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Ryan Jenkins' Half-Sister May Be Mystery Woman

8/26/2009 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Jenkins' Half-Sister Ryan Jenkins' half-sister may be the woman who dropped him off at the motel where he ultimately killed himself, this according to The Vancouver Sun.

The Sun reports a silver PT Cruiser with Alberta plates -- which matches the description of the car seen dropping Ryan off at the Thunderbird Motel -- was spotted at Alena Jenkins' condominium in Vancouver late Tuesday night.

Court records show that Ryan's father also owns a PT Cruiser, but it's unclear if the car at Alena's place is the same vehicle.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl. Norm Massie would not confirm Alena is the woman who helped Ryan check into the motel -- but did say they would need some proof that the mystery woman knew Ryan was a wanted man before they could press charges.

Jenkins -- who was wanted for the murder of his wife Jasmine Fiore -- was found hanged in his motel room three days after he checked in.


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Not my job to do TMZ's job. All you have to do is find out why Jasmine has/had so many aliases. Jasmine Brittney Amber Kinkade Fiore.

When you get married, you give up your rights to make out with other people. That's part of the vows. Just check how many ex-fiances, bfs she's had.

1883 days ago

Raven you have any links you would post,or is it just what you've heard?Not questioning you,just very interested in this case. It's got more to it than the best horror/mystery writer could think up, yet sadly so real. You're right,there's so much more to come.

5. they are still reporting on this story because the best is yet to come. Remember her ex-husband Michael who was in prison that got realeased just three days before her murder? I hear they were never actually divorced and they had a plan to hose someone out of money so when he came out of prison, they could be together again with $$$. I also hear that when the police raided the parolee's home Saturday morning, they found all sorts of love letters outlining their plot. there is sooo much more to this story. I want cell records, pings, laptop records, copies of the letters $@*$(*@*$

Posted at 5:22PM on Aug 26th 2009 by eee

1883 days ago


noose, I agree toodles Sia sounds like such a nice person not too many nice people in the world like that anymore wouldn't you agree?

She sounds like a doll! What a great person you Sia you can be a club president of peace and love.LOL

Filthy mouth wench what womb did you did you come out of?

1883 days ago


Sylvia, don't blame the victim. Fiore didn't deserve to be hurt, let alone murdered. All Jenkins had to do was walk away.

1883 days ago


Raven, eeee and the other conspiracy theorists are, at this time, greatly elaborating/twisting the few facts that have surfaced.

1883 days ago


"The parolee was arrested on a PAROLE VIOLATION at dawn Saturday morning, the sources said."

Do you know how easy it is to be arrested for a parole violation? It can be for the most minor thing, not being around when the parole officer pays a visit, not phoning in on time, staying out past a curfew, drinking a beer when alcohol is prohibited. When you are on parole, you are almost like an inmate except you aren't sitting in prison.

You armchair investigators crack me up.

1883 days ago


Toodles - get this straight. As many men as there are out there that are a mess, there are as many women. Does anyone 'deserve' to be murdered? Hmmmmm.....Charles Manson and Casey Anthony come to mind.

That said, Jasmine is on 'vacation' with Hasman IN MEXICO, at the same time her husband is filming IN MEXICO. Can you say "playing both ends against the middle?" She's not as innocent as you want to paint her. As a matter of fact, if she's the 'girl next door' you're living beside the Chicken Ranch.

Good luck in your rose coloured world.

1883 days ago


Is this the same Michael Cardosi? This is from 2006, the year that Cardosi was convicted:

A Carlsbad man who worked as a water polo coach at La Costa Canyon High School pleaded guilty Monday in San Diego Superior Court to felony drug charges.

Steven Pierce Moyer, 43, admitted transporting the psychedelic drug Ecstasy and possessing the drug for sale. Through a plea bargain, other charges, including possession of cocaine for sale, were dropped.


During a July court hearing, agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration testified that they first learned about Moyer's drug involvement during a wiretap investigation targeting another man, Michael Cardosi.

Cardosi is scheduled to be tried Oct. 27 on drug charges. He is being held in county jail in lieu of $500,000 bail.

According to the testimony, Moyer left a voice mail message for Cardosi in February placing an order for drugs. He indicated that he needed the drugs before a party he was hosting a few days later.

On Feb. 23, agents observed a brief meeting between the two men in agrocery store parking lot on Santa Fe Drive near Interstate 5 inEncinitas.

Moyer got into a white Mercedes – which the agents said belonged to Cardosi – and was dropped off in front of the store a few minutes later, according to the testimony."

1883 days ago

Kjetil-Vidar Haraldstad    

Toodles, it's clear that the police have not ruled out the existence of an accomplice that would have disposed of the body. While I can accept the fact that Jenkins is the murderer, I find it very hard to believe that he did the actual mutilating/teeth-pulling/disposing of the body. His own father said he would "faint at the sight of blood"....not that you can put much stock in that description, considering the source, it certainly makes sense considering he was a metrosexual, privileged, pretty boy. They don't do that type of dirty work.

1883 days ago

Kjetil-Vidar Haraldstad    

Yes, it is easy to haul someone in on a parole violation...which makes it much easier to detain someone who would otherwise only be a person of interest and not subject to arrest. That's a double-edged sword you're using as an argument there, oodles of Toodles.

1883 days ago


We might have evidence that Cardosi and Fiore had a relationship back as far as 2006. I can't see any reason for Cardosi to murder Fiore. I have no trouble thinking that Jenkins did it all, on his own. Hey, look at that George Sodini guy? A computer nerd, opening fire on a workout class full of women? I'm sure Sodini's family, friends, and neighbors thought him incapable of mass murder.

1883 days ago


I don't know what happened to my latest post ... I wrote that it looks like Cardosi and Fiore might have had a relationship as far back as 2006, before he went into prison. But what reason does anyone have to think that he murdered her? Let me tell you, as someone who has known an inmate, the guy was probably happy as hell to see Fiore after spending 2 or 3 years in prison. If he had any jealousy, it would have been expressed while he was in, not after he got out. Also, he was in on drug charges, I would say Jenkins, a guy who had prior history of violence toward Fiore, is the most likely murder suspect. It was Jenkins who was seen leaving the hotel room with the suitcase. It was Jenkins who committed suicide.

Oh geez, I've joined the armchair investigators club! Pass me a martini.....

1883 days ago


hmmmm...his half sister is much cuter than his 'wife' was

1883 days ago


lol,pls.don't.....Far from innocent,basically 2 people preying on each other,using each other,(& probably many others) or anyone else they could. 2 sharks who fed off each other & ended up starving to death.Kwim? Like both must've really been kinda heartless & very insecure. Sorry,but that's what this crime says to me.Even if he was manipulated, he killed her.
Both manipulators, but death? Nah,they didn't hafta & shoulda went like they did.Lotsa people attached to them that are gonna hurt for awhile.Some real life lessons here,especially for those who think it'll never happen to them.
Some damned fine arm-chair detectives here! LOL

21. Seriously peeps, I get the feeling Jasmine wasn't so INNOCENT in all of this. JMO of course; and I don't think she deserved what she got, but you know some girls just ask for trouble! With all the shady ex's and her own shady background, I'm starting to think Ryan was being manipulated and maybe he figured it out. Ryan's parents need to invest some serious cash in investigating this case ... for Ryan's sake if he was being shafted by this woman.

Posted at 5:44PM on Aug 26th 2009 by Pls don t make me feel sorry for Ryan!

1883 days ago
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