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Michael Jackson Burial Triples in Price

8/27/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThe Jackson family's decision to move Michael's burial from a Saturday to a Thursday is gonna cost some serious dough -- at least three times the original price!

According to the Glendale police, the cost for the weekend service would have ran about $50,000 -- 90% of which goes to police handling street closures, security and perimeter control.

But officials say the Jackson family will now have to fork over "at least triple the price" to contract the cops for a weekday burial.

As for the cemetery, we're told it will be on total lockdown -- with security patrolling from the ground and from the air. At least one police chopper will be keeping an eye from the sky.

And just to prove the cops mean business, Sergeant Tom Lorenz is warning uninvited fans, "Don't even try and come, because you won't even be able to see the green of the Forest Lawn."


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forest lawn is not the place for michael to be...its all about what the family wants...its not about what michael wanted...if he could decide...they talk about a expensiv funeral...what is expensiv for the jackson-clan??? burry him on forest lawn is the cheapest way for the jackson to lay his body to rebuild neverland...would take money away from what they thinks..belong to them...this is all about money...michael wanted to open up neverland for the fans...he made that clear in a why not rebuild neverland to keep his legacy alive..??make it possible for the fans to show him respect and love..i dont think he wanted to be burried somewere were none of the real supporters (his fans) are be able to "visit" him...the fans were the only ones really loving him and a handful of other people..but they couldnt get close enough to him to safe his life..MJ´s mother said.."he never wanna to get back to neverland ever"..NO..the jacksons are money hungry..and forest lawn is the cheapest why to "put him in the ground"...its all about money..thats the sad part about it...

1827 days ago


Kathleen, you make a lot of sense.
I mean why should MJ´s fans support the Jackson family when they don’t give a **** about MJ´s fans.

The choose to perform and leave MJ in a freezer for over two months instead of burying him and on top of that threaten his fans to come to close when MJ finally should be buried.
They also won’t let MJ´s fans pay their final respect, in fact they won’t let the fans see the grave at all. Shocking! MJ really is a very special and loving human being and not like any other member in his family.

1827 days ago

Wanda W.    

Oh for Christs sake! You would think that their burying a world leader instead of a pathetic,self-hating,used up, has been, DRUG ADDICTED, PEDOFILE!!!!! What the hell has this country come to to idolize such a person? Jackson was an awful example of the American dream.He had it all,then threw it all away to become a gross character that hid behind a mask,literally, to feel better about himself. He is no role model, just a model of WHAT NOT TO BE IF YOUR TALENTED ENOUGH TO MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!

1827 days ago


Chunk the wacko in the dirt and be done with him, he's just a worthless hunk of dead meat.

1827 days ago

danger baby    

kathleen -- good questions all.

here's what tmz had to say about the beverly hills hotel meeting on may 16th.

seems 'a manager' (whether tohme or delio I have no idea) had committed MJ to a "Jackson 5" Texas concert, without getting his (MJ's) approval. a clause in the agreement prevented MJ from performing anywhere else for 18 months (which in itself sounds a little odd, why would any performer agree to that??). so when MJ signed up for the O2 concerts, he violated the other agreement.

[that said, i am pretty sure i read that tohme tohme was involved in setting up the London concerts. so was it tohme who put MJ between a rock and a hard place?]

the promoter then countered with another offer to try to entice MJ to appear in Texas, and when that didn't fly, he sued, for something like $40 million (if memory serves). i don't know if he sued only sued MJ, or whether he also sued the entire family. the TMZ article above does say that the company was threatening to sue the "Jackson family" for breach of contract.

if the latter, then because of MJ's refusal to perform, the entire family would be facing a $40 million lawsuit...that's a pretty big incentive to, ah, remove the problem, shall we say. evil Joe WAS seen laughing and giving the thumbs up to photographers in Encino (while his son was on the autopsy table). odd behavior for a father who had just lost a superstar son, wouldn't you say? had he just been relieved of a huge burden?

with MJ out of the picture, ironically, the Jackson 4 are now in great demand. they've signed some new deals with the same promoter/Allgood Entertainment.

then again, a multi-million dollar lawsuit might not be that unusual in this family. for anyone else, it would be a shocker, that's for sure.

mj was DONE performing with his family and had been for a very long time. he wanted his own life and a separate career from everything i have read. his siblings (and father too, most likely) just did not want to accept that.

