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Cops: Jasmine's Mercedes Had Blood Splatters

8/27/2009 10:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jasmine FioreBuena Park police are holding a press conference right now about Jasmine Fiore's murder and said there were blood splatters inside her Mercedes -- the car they found yesterday abandoned in a parking lot in West Hollywood.

Cops say there was definitely a "struggle between two people in the car." Cops say there was more significant blood loss in the back seat of the car. The inside of the car had been wiped down and the outside was recently washed.

It appears a lot of hair pulling occurred. There was blood splatter on the back windshield. Cops say the only trauma on Jasmine was to her face and she had a broken nose.

Cops say the car had definitely gone off-road at some point -- there were mud stains on the tires and there were twigs caught in the undercarriage.

There's no reason to believe her teeth were removed while she was inside the vehicle -- but there were fragments of her teeth in the suitcase she was found inside, so they can assume her teeth were removed with her in or around the suitcase.

Cops say she could have "easily fit in the suitcase."

Cops say her fingers were cut off at the tips postmortem. A few pieces of her bloody clothing were found in the trunk. Cops say they are still looking for certain articles of her clothing.


Both suspect and victim were seen entering her Mercedes at the San Diego Hilton at 2:30 AM on the morning of August 14 -- it's believed they were at a poker party at the Hilton. Jasmine was never seen again. Later that morning, Jenkins was seen leaving the L'Auberge Del Mar -- the hotel where they were staying at in San Diego -- at 9:20 AM. The next time he was seen on video was at 5 PM at his residence in Los Angeles.

This is the big mystery ... where was Jasmine when Ryan was seen checking out of the L'Auberge?

Cops say Ryan possibly assaulted her in the vehicle near Corona -- 96 miles north of San Diego -- between the hours of 11 AM and 2 PM. The car possibly went off road during the assault. The area where the car went off road may be where he assaulted her further. The next day she was found in the trash. A witness saw Ryan in Buena Park near the area where her body was dumped.

They say the Corona area is of interest because her suitcase and other remains may be in that area.

Another question: Could she have been killed before Ryan was seen leaving the L'Auberge? Ryan could have used the "off-road" area near Corona to remove her teeth and fingertips, etc.

A preliminary report by the coroner says she was killed by strangulation. Some sort of violent act occurred in her Mercedes. Cops say she was either killed in the car or at the hotel.

A bladed sharp instrument was used to cut her fingertips off, they don't know exactly what.

The severing of her fingers was definitely done postmortem. Her nose was broken and she sustained head injuries. Pliers could have been used to pull her teeth out. There were fragments of her teeth in the suitcase.

Cops say it was a domestic violence case gone bad ... and it was all over "jealousy." They would not specify further.

Jasmine's Mercedes was abandoned 1.3 miles from Ryan and Jasmine's residence in Los Angeles.

Cops say there's evidence there was flailing of arms consistent with a struggle inside the Mercedes. Cops say the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have not been very forthcoming with evidence found at the motel where Jenkins killed himself ... including whether or not there was a suicide note.

Jenkins suitcase -- the one he left the L'Auberge with -- was found in a storage facility in Washington state. Cops say one of the suitcases he left the hotel with is similar in size and color to the one Jasmine was found inside.

Cops say Ryan had no help from anyone in California. They say Ryan drove to Nevada then up to Washington.

Cops also say there was no evidence of sexual assault on Jasmine.

Story developing...


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In light of the recent things that have been found out about regarding their relationship, let's re-visit Ryan's email to Jasmine. TMZ doesn't state the date of the email, but it was obviously an attempt to make amends after Jasmine had found him with another woman @ their house, AND doesn't fly in the face of the 'he wanted an open-relationship' theory out there.

Ryan's Email to Jasmine
Posted Aug 20th 2009 8:00AM by TMZ Staff
Jasmine My Love ,

I want you to know how much I love you, I want the world to know too and in a few months they will. I don't have any interest in any women Jasmine, your the only one I want. If you can come back to me and stop all the craziness we can have a wonderful life. Respect our love and it will grow. Trust me and I'll be strong for both of us. Honor me and receive what you need from me. These things you want are all attainable with me but you have to want it too. I can't want it for you. Let what lonely part of your heart thats still pure recieve what I have to give you. Let me into your inner circle again. Let me truely love you and don't fear the worst of even think on it because you've manifested so much negativity in us. I've grown, I've forgiven I've risen above all of our problems and I want you to do the same so I can help you. Helping you brings me happiness because when your happy you give me all I ever wanted.

I promise I will always have your back from here on out. I will always be honest with you and I will honor you and our love. Your forgiveness, trust and loyalty is all I need right now and when your love for me grows and our lives are heading in the right direction I'll truely feel complete.

It was really great to talk last night with you. I miss you so much. I can't wait to see you again. I know you have a hard time trusting people. I know we can be happy if you can just get back to where you were, we need to respect each other and we need to rebuild the trust. I think w really need to talk to someone because as much as I know about behavioral science, I can only help so much.

