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Michael Jackson Burial Triples in Price

8/27/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThe Jackson family's decision to move Michael's burial from a Saturday to a Thursday is gonna cost some serious dough -- at least three times the original price!

According to the Glendale police, the cost for the weekend service would have ran about $50,000 -- 90% of which goes to police handling street closures, security and perimeter control.

But officials say the Jackson family will now have to fork over "at least triple the price" to contract the cops for a weekday burial.

As for the cemetery, we're told it will be on total lockdown -- with security patrolling from the ground and from the air. At least one police chopper will be keeping an eye from the sky.

And just to prove the cops mean business, Sergeant Tom Lorenz is warning uninvited fans, "Don't even try and come, because you won't even be able to see the green of the Forest Lawn."


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DELLA,left the message below back at the Alleged...topic board...and figured it would get lost in the jungle so brought it abit up front. Also left a message meant for both you and Chico, but I think I addrd it to chico only, hope it'll help clear the vista for ya'll, if not let me know.

I won't be here much the next 2 days, need to do catch up on correspondence,etc. to lit agent in NY. Yeah, who me with my rotten grammar and lousy sp.? LOL,,,that's what great lit editors get paid big $$ for.

I've let this MJ saga/mystery throw me way behind. But I want everything to turn out right, to do Justice to his legacy. No less just isn't right. Maybe the little that we do can help accomplish that.

You guys hold down the fort/castle, and keep digging for the truth. Ya'll are the very best. You/chico/T/TEAM/yelena/dixie/Human....geez,just too many to list by now.

If I can't restrain myself and show up, do me a favor and tell me to "git".

Love you guys.

325. Goodnite Lucy,

you and i are no longer on the same REM pattern anymore. I miss the chatter with you. you are here when the moon is high in the sky.
I'm in dreamland at the bewitching hour.

Hope to see you soon.
Miss you bunches... : (

Posted at 10:24PM on Aug 26th 2009 by Della


Goodnite Sweet Della, miss you also, but get to see some of your chatter/posting.

Too much to do around the homefront and elsewhere in the daylight hours to hang out here too much during the daylight hours.

Not much usable news anyhow. Recycled garbage or onesided opinions.

Bet you've been giving that little darlin bunches of kisses by now.

Nothing like grandchildren, have 2 myself. Not babies anymore though. 16 and 17. Sure miss those baby years.

Later, posting hottie! :)

1881 days ago


659. I remember all of that. And at that point, (the fiasco point)
you and I were in complete u remember that? Say it

I went back and recovered as much of that as I could, but most of it
was deleted. And don't you find that the strangest thing of all? That
THOSE particular posts were the ones deleted? He was scared off and
now posts here and there to not cause a lot of attention.

So, I agree with you Della. We have to go back in order to figure out
what is happening now.

Posted at 8:28PM on Aug 26th 2009 by Chico

Chico, Chiclet....Updated...DELLA, &all..... :)

Your answer is above, in your 2nd paragraph, have been trying to
relate to you and Della for a good while now in different ways and
have evidently failed.

Now. Reread your pp 2 above. NOW, remember WAY back. PM said to you
when you had mentioned a particular scenario of where PM might be
lurking, PM responded to you, "don't b___ m_ c____!"

You where right on target with 1 of your guesses.

A bit (a week?) later hints began to disappear. Believe me nothing
strange about it, but we thought so at the time. Just logical when
you realize the key to PM.
PM hints stopped.
He no longer posted on TMZ from that time up to and including today.
But PM was not scared off.
He is still where he was from the beginning.

Post me if you've figured it out.
Be as discrete as possible.

I will not go into crytic sites.
Or reveal my email in code.


1881 days ago

Think About It... You Be the Judge    

The reason they had to reschule the Michael's burial!!!!!

The Jackson's are all out of town. The brothers are doing their own shows this week-end.
Nothing but Selfishness and Greed coming out of this family.
My Opinion Only...

1881 days ago

Think About It... You Be the Judge    

By the way, someone was talking about the cost of the police.
The Jackson's didn't have to pay for all police and the cars they drove for the Staple Center.
Didn't have to pay for the escort to the Beverly Hill Hotel to meet with 800 guests. Didn't have to close down the freeway to get these people to a private celerbration for Michael, while his casket goes back to Forest Lawn.
Who paid for the all the expense at the hotel????

