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Megan Wants a Millionaire Star -- Remember Me?

8/27/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The chick who was "supposed" to be the star of "Megan Wants a Millionaire" is finally crawling out of the "one of the contestants from my show may have murdered someone" shadow ...


Sporting a tiny blue bikini, Megan Hauserman strutted around an L.A. hotel yesterday with a mystery man -- who wasn't one of the men vying for her affection on the reality show that featured suspected wife-killer Ryan Jenkins.

VH1 made the decision to pull Megan's show once Jenkins -- who was one of the contestants -- became a suspect in the murder of model Jasmine Fiore.


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Pretty girl, great figure. I thought she was on Rock of Love, too?
Don't JUDGE her for her reaction to this tragic event - YOU have no idea how YOU would handle the situation so lay off....

1846 days ago


I really do feel sorry for this girl because she is living in so much denial. She is completely oblivious. Hollywood surely attracts the narcissist! Since television and movies have become so promiscuous, so has it's entertainers. Where are the parents of these guys and girls and why did they not instill good character triats when raising them?

1846 days ago

Lori in Chicago    

I accidently watched Megan Wants a Millionaire once. I had the day off of work and it came on and I changed the channel because I found her so annoying... Stupidest show ever made.... I wish Ryan would have killed Megan too!

1846 days ago


Jenkins definitely had a type. What does it say about a man when he prefers artificial, disease-ridden, money-grubbing skanks? Too bad Jenkins didn't do the same to Megan (she gives us all a bad name), the world would be better off without this trio of losers. If Megan were a smarter girl, she'd cull from this that being such a whore could end badly- and for her I hope it does. Hell, if she were smart, she'd have never been cast in a VH1 program in the first place.

1846 days ago



this girl isn't fat.. chunky.. or wide hipped. i donno if shes an idiot or not but come on... fake or not (lets be honest its probably all fake) her body is perfectly fine.... I can't believe that anyone would find anyone like this girl fat.. or further more would find someone skinnier than her attractive .. whats wrong with you people... I'm not down with people being over weight either but too skinny is just as gross.. what kinda man wants to have sex with a twig? so gross.

1846 days ago

Black Power    

This is what network tv craves.
1) White.
2) Blonde. Real or bleached.
3) Big breasts. Real or implanted.
4) Bikini. A must.
5) No talent. Except for being able to suck a golfball through a hose.
6) No brains. Or just enough to speak in single word sentences.

That's it folks. If you have these qualifications, you too can become famous for doing nothing.

1846 days ago


She is nothing but a tramp. If you look at her closely, you can see that all her boozing has taken it's toll on her face.

Glad the show was cancelled.

1846 days ago


I really dont think she has had plastic surgery on her stomach. She has a long torso, thats all. Its common for people that are tall. I myself am shaped fairly similair. I think she may have implants but its proportional to her body & she looks awesome! She should smile more, she tends to make a face like she's smelling something that stinks.

It also may be in her best interest at the moment to not make a statement regarding the murder & Ryan especially if she is intending to sue 51 Minds.

1846 days ago

nadine thomas    

I thought the killer was the perfect one for the skank,oops!!!!and besides i thought the dog was smarter.

1846 days ago


She's super hot......yum yum

1846 days ago


Calm down you haters.Put together or not, this girl is tall, blonde and built! She is a babe where her bod looks like it would be a wonderland for any man to explore.

1846 days ago


Drinking seems to be a common thread among these individuals. Maybe, sobering up would be a wise first step into an honest world and lifestyle!

1846 days ago


1) She has a REALLLLY long torso.
2) In regards to Ryan Jenkins, I bet she's like, phew, glad I didn't pick that guy! I have an inside friend at Vh1 and apparently Ryan made it to the final 4, but he did not win.

1846 days ago


It's not her fault this happened. I feel sorry for her. Ryan Jenkins stole her show. And she may feel really bad about Jasmine (come on, who wouldn't?) but they can edit her responses to questions to make it seem it was the only thing she talked about (losing the show). That said, I'm bored of all these copy cat VH-1 shows. Seen one, seen em all.

1846 days ago



1846 days ago
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