I know you have a huge problem letting go of things. I wish you could understand what you mean to me and treat me like I deserve. Just a little time together is all we need and I know you and I could fall back in love.

I came into all this assuming you'd just treat me the way I wanted without ever having to explain what I needed. This time, I won't be so vague.

Your my angel, despite what we've done to each other, I know we're perfect for each other. It just takes two of us trying at the same time instead of one at a time.

I will take care of you the rest of your life , With all honesty . I will never leave you . I only want you .

I'll see you later today baby,

Love always,


1889 days ago


Does anyone else think its weird that police found "dozens and dozens of unopened letters from Ryan to Jasmine" ??? Truthfully I thought it was weird that there was even 1 letter from Ryan to Jasmine. I mean, its 2009, whens the last time you received a hand written letter from someone in the mail? With the technical world we live in, we can communicate with people so much easier and quicker (cell phone, texts, email). I understand why there would be letters from Jasmine to Cardosi and vice versa (obviously Cardosi didnt have the luxuries of cell or computer)...but why did Jasmine have so many letters from Ryan? Doesn't that seem weird? Just something I found interesting.

1889 days ago


I phoned the hotel L'Auberge del Mar, San Diego, on Camino looking for a room, close to parking, for my imaginary disabled Mom...

The employee said the parking lot is NOT accessible from the patios, one MUST walk through the Hotel he said...that parking is 100% self serve...and, ask...

someone needs to check this out...the police are saying he took her and that suitcase he was never seen with, out the patio to parking...employee said, HAVE to walk through an interior hall...there are "BARRIERS" he is a maze there, check the website...maybe police didn't know about the "barriers"?

1888 days ago


Well you are correct Paladine! No self-service for parking at the L'Auberge del Mar, San Diego. It's mandatory to use the valet service. Hmmmmm .... so why didn't the valet notice all the "blood smears/spatter"?

1888 days ago


Pardon my stupidity, but how does this fit into the time lime? Can someone 'splain?

Jasmine Foire was found Saturday August 15th at 7 am
OCSD says the body had been dead for a couple hours

1888 days ago


I'm very confused. Some people last saw Jasmine Friday night in Hollywood, and some saw them together in San Diego???

1888 days ago


Yes yes yes ... the big issue for me is why the coroner stated that she had been dead for a few hours only when she was found on Saturday morning. The coroner is not expected to be an inexperienced moron. They see dead bodies all the time.
Meanwhile, the police timelines suggest that she was killed Friday (2:30-4:30 a.m. or 11 a.m.-2 p.m.) and dumped on the way back to L.A. It's too inconsistent to me!
It stinks to me ... just doesn't add up.
There are some very good armchair detectives on this site, and TMZ or especially Dan Jenkins needs to investigate further!

1888 days ago

auto-erotic asphyxia    

Half the stuff you read in the paper or online is wrong, so why is everyone thinking this "seen Friday night or Saturday" right? Sheesh! You think just because you are reading it, it is fact? Also, you can find self parking at the L'Auberge. I have stayed there. There are condos you right north of it that has parking. My sister was staying in a condo and we rented a room at the L'Auberge. Parking valet wasn't necessary.

1888 days ago

auto-erotic asphyxia    

So, is anyone buying the dad's story that was posted in the Calgary Herald?

Statement given to the Herald by Dan Jenkins

Calgary Herald August 29, 2009

Editor's Note: Following is an unedited statement provided to the calgary herald by dan jenkins, the father of calgarian ryan jenkins, who was the subject of a week-long international manhunt after he was charged with the murder of his ex-wife, jasmine fiore.

Statement of Dan Jenkins Aug. 28, 2009

In the spring of this year, ryan travelled to L. A. and spent five weeks filming a reality tv show entitled "megan wants a millionaire." after the show was finished filming, he went with a friend to las vegas. while there he met jasmine and three days later married her in a las vegas wedding. our family was shocked, but it was done. i never got a chance to meet jasmine. they flew to calgary while i was away on a business trip. Before i got back they had left to go to jasmine's grandmother's funeral that had died unexpectedly.

It was a passionate and tumultuous relationship. shortly after they were married, they were attending a pool party at a vegas hotel when ryan turned around and saw jasmine kissing a stranger. he grabbed her hand and tried to leave. they argued, he pushed her away and she fell in the pool. he spent two horrific days in jail --for pushing someone in a swimming pool!! sometime later he would say to me "dad--i cannot spend another day in jail for questioning-- not one more day--i would rather die" --a foretelling of the tragic events to unfold months later.

ryan came to calgary to wrap up some business affairs in june and confided in me that his life was not the storybook fairytale that everyone believed. jasmine would disappear for days on end, which hurt him deeply. i recall a discussion about one of these--a three day trip to cabo san lucas on a private jet while ryan was at home.

i pleaded with ryan to get out of this dysfunctional relationship but he said he couldn't--that he was in love and she was his wife and that he was trying to make it work.