1881 days ago


I don't feel this is very appropriate. With Diana, Elvis, the Kennedys, the streets were lined with people who came to pay their respects.....they were all fitting farewells. Not this crap that's going on here. A few thousand for the memorial service and nothing else. Not good enough. Michael was a showman and he loved his fans. He wouldn't have wanted it like this, I'm sure.

1881 days ago

danger baby    

The man with the voice of an angel stopped breathing under the care of a doctor who pronounces "truth" as "troot". Yes, I just listened to Murray's video (again). His poly-pharmacy approach to treating insomnia really really sucked.

Those calls he made from 11:18 to 12:05 on the fateful day? One news outlet reports this: One call to his Las Vegas office, one call to his Houston office, and one call to Michael Amir, MJ's personal assistant (the 'come quick" call at, presumably, 12:05).


1881 days ago

Think About It... You Be the Judge    

I hope they aren't all leaving town at the same time. I'm sure LAPD
will being having questions that need to be answered.
What all did the 8 movers and 2 moving vans remove from his home?
Why did they all go through his house the day of his death?
Why did Katherine call the nanny and ask about the bank accounts the day of his death?
Why weren't the children's items not removed?
Why did Katherine Jackson have to go to Target that night to buy
sleeping bags and toys for the children?
Why was Joe Jackson and Michael's Brothers so upset with Michael
because of the May 18th meeting at the hotel?
Why was the old manager upset with Michael about not doing the
Jackson 5 Tour of 2010?
This manager nolonger worked for Michael, so why is he still acting
as if he had his business interest at heart.
Michael fired him at the end of May.. Why?
Michael didn't want any part of the pay for view of any of his
They sued Michael in the early part of June 11th for not doing the
concerts with the Jackson 5... By his family?

The burial of Michael had to be put on hold because the Jackson's are out of town doing their own shows while their Brother lays in wait at
Forest Lawn..
Sad... What next...
I'll be boycotting anything of Michael Jackson from now on... The
only people that are making money is the Jackson Compound. I refuse to support grown children that have only live off Michael all these years...

My Opinion Only...

1881 days ago

danger baby    

bunnyc -- i completely agree. this 'ultra-private' ceremony and choice of burial site diminishes michael's legacy and shortchanges his fans. i can understand (though do not like) choosing a burial site that is inaccessible to all. the family reportedly had received numerous threats from those who planned to steal his grave, etc. but why prevent fans from saying goodbye? it's not how micheal would have wanted it. too bad he didn't stipulate his burial wishes in his will.

1881 days ago


Della, Lucy - why the private conversations here? Can't you e-mail each other?

1881 days ago


The Jackson family should have already buried Michael in a private ceremony, told us afterwards an released some pictures. We had the memorial, that was enough. This way it would have been more dignified, not cost people trouble, not cost money, and fans would have the pictures.

The strong feeling that MJ's death was totally unnecessary remains. People with far worse addictions than his - plus a very unhealthy lifestyle otherwise - have lived far longer.

1881 days ago


I agree. The burial should be an entirely private family occasion so I hope the press keep well away. NOW...PLEASE... let the man rest in peace. RIP Michael. Greatly misunderstood, greatly misjudged, greatly loved and greatly missed. Always.

1881 days ago


and all this for an imposter - meaning the guy that died instead of Michael...

1881 days ago


Okay...I think we have all been Michael-ized a little too much.
Bury him, and lets go on to something different!

1881 days ago


20. I am Whacko Jacko's turkey baster. Turkeys love me.

For a modest charge, I'll give any fan a squirt of the best Jesus
juice you ever had.

Posted at 3:19AM on Aug 27th 2009 by WJ s Turkey Baster
You can't, you are impotent

1881 days ago

tania from Germany    

# 42 Kathleen:
I totally agree with you! IMO it`s all about money! They wanna get hand on his estate, his music rights, doing one tribute song after another. But they aren`t able to bury him since more than two month?

Greedy family!

1881 days ago
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