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Anne Heche Rips into Her 'Lazy Ass' Ex

8/27/2009 2:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They're finally divorced, but that doesn't mean Anne Heche is done dragging her baby daddy through the mud -- and last night on Letterman, she let loose.

Anne Heche: Click to watch
Heche repeatedly slammed ex-hubby Coley Laffoon, calling him a "lazy ass" whose greatest achievement was getting a gig coaching soccer. Heche also told Dave -- and the rest of the country -- that Coley won't leave her alone.

Heche -- who accused Lafoon of chronic masturbation during their nasty custody battle -- now pays her ex $3,700 a month in child support.

The best part -- Heche busted out an impression of what she thinks Coley looks like when he gets the monthly check ... priceless.


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2 cents    

I thought she was pretty funny! Making fun of yourself and the crap in your life can be a good thing. The audience thought it was funny and got a good laugh out of it OR her - either way - its not a life altering problem.

1846 days ago

Linda Mott    

Anne, the trick is to get someone much richer than you and have him pay you alimony and child support (and give you a house or two) You have to speak to some of these other fortune hunters and they will give you advice.

1846 days ago


"whose greatest achievement was getting a gig coaching soccer" ohhh the irony of it all.. what was Anne's biggest accomplishment ?(other than making up her own alien language) ...

1846 days ago


"You see Atlas, your brothers name is different because I divorced his lazy ass father to hook up your daddy...and he divorced his wife so that we could be together and bring you in the world!.... so even though your name is Atlas Tupper, and your brothers name is Homer Lafoon..its going to be o.k. because we love you!..for now!"

1846 days ago


She is a stupid ass b!tch that had her sonn taken away because she is insane and a half ass mother. Go jump off a cliff loser b!tch.

1846 days ago

laura bell lou    

She makes me sick!! The only reason we know her name is because of Ellen who she used and lied to to become a star that she still isn't. She shouldn't be the mother to a dog!!! I do wish Michael Vicks dogs would become her pets and maybe they could get a fight going with her sorry a--!!! She is nasty and her show is a flop!!! I bet her new boyfriend hates her by now!!! What kind of a person would talk on live tv about the father of her child!! She is cheap and I stopped watching the show once she started running aroud with her costar!! I'm sure by now he can't get a job because of her!!

1846 days ago


crazy beyotch

1846 days ago

ho hater    

Hasn't she already proved to the world she was coocoo before she married this poor guy? He should consider himself lucky to be rid of her. I don't blame him for chronic masturbation....she's gross. I wonder if she's going back lesbian now? Freak.

1846 days ago


Just another crazy bitch who cant stand the fact the father is the better to raise the child then the wacked out lesbo lesbo mother. She reminds me of Katie Price or Joanna Whitt

1846 days ago


Who cares what this wack-job has to say. As a parent she should not be rippin' her childs father in public.

1846 days ago


What a k.unt. She should get vaginal cancer and die.

1846 days ago

Candie Cane    

She only said what most people want to say about an ex but reframe from. I thought she was funny. He probably does wait by the mailbox for her check. If I remember correctly he wanted to be a stay at home dad. He was a moocher!!!

1846 days ago


I never thought she was gay in the first place. Secondly, didn't she cheat on her ex with her new husband? She's not a very nice person. And yes I know that's an understatement.

1846 days ago

my my my    

She is looser..No wonder the hubby had to masterbate and watch porn. Says alot about that c----

1846 days ago


Agree totally with most posters....this woman should hang her head in shame, no matter what her ex has done, it can't compare to some of her antics! Nobody was paying any attention whatsoever until this; does she need attention? She used Ellen the same way, and now she's brought attention to herself and her family in such an underhanded way. Her poor kids. I have never watched her show and definitely will never look at it now.

1846 days ago
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