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Anne Heche Rips into Her 'Lazy Ass' Ex

8/27/2009 2:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They're finally divorced, but that doesn't mean Anne Heche is done dragging her baby daddy through the mud -- and last night on Letterman, she let loose.

Anne Heche: Click to watch
Heche repeatedly slammed ex-hubby Coley Laffoon, calling him a "lazy ass" whose greatest achievement was getting a gig coaching soccer. Heche also told Dave -- and the rest of the country -- that Coley won't leave her alone.

Heche -- who accused Lafoon of chronic masturbation during their nasty custody battle -- now pays her ex $3,700 a month in child support.

The best part -- Heche busted out an impression of what she thinks Coley looks like when he gets the monthly check ... priceless.


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I also hate it when my ingrish is no goods.

1829 days ago

Midlife Bachelor    

Her ex-husband is a hero and role model! His occupation is opening checks from Anne - that is fantastic! The rest of us are in the exact opposite situation - and so on behalf of all midlife bachelors, I applaud Anne's ex!

You know - this is the very first time I've ever seen an interview of Anne Heche, and she really did not come across very well. So I'd say she is getting what she deserved with respect to her ex-husband. Karma karma karma - her's is bad.

Did Anne go back to being a lesbian? How come David Letterman did not ask her about her ex-lover, Ellen, marrying Portia???

1829 days ago


Gee, didn't see get benefits from Ellen?

1829 days ago

Lippy Loo are the one that showed up on someone's doorstep not knowing who or where you were. You are a freak! She dated Steve Martin, and then went to Ellen Degenerate, and then a dude. Excuse me.... but you sound all f'd up.

1829 days ago


This is coming from a woman thought pretending to be gay would be a good career move. She gives space cadets a bad name.

Funny how some women believe child support is a God given right... as long as it's they who collect but when a man collects he's a bum.

Double standards are fun!

1829 days ago


I thought she was funny. Why doesn't the ex, Lafoon, get a fricking job? Why should he, when he has a bonafide gravy train for the next how ever many years until the child turns 18? How many of you would like to have to pay $14,978.00 per MONTH child support to someone that did NOTHING except cash the checks while the nanny sat with the kid? I wonder if he is as big as Kevin Fatterline is by now? David Letterman ASKED about the lazy ex-husband - she did not bring him up on her own!

1829 days ago


The child support was only recently reduced from $14,978.00 per MONTH when the sitcom "Men in Trees" was cancelled. She has been paying this man a LOT of money for a good while now. Letterman asked her about her ex and pressed her for exactly WHAT does the ex do for work. I thought her answer, considering he does NOT work and the obscene amount of child support she has already paid him, FUNNY. Lafoon (what an unfortunate name) could never possibly represent the MAN in the expression "man up," as he is happy to do no work or anything with his life other than cash a monthly check.

1829 days ago


she is such a dumb bitch. Why shouldn't she pay him alimony? What? Questionable vagina's can't send checks?

1828 days ago


Get over yourself you pseudo lesbo!

1826 days ago

A Mom    

She should be lambasting her own rash judgement rather than her ex-husband's. She married him. Hold a mirror up to your face, and then judge away. Fighting over kids is a form of continued control on the part of one parent or the other. They have to learn to work together, and for 18+ years, so she may as well get started. This kind of thing doesn't help her situation. It exacerbates things.

1810 days ago
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