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Ryan Jenkins' Half-Sister May Be Mystery Woman

8/26/2009 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Jenkins' Half-Sister Ryan Jenkins' half-sister may be the woman who dropped him off at the motel where he ultimately killed himself, this according to The Vancouver Sun.

The Sun reports a silver PT Cruiser with Alberta plates -- which matches the description of the car seen dropping Ryan off at the Thunderbird Motel -- was spotted at Alena Jenkins' condominium in Vancouver late Tuesday night.

Court records show that Ryan's father also owns a PT Cruiser, but it's unclear if the car at Alena's place is the same vehicle.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl. Norm Massie would not confirm Alena is the woman who helped Ryan check into the motel -- but did say they would need some proof that the mystery woman knew Ryan was a wanted man before they could press charges.

Jenkins -- who was wanted for the murder of his wife Jasmine Fiore -- was found hanged in his motel room three days after he checked in.


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Added note to racerzeke, what facts to you have to back up your claim that the ex-inmate was convicted of "drug running". The only info I have seen is that he was in for "drug related charges". Could be he was just using, not selling, not drug running.

You just extrapolate from a tiny bit of factual info and blow it up into some whacked out scenario. I feel sorry for that ex-inmate, he just gets out of prison and suddenly he's caught up in this huge murder story! I for one hope the guy is doing OK.

1698 days ago


Here's a more recent picture of Alena Jenkins ... yes it's really her (she models). Quite ironic.

1698 days ago


superbee ....... why?

1698 days ago


1698 days ago

Kjetil-Vidar Haraldstad    

toodles, get your facts straight. Cardosi was re-arrested on a parole violation.

1698 days ago


# 5 Wow I wonder if they could make a movie out of this mess. GET A LIFE!!

1698 days ago


Toodles you are a complete idiot.I think the Jenkins have far better things to do like GRIEVE than be posting on TMZ..try some common sense you fool..are you incapable of comprehending that there are people who do not agree with you? Jasmine apparently played many mind games with alot of men so its becoming more evident that there may be others involved here..if you cannot handle other people having opinions or an open mind then perhaps you should toodle off and get an education or take up meditation.

1698 days ago

Sue Wong    

This girl probably knew her brother was in trouble but they have to prove it first. In Canada, Ryan Jenkins would only be charged with not reporting to border officials which is most likely not as serious as the crime of murder in the US because he was a Canadian citizen. Don't forget he was also innocent until proven guilty.
On US shows like Jane Valez and Nancy Grace they label Ryan a psychopath and sadist. That's premature. He may not be the one who knocked the teeth out and cut the fingers if they're looking for an accomplice and it was to hide Jasmine's identity anyway, not for fun. I don't believe he was psycho or he wouldn't have killed himself. He could've kept running but obviously he was very remorseful. This was a crime of passion. It's a very sad story. This man was looking for love in all the wrong places with superficial women. I don't think he knew what real love was and he didn't know how to treat women properly if he hit them. Jasmine also made mistakes but didn't deserve to be killed. They have both paid the ultimate price.

1698 days ago


Actually Toodles she did deserve what she got and people like you should be hanging by a noose instead of innocent people..what kind of wh0re gave birth to you? Is that why you are obsessed with licking the std infested cracks of ugly wh0re's? Do you love the familiarity? LOL

1698 days ago


Wonder how the motel guy coulda thought the sis was that Paulina, not only do they not look alike,I thought they said the mystery woman was very attractive? & if it was his 1/2 sis, there's no way she did't know he was wanted for murder so what's the hold-up there? This case sure is full of many twists & turns, some so obvious it makes LE look alil inept.

1698 days ago


Hey What a goof, does it matter at all to you that the cops consider Jenkins the only suspect? Do you think they're complete idiots too?

1698 days ago


Kjetil, quoting info from your link: "The sources said the parolee, Michael Cardosi, volunteered to talk to investigators after Fiore was found dead, and Buena Park Police were unaware of his relationship with Fiore until Cardosi contacted them through his parole agent."

He was arrested on a parole violation which could be something totally minor, and until you have evidence otherwise you'd be wise to not draw too many elaborate conclusions. He was NOT arrested for his connection with Fiore, as whats-his-name implied. Notice that the info says Cardosi "volunteered" to talk to the cops about Fiore.

So I'll ask you what I asked whats-his-name..... what does Cardosi have to do with the suitcase? You know, the one that Jenkins walked out of the hotel with?

The cops think Jenkins is the ONLY suspect. Do you care what the cops think? Do you think you know more than they do?

1698 days ago


Nice post, Sia.

1698 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

CBS had this way earlier...Now for real news:

He had already been working on "The Two Mrs. Grenvilles," a fictionalized retelling of a sensational 1950s society murder, when his 22-year-old daughter was strangled by her former boyfriend, John Sweeney, shortly after she had completed her first movie, "Poltergeist."

Sweeney was convicted of voluntary manslaughter, not murder, and was freed after serving less than four years of a six-year sentence. The verdict was seen as a major victory for the defense, and Dunne bitterly told the judge in court, "you withheld important information from this jury about this man's history of violent behavior." He later told the Los Angeles Times the sentence was "a tap on the wrist."

1698 days ago

Diana Lara    

ew! She is ugly and her brother is so cute.

1698 days ago
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