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Ryan Jenkins' Half-Sister May Be Mystery Woman

8/26/2009 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Jenkins' Half-Sister Ryan Jenkins' half-sister may be the woman who dropped him off at the motel where he ultimately killed himself, this according to The Vancouver Sun.

The Sun reports a silver PT Cruiser with Alberta plates -- which matches the description of the car seen dropping Ryan off at the Thunderbird Motel -- was spotted at Alena Jenkins' condominium in Vancouver late Tuesday night.

Court records show that Ryan's father also owns a PT Cruiser, but it's unclear if the car at Alena's place is the same vehicle.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl. Norm Massie would not confirm Alena is the woman who helped Ryan check into the motel -- but did say they would need some proof that the mystery woman knew Ryan was a wanted man before they could press charges.

Jenkins -- who was wanted for the murder of his wife Jasmine Fiore -- was found hanged in his motel room three days after he checked in.


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My Opinion    

Toodles you not all there..meaning in the head...rearested on a parole violation Saturday August 22, 2009 (Cardosi)..and toodles you must have done prison time also to know how easy you can get rearrested...Bimbo, toxic, drama queen, plastic full of debauchry filled Brittney Amber...Jasmine Fiore....Jasmine Kincaid....Jasmine Lepore (born name) Porn model, stripper, swimsuit model, waitress, drug dealer, excort...she played and played and played until it caught up to her (always playing and never satisfied) with her sick illegal life style except the modeling and waitressing...Jenkins was looking for love in all the wrong places..not much common sense to marry in two days..very vulnerable...also a sex addict...from one to another....(Jasmine was hit in the arm because she was caught making out at the cabana pool with another guy while Jenkins was taking a real estate deal) see Jenkins such an intelligent person with a good business head on his shoulders...probably made almost 1 mil just living in USA less than a year....but thru it all away....probably went to Vegas to invest in the bottomed out market with his money he made while there for a short time...Toodles you sound like you are the bottom feeder, blood sucker type that lives viariously through others...might have to look that one up in the dictionary....Jasmine didnot deserve one does no matter what you do....she was living a dangerous life for over ten years...she and her ex (Cardosi were plotting to take someone for money so that when he got out of prison they would have money)...I guess Jenkins was a legal living guy and made his money legally....but I guess if you poke a dog for so long they snap...she met the wrong sugar daddy loose cannon and used him and he snapped....

1829 days ago


If my brother called me for a lift, you can bet that I would be there to pick him up and so would you. I'm sure that she knew he was wanted, but will they be able to prove it. I don't think so. To me this case should be over. He is dead, nothing else can be done him. Close the files.

1829 days ago

Therese Rose    

I thought they had said at first that it was a Mercedes with a black least that's what I've read and seen for the last few days. Anyway, if it's her car it has lots of evidence. As for the silver sedan, that can be mistaken for a PT Cruiser. I say if his sister helped him in any way, she should 100% accountable for Jasmine's murder, an accomplice, etc. He obviously had help from someone. And what stranger would help this guy, most humans are apprehensive to help sometimes. This person was someone that knew him. Maybe his sis drove down while he waited, and they followed each other into Canada, where he dumped his vehicle beforehand and then went into hiding with his sister. Bring someone to justice in this murder. Model, stripper, call girl, Jasmine did not deserve to be murdered!!! And Ryan, didn't have the balls to face the music. What a waste of beauty.

1829 days ago


Alena, you did the right thing for Ryan. You have saved California taxpayers millions of dollars that can be better spent on feeding and sheltering needy people rather than glamorizing the porn starz lifestyle. Shame on you Lisa Lapore for raising a slut.

1829 days ago

the other woman    

Jasmine's Real picture!!!

google: "april vaughn nude"
click the second link

Note: *warning nude photos*

I can't believe Ryan fell in love with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1829 days ago


85. by BJean
If my brother called me for a lift, you can bet that I would be there to pick him up and so would you.


1829 days ago


1. She ugly
2. Vancouver police will charge her...and the dad

1829 days ago


Alberta law doesn't require a license plate on the front of a vehicle - only the back.

1829 days ago

Sad sad    

The Jenkin's are quit the bdsm type. Wonders about daddy. Dom or sub?

1829 days ago

Sad sad    

I say Daddy is a sub since his everyday life is probably to be in charge. Wonders if he has any pictures too.

1829 days ago


Bubbles~Put the wine glass down and try to think coherently ok? IF Alena picked up Ryan in Canada and drove him to Hope BC she is NOT going to be charged for murdering Jasmine or being an accomplice as you so ignorantly said. If she crossed over to US soil and picked him up then she would be liable for charges on aiding and abetting because US laws would apply..if she did not cross over to the US it is unlikely she will be charged with anything

1829 days ago

Sad sad    

joybanger: And I thought they were such a respectable family. lmao (actually, who's family really is. Some just hide it better)

1829 days ago



I have no doubt his sister is far better looking than you! Your ignorance is showing when you say charge her and the dad...for what idiot? They did nothing to be charged with anything..and you fools who are making cheap shots at his father about being bdsm or childish drivel like that really should find something better to do with your soggy brains..this case seems to have engulfed you..and speaks volumes to the fact that you have very little going on in your own lives so you rejoice in sensationalzing and making judgements and assumptions of complete strangers..sad sad indeed!

1829 days ago


I agree, it says alot about a person who will make derogatory, baseless comments about a man who is grieving the death of his son. His father did not do this crime yet he is maligned and demeaned by people who have an ugly soul. Its very pathetic to project your own hate onto others who do not deserve it and only cowards project that hate,,I guess its easier to be hateful and derogatory than look within themselves and examine why they have such bitter hate simmering within them that they unleash on complete strangers. Look within, Sad really need to.

1829 days ago


You're all going to jump down my throat for this, but:
If it were my sister (I don't have a brother) I'd have done the same thing. Sis' probably didn't know all that we do now. We vilify this man (because he committed a truly horrifying crime), but to these people he was brother and son - to those people he has humanity. If someone told me that my sister had done all that stuff, I'd have to know it FOR SURE before I'd refuse to help her out - and I'm sorry to admit, even if I did know for sure, I'd still help her out. This lady was someone he just met a few months ago. The family didn't know anything about her (they had never met her). I would never throw my sister under the bus for someone I've never met, knew nothing little to nothing about and for a situation so convoluted as this probably was at the time. We can't empathize with anyone more than the victim, Jasmine. But if you have a tight family, you're not going to accept a situation so absurd as this as the immediate truth and turn away from your people when they ask for your help. You wouldn't.

1829 days ago
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