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Dr. Rey Explains Fiore's Breast Implant ID

8/27/2009 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Rey -- who always has spare silicone lying around when you need it -- helped explain exactly how slain model Jasmine Fiore was identified by using only her breast implants.

Dr. Rey: Click to watch
When police discovered Fiore's body, her teeth and fingers had been removed -- and authorities used her breast implants to ID the body.


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42. Fake tits = ho

Posted at 1:06PM on Aug 27th 2009 by Della

This doesn't sound like the same Della I 'know' on here, because she isn't cold and uncaring. You may just coincidentally have the same name, but just wanting to clarify that the 'nighttime' Della that is on wouldn't say such a thing. (And I doubt she'd be on this particular thread) And no...'fake tits do NOT = ho'. My sister, who is only 17 had to have implants due to breast cancer in both, so if you were to come here and call her a 'ho', you'd get a beatdown like you never had before....just so you know.

1791 days ago


hey thanks Dr. Rey but we've seen CSI

1791 days ago


Nice scrubs Dr. Rey. Do they come in mens?

1791 days ago


LOL! some of the comments on here are top notch.

1791 days ago


Hey Keepin IT REAL-
I can imagine your brain is no bigger then the size of a pea, but anyway...your comments are pathetic. Shut up already!

1791 days ago


To each their own........who are any of you to judge someone for wanting to improve themselves one way or another? I suggest attitude adjustments and anger management for quite a few of you.

1791 days ago

dr fred    

really, WE got it , the implants have a "number" ..

we got it a box ,inside a box ,inside a box.. & a number ingrained on the implant..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

1791 days ago


61. Donna your sister is a ho cos I saw her out turning tricks for johns that like those fake boobies. Sorry to break the news to you.

Posted at 4:01PM on Aug 27th 2009 by Della

What's wrong, you sociopath? Daddy touching you too much today and you're taking it out on innocent people behind a keyboard? When you or someone you care about...(NObody) gets diagnosed with cancer and you rot away before their eyes...or they do...shoot me an email so I can lmao about it, you sick worthless c***! Better yet, watch your back...I'm sure you have plenty of people who loathe you, so your time's coming.

1791 days ago


he is so bizarre.... I would never let him operate on me

1791 days ago


When you or someone you care about...(NObody)

Okay, Della, calm down and try to form a sentence...READ slowwwwlllyyy....need some more help with that, you friggin' moron? Oh, and C***..that's a 'nicer' way of calling you what you are...think about that one for awhile, but I'm sure your 12-year old mentality will explode your brain, which will be quite the welcome on this board.

Everyone loves you? LMAOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, yeah...keep telling yourself that....

1791 days ago


Hey Della! Do us all a favor and take your webtv back to Wal-Mart and get the he// off this board! Geez, you are a bitter, miserable and pretty useless piece of work, aren't you? I find no humor in cancer, OR in someone being murdered, but you're a really twisted waste of space.

Donna, sorry about your sister and I hope she's doing okay now. Don't worry about that low-life, 'Della'. I'm sure it's some GUY who has one best friend. (rosey palm)

1791 days ago


Aw, Donna don't get so butt-hurt about everything. You're going to cause my mentality to explode my brain, whatever that means. Keep banging away at that keyboard, eventually something will make sense. Just like that bald overweight married dude is banging away at your sister for $10.

1791 days ago


LOL!!! Truth hurts, huh?

1791 days ago


Hey! Now this Dr. Rey wants in on the publicity. Even a 7 year old could figure this out!! TMZ don't give them the face or air time. The only update we need now is where did the deed happen, that white Mercedes? It will come out soon and Ryan Jenkins parents will have to face the truth.

1791 days ago


70. 68. LOL!!! Truth hurts, huh?

Posted at 4:46PM on Aug 27th 2009 by Della s too touched by Daddy

You shut up, he wasn't even my real dad!

Posted at 5:08PM on Aug 27th 2009 by Della

Ok, as much of an azz as you are, that was pretty good. Kinda stopped me and I was at a loss for a reply; but only for a second. Seriously, why so damned bitter? You're obviously funny, so why be so mean?

1791 days ago
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