1827 days ago

doc murry    

totally like far out man,,that pic of mj is the exact same one i recieved after putting tin foil on my head the other night,,im soo totally blown away he is alive ,,oh my god,,he spoke to me,,i am the gifted one,,

1827 days ago

danger baby    

wanda -- everyone but you seems to have figured out the media creates trash-talking stories because that's what people like you want to hear. it's a vicious cycle. they make a lot of money and you get your fix. think for yourself for a change. the media turned into a 21st century lynch-mob in 2005, if you ask me. they should be ashamed of themselves (dimond, bashir, etc.). these are not respectable mainstream journalists. they're the worst of the lot. read aphrodite jones' 'conspiracy' to get another version of who MJ is.

1827 days ago

doc murry    

wehy dont they taske that helicoptor and spread his ashes over hollywood so that all the mj zombies can be sprinkled with the ashes of the wacko jacko guy..then they too will become blood thisty zombies for real and hollywood can film it and make a buck for the jacksons,,just a thought..and hey where can i get a pair of those shades ,,they rock,,and his wig because like 5 million other people im gonna play wacko jacko for halloween this year,,

1827 days ago


Thank you. Just saw your message. Yeah its early on the east coast. I hate that all the action takes place when the moon is high in the sky. Many moons ago, I used to be a night owl and could hang til the sun came up. But that was a lifetime ago.

I see the mssge you left. I follow most of it. However, I never saw the mssge regarding Chico's mssge about the 2 plces PM could be.
So I was unaware of that. I will have to ask her to tell me what that was.
I was able to go back and get info from one of the old boards. I did find something extremely interesting. Because it follows EVERYTHING that has happened to the letter. Post from PM. I saved it.
Regarding your post to me about the baby, I haven't met her yet. She lives in San Diego. We are planning Christmas pilgrimage to West Coast to visit.
Hope to see you soon. Drop me a note now and then... Miss you bunches.

1827 days ago


I guess they are waiting for advance tickets sales of Jermaine's tribute in Vienna to pay for the cost. Those ticket prices are so high that in this world economy I can't see many fans able to afford. No one has stolen Marilyn Monroe, so Forest Lawn is pretty secure. Micheal's dignity in death has to wait because they are working on his tribute. I bet this greedy family worked on a pay-per-view of private burial. The estate lawyers are right the fans are getting tired of this family.

1827 days ago

Stop Milking his name    

Wanda, spend less time on TMZ and more time educating yourself.

Michael was well the same for your own pitiful self...

BTW, you misspelled PEDOPHILE. Ha ha ha pathetic woman ....

54. Oh for Christs sake! You would think that their burying a world leader instead of a pathetic,self-hating,used up, has been, DRUG ADDICTED, PEDOFILE!!!!! What the hell has this country come to to idolize such a person? Jackson was an awful example of the American dream.He had it all,then threw it all away to become a gross character that hid behind a mask,literally, to feel better about himself. He is no role model, just a model of WHAT NOT TO BE IF YOUR TALENTED ENOUGH TO MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 7:04AM on Aug 27th 2009 by Wanda

1827 days ago

Wanda W.    

To "danger baby"#58 I am "thinking for myself". I merely stated that Jackson was an "awful example of the American dream",which he was.And as far as the media creating "trash talking stories" goes I would say to you....... WHERE THERES SMOKE, THERES FIRE !!!!!! He was W-I-E-R-D,inside and out!!!!! Geeze,sedatives to sleep that are only supposed to be used in hospitals. So many plastic surgeries he himself probably couldt count them. Paying women to have his children, then making them wear masks in public.A bizarre fascination with young boys, NOT girls.My god,take off those rose colored glasses you wear. The list goes on and on. Better for people like you to see the REAL MAN IN THE MIRROR , instead of that living freak show he WAS huh.......

1827 days ago


Poor Wanda, you loose your time, everything you say will never stop people love MJ

1827 days ago

Wanda W.    

To marieant0811......... I misspelled 1 word, big woop! Is that your main point?That is all that you have retained from what I wrote? And, by the way, ARENT YOU ON TMZ TOO DUFUS? Jackson was a freak.........

1827 days ago


Wanda, I agree with others - you should educate yourself a bit. MJ wore masks because he had no pigmentation (due to illness), so the sun could (and did) cause him skin cancer. His children only wore masks when together with him, not when they were out with others. So, nobody could recognize and mob them. MJ achieved a lot, made marvelous music and performances, and helped thousands of people through charities and on Neverland. He didn't speak ill of people (like you do), he forgave his abusive father, he didn't hit photographers. The two molestation charges were setups, the last one by a boy he had helped become cancer-free. He was aquitted, since the police - who hated his guts - didn't find any proof whatsoever. But the result was that his spirit was broken, he could not return to his home and now four years later he is dead.

So please - think and find out, before you write hateful things.

1827 days ago
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