the production company wanted ryan to appear on another show that was to film in mexico. he left for about six weeks and finally got back around the end of july or early august. in an email to his sister he told her how in love with jasmine he was and that they were very happy.

monday, august 17th, i was on a holiday when ryan called to tell me he was driving home to canada. he sadly recounted that jasmine had left him again. he said they had returned from san diego early friday evening, she had gone out saying she needed to run an errand and had not come back. By late saturday afternoon he went to the laPd and reported her missing.

sunday his mom called. ryan told her that jasmine had disappeared again and he was feeling miserable. his mom suggested to him, as any mother would, to pack up and come home to canada. ryan finally said oK, packed his things in l. a., drove to their las vegas apartment, picked up his belongings and his boat and drove northward to canada. he said he had reported jasmine missing since she would usually call her mom or girlfriends when she disappeared and this time no one had heard from her--he was genuinely concerned and worried about her.

i was concerned and asked what the police department thought about him travelling north. he said that he had been in contact with them and given them his phone number and his licence plate and location. i told him to make sure that he stayed in contact with them and we both hoped she would show up in the next few days.

on wednesday morning, i heard the awful news that jasmine had been found murdered. i started trying to reach ryan. i got a call from ryan that afternoon from Birch Bay. i told him that i had heard that jasmine had been found murdered. he was in shock and broke down crying. i assume he panicked and thinking he might be a suspect, he jumped in his boat and drove to Point roberts so he could reach vancouver where much of his family lived. i caught a plane to vancouver the next morning and was detained at the airport -- the authorities said they wanted to find ryan for illegal entry into canada. while i was in line at customs he called me but i was told to hang up the phone--cell phones were not allowed. tragically, that was the last time i heard my son's voice.

it is my recollection that ryan talked briefly with his vancouver lawyer on thursday morning and agreed to call him later on thursday and that he would surrender to the police. with all the media attention, he was probably afraid and never did return his call.

if ryan had done such a thing, would he have filed a missing person's report?

would he have listened to his mom and driven home to canada?

if he was guilty of this crime, would he have casually driven to las vegas to collect his things, pull his boat out of the water and driven slowl

1888 days ago


Dan Jenkins is clearly in denial. I understand why he would be....I'll give him that. But its pretty sad that he thinks he is smarter than the authorities and is not willing to accept that this could have all legitimately happened at the hands of his son. Remember in high school when parents would never believe that their kid got drunk all on their own?? It was always their "bad influence friend" that made them do it. There was no way that lil Jonny chose to get wasted all on his own. Well, his letter totally reminds me of that! I always HATED parents like that who can't believe that their kid is a human being who makes mistakes. Unfortunately Ryan Jenkins did make a mistake....a huge, sick, twisted mistake. Everything about this story points back to his "boy"...and the fact that his "boy" chose to take his own life rather than defend himself and prove his co-called innocence just proves that he was a murderous bastard.

1888 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

340. Half the stuff you read in the paper or online is wrong, so why is everyone thinking this "seen Friday night or Saturday" right? Sheesh! You think just because you are reading it, it is fact? Also, you can find self parking at the L'Auberge. I have stayed there. There are condos you right north of it that has parking. My sister was staying in a condo and we rented a room at the L'Auberge. Parking valet wasn't necessary.

Posted at 1:47PM on Aug 30th 2009 by Wrong Information

Thank you "Wrong Information" for being a voice of reason in this "serious discussion." LMAO.

Oh and to dear Sylvia, who has the comeback attitude of a completely rude knwo-it0al-but-knows-nothing bitch, well here's my "aha" moment you are just a another armchair detective that needs to join the force! On second thought...

1888 days ago

auto-erotic asphyxia    

Someone posted this comment over on the Time of the Internet about the dad's statement. Cleverly written...

Amber in B'More: Who is the Killer, then? Is he hiding out with the *real* killer of Nicole Brown Simpson? Maybe they're hiding where all these *real* killers hide. In holes, on the golf course...Let's ask O.J. Simpson...let's see if he's got any insight about the *real* killer of Jasmine Fiore. Because, you know, they had a "Mountain of Evidence" against O.J. Simpson, too...and well...we all know he was so dedicated to finding the "real" killer of his wife.
So, if Ryan Jenkins was innocent, why did he kill himself before he had a chance to clear his name? Wouldn't one, as a husband, be so angry at the murder of his wife, that he would want to stay in the general area of where she was he, himself, to search out the *real* killer?
Why wouldn't he turn himself in, and take lie detector tests, and declare his innocence?
Why run to Canada? Why hide-out in some nasty, secluded, hooker Motel, and hang himself? Why?

1888 days ago


I'm having trouble understanding why the Coroner's time of death is different than the police time line.

1888 days ago


Jasmine was seen texting and talking on her cell constantly on the 13th and early hours of the 14th?

Where are HER cell records? What was the last call she made? Where was she when she made that call?

1888 days ago
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