunteered to talk to them. And the latest I've read is that the police continue to believe that Jenkins is the ONLY suspect.

You have zero evidence that the ex-inmate has "ties to Mexico".

Where was this guy when Jenkins came out of the hotel room toting the suitcase? What is this other guy's connection to the suitcase? Why did Jenkins commit suicide?

Stick to the facts, dude. Is your last name "Jenkins" or something?

1885 days ago


go to websleuths and look under hot cases

1885 days ago
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