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Michael Jackson Burial Triples in Price

8/27/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThe Jackson family's decision to move Michael's burial from a Saturday to a Thursday is gonna cost some serious dough -- at least three times the original price!

According to the Glendale police, the cost for the weekend service would have ran about $50,000 -- 90% of which goes to police handling street closures, security and perimeter control.

But officials say the Jackson family will now have to fork over "at least triple the price" to contract the cops for a weekday burial.

As for the cemetery, we're told it will be on total lockdown -- with security patrolling from the ground and from the air. At least one police chopper will be keeping an eye from the sky.

And just to prove the cops mean business, Sergeant Tom Lorenz is warning uninvited fans, "Don't even try and come, because you won't even be able to see the green of the Forest Lawn."


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Wanda W.    

And to that person from Monaco,whoever you are, I "loose my time",WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN? Get back to me when you can form thoughts,and can articulate them, that MEAN something.........

1848 days ago


"#58 I am "thinking for myself". I merely stated that Jackson was an "awful example of the American dream",which he was.And as far as the media creating "trash talking stories" goes I would say to you....... WHERE THERES SMOKE, THERES FIRE !!!!!! He was W-I-E-R-D,inside and out!!!!! Geeze,sedatives to sleep that are only supposed to be used in hospitals. So many plastic surgeries he himself probably couldt count them. Paying women to have his children, then making them wear masks in public.A bizarre fascination with young boys, NOT girls.My god,take off those rose colored glasses you wear. The list goes on and on. Better for people like you to see the REAL MAN IN THE MIRROR , instead of that living freak show he WAS huh.......

Posted at 7:46AM on Aug 27th 2009 by Wanda


I cannot believe you just said that.. he was never the Idea of An American Dream. Where did you get that? That is something the media created. Here is a person who just wanted to live a normal life. He created music. He was a pop icon who was thrust into the spotlight at the age of 5. Can you imagine living in that fishbowl for 45 years of your life and not being able to do the things that people like you and I can do?
Paying others to have children is not something Michael Jackson created. There are plenty of people who do it everyday. Let's see, Matthew Broderick adn Sara Jessica Parker just had their twins by a surrogate. Brad and Angelina have adopted children. Half of Hollywood have children that were born through surrogates. I don't see you complaining about them paying someone to have children.

Yes Michael probably was excessive about plastic surgery. Well then again, half of Hollywood is that way. So as Michael said, "Plastic surgery was not invented for Michael Jackson."

No one ever said Michael was the American Dream story. His story is probably just the opposite. Who wants a father who pushes their 5 year old child to rehearse non stop that you miss out on your childhood? A father who doesn't show you love or beats you for not dancing correctly? No one wants that. The higher Michael's star rose, the more withdrawn he became.
You question why he was the way he was. He couldn't trust people. Even his own family. That is no way to live. Cut the man some slack.

1848 days ago


Oh and another thing...Wanda-the media left out the fact that there were girls who stayed at Neverland. The reason you probably don't know that is because there was no sensationalism to that aspect of the story.

1848 days ago


I think people are starting to "NOT CARE" now. So maybe they are making more fuss than needed.

Not that many showed up outside the memorial as predicted.

1848 days ago


Hmmm... question is... Will it now be postponed until Sept 5th?

1848 days ago

Scott Skorupa    

OK. It's not like he was Jesus Christ,but they are treating him like he was. M.J. was just an entertainer.

1848 days ago

doc murry    

wanda your completly right not pay attention to these mj zombies..they are so blinded by the bullcrap they cannot or choose not to see the real truth..i mean seriously,,these same people that say he is sooo innocent are the same ones who wrap their heads in tin foil so they can recieve messeges from them..he was a drug addicted wacko who obviously had severe social issues and mental issues..

1848 days ago


Other than Janet & Michael's kids, I'm just about done with the Jackson family.

Everything they've done is horrendously against what Michael would've wanted.

I want JUSTICE for Michael - and I still consider Joe & Jermaine & Dr. Tohme Tohme suspect. Dr. Murray pulled the trigger (figuratively) but someone else put him up to it.

1848 days ago


They already had a memorial. They already had their circus. If they wanted the burial to be private, they wouldn't be making announcements. The brothers need new footage for their A & E reality show, to show how they are coping with MJ's passing (and now make money on his death). This whole family is disgusting.

1848 days ago


Rest in peace knowing you WERE loved unconditionally. My heart will never quite be the same until we meet again.

1848 days ago


If his family truly gave a crap, and instead of dragging this on FOERVER for the sake of his kids, they could have buried him quietly so many times instead of turning it into more of a production. But then again, this is the KING of family drama & once he's buried, none of them will matter anymore because he was the money maker to this family of leaches. BURY HIM ALREADY JACKSON FAMILY.

1848 days ago

missing michael    

The LAPD has no idea how much it will cost.
Just like the memorial service was estimated to run at least 4 million and only cost the city a tad over 1 million. We'll see how much it cost when it's done.

1848 days ago


Dear Wanda,

If you prefer "you are wasting your time". You know I am Fench and certainly I don't speak English very well, but you, you are impolite and you don't know a word in French.

1848 days ago



Susan - you are so right!

Of course it has to be private, because A & E has exclusive rights to their new show.

I HATE THEM. We need to boycott anything that has to do with the Joe Jackson or any of the brothers who are capitalizing off of Michael's death.

If you really love Michael, buy his music and anything that will benefit his kids.

The A & E show will NOT benefit his babies. Only the sick bastard of Michael's dad and his sick money-hungry siblings (except Janet, of course!)

I hope Michael's ghost haunts them for all the wrong they did him.

God only knows how much they used and abused Michael.

They already had a memorial. They already had their circus. If they wanted the burial to be private, they wouldn't be making announcements. The brothers need new footage for their A & E reality show, to show how they are coping with MJ's passing (and now make money on his death). This whole family is disgusting.

Posted at 8:20AM on Aug 27th 2009 by susan

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1848 days ago


go Wanda you have just as much rights as these keystone cops to say what you feel there just pissed because they cant figure out sh@t like there really going to solve the case for the lapd they need to get a life already

1848 days ago
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