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Jenner/Francis in Knock Down Bar Fight, Tased

8/28/2009 8:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brody Jenner was in an epic fight outside of Guys and Dolls this morning, with Girls Gone Wild honcho Joe Francis.

Jayde Nicole: Click to watch
Jenner just spoke with us by phone. According to Jenner, he and his girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, were at the club celebrating his birthday, when Jayde saw Francis hitting on an ex-girlfriend of his (Francis'), Jenner says "unrelentingly." Jayde felt he was harassing the woman -- whom Jayde and Brody know -- and she threw a drink on Francis.

Jenner says Francis then pulled Jayde's hair, punched her in the face and threw her to the ground and began kicking her. Security broke it up and Francis got dragged away -- Brody followed.

Jenner says he started yelling at Francis and both men were ejected from the club.

Outside the club, Jenner says he tried to get back in to see Jayde but security wouldn't let him. Jenner then saw Joe, punched him in the face, and then someone tased him and he fell to the ground.

Francis left the scene (shown below). The cops -- who say a call came in at 2:46 AM for battery -- came but no one was arrested.

Joe Francis

Jayde tells TMZ she will press charges against Francis.

Jayde has a black and blue cheek, her face is swollen, she has a bruised left rib and her lower abdomen is sore. Some of her hair also got pulled out.

UPDATE: Brody put the following message on his Twitter: "Joe Francis beat up my lady this morning for no reason! Pulled her to the ground, punched & kicked her..what does that say about him. How can you call yourself a man when you beat up a girl?? Joe Francis is a piece of sh*t. Joe Francis needs to be in jail!!!"

UPDATE: A rep for the club tells us, "It is Guys and Dolls policy not to comment on incidents that are being handled by the police department. We trust that this situation will be resolved both swiftly and privately."


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She started it by throwing a drink on him. Maybe next time, she will act like a mature adult and mind her own business!

1847 days ago


She got what she was none of her business if he was hitting on girls.....get a life you washed up playmate and relaity slut!

1847 days ago


ALL of these people need to grow up...LOL hilarious....

1847 days ago


So Joe Francis can beat a small girl and throw her on the ground but isn't man enough to stand and face a man his size like Brody. Brody would have beat his A$$ if someone didn't jump him from behind with a taser. I hope he goes back to jail.

1847 days ago


How the hell did no one NOT get arrested? Effing amazing. As for Jenner, some man, letting his woman be bitch-whooped like that. LMFAO. Then he tries to whine about it on Twitter. Lame

1847 days ago

learn to write    

whoever wrote this needs to learn basic writing skills. I was lost for the first half of the piece.

1847 days ago


Why are 90% of "celebrities", white trash losers who really did nothing to earn the right to be a celebrity?

Is there a reason why anyone should really give a crap about these people?

They'd all be living in a trailer park if everyone stopped paying attention to them.

1847 days ago


Wow. I cant believe some people are blaming her. Regardless of if you dont like her, think she's a bitch, WHATEVER, she still got punched and kicked by a MAN. If you don't see anything wrong with that, than you are messed up in the head and would probably beat a girl up too. Crazy ass people.

1847 days ago


Don't like Joe Francis, and I think guys should refrain from hitting women when at all possible... but Jayde should not have thrown a drink in anybody's face. Women, no matter what you were taught or what you expect, don't try to dish anything out (throw drinks, slap, push) on a guy and then NOT expect to get anything back. Yeah, he shouldn't... but if you start it, you should expect something in return. Jayde started it. Joe is a punk, and I don't want to defend him, but in this case, although he went too far, he didn't start it.

1847 days ago

Smelly Jelly    

If she indeed threw her drink first, she has no case at all.

It's reprehensible on Francis' part that he hit her, but the law is clear on this matter. He can argue that he was defending himself and prevail. Moreover, Brody hit him. Francis can press charges on both.

1847 days ago


joe francis is a misogynistic pig and a closet homosexual that hates women. its just a matter of time until this "exploiter of women" seriously hurts or kills some woman or young girl. he is violent and out of control. beating a woman in the face and kicking her after she has fallen to the ground, demonstrates just what a threat he is to the public.

now as far as POSTER NUMBER ONE AKA "THE DON" is concerned and your remark on "keeping women in their place", well you are no better, if not worse, than francis and i would bet all women hate you and that you are an impotent, slow-witted moron! you probably spend all day on the computer whacking off to internet porn because you have no life.

1847 days ago


I hope this will be on the new girls gone wild video. I'm sure that slut has a sex tape out there somewhere.

1847 days ago


Does anybody else think she looks like the Octomom? I'm just sayin...

1847 days ago


I don't know why, but this makes me laugh. Douches of a feather flock together.

1847 days ago


These hoes ain't got no manners!

Bet she'll think twice bout throwing a drank on somebody!

1847 days ago
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