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DJ AM Dies -- Celebrities Turn to Twitter

8/28/2009 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DJ AMThe following messages have been left by various celebrities on their Twitters since the death of DJ AM.

John Mayer: In complete shock.

Lindsay Lohan: i can't believe this.. i'm in shock. why? why? r.i.p. adam.

Alyssa Milano: May you rest in peace, Adam. You touched many with your light and will be missed like crazy.

Ryan Seacrest: So sad the hear about adam. a very kind and generous guy.

Dr. Drew
: I lack the words to describe my feelings.

Ashton Kutcher: much love to my boy AM.

Soliel Moon Frye
: Thank you for bringing so much music and inspiration to peoples lives. Rip Dj Am.

Heidi Montag: my thoughts and prayers are with DJ AM's family and friends.

Shanna Moakler
: My deepest condolences for DJ AM, you were a great artist and will be severely missed. My thoughts and Prayers to his family and friends.

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I'm sorry but the reason majority of the world don't have an idea who is he is because he dj mostly for elite group of people. (elite in there own mind) but ordinary folks who have no access to these clubs and private parties who can't get past the velvet rope don't know him save for those news that he dated some celebrities. So you can't blame people if they ask who the hell is he nd why he's on the headline because chances are they really don't know him and not being mean.

1849 days ago


well... maybe this is a second chance at life to many of his A-list celebrity friends and party-goers that have a drug problem. This could have been you! Change your lives, get help if you care about the people that care about you!

1849 days ago


Soliel Moon Frye: Thank you for bringing so much music and inspiration to peoples lives

he did not write the songs or the music,WOW Spinning records,VERY TALENTED,HA

1849 days ago


So many of you think drugs are something people do to be cool. Drugs are abused by people in pain and unable to express it and/or get relief in ways healthy people use to process their feelings. This is especially true of people who end up dying of their pain, like DJ AM. Haven't any of you haters lost someone you loved? It's called COMPASSION, people, look it up. You might need it someday.

1849 days ago


This is truly sad.No one can imagine what his life was like after surviving something as horrible as a plane crash.What if everyday was a question about his purpose in life,and the meaning of it.I mean, a plane crashes like that, catches on fire. And only two, those two in particular, survive. That would definitely mess with someones head.Plus, I can imagine that he watched his friends die,not easy at all. Post Traumatic Stress can turn your world upside down. If he was on meds,I'm assuming some anti-anxiety and anti-depressant as well as pain meds,well mix that with drugs or alcohol....well, maybe that was the way he dealt w/ the pain.So sad either way.

1849 days ago


*1ST.. I would like to send my DEEPEST condolences to his family and close friends!!!! I know he will be missed !! Best DJ EVER!!
*2nd.. Ppl don't know what this man was actually going thru so don't judge his character or slander his name just because he was a celeb..
3RD.. God must of had a plan for him! He is in a better place now and his pain is gone.
4th.. Family & Friends need to stick together & be storng !!!

Love , Respect and prayers for all who loved him!!

1849 days ago


It is sad. tragic to have come so far, clean for 9 years, survived a plane crash, then a break up sends him off the edge and back to drugs... crack has a powerful hook, just so sad, rip

1849 days ago


wow...well first off R.I.P. DJ AM
2nd people stop being ruude you didnt know him so why judge this man.
thats completely rude.
inconsiderate yes granted he got a 2nd chance in liife
you have no idea what goes on in his head what he's seen
due to the plan crash what horrifying things he might have seen.
those comments are totally disrespectful.
gaaah stop being so judgemental.
i cant believe thiis is america.

dj am you will be missed truely.

1849 days ago


Lindsey Lohan should learn from this.

1849 days ago


You guys gotta stop !! All of you in the Entertainment Business?
Pleazzze !! Pot is one thing but Meth, Coke, Heroin ? See where all that money gets you? DEAD !! A drug filled World is all you guys got and your money fuels that fire dont' it?

1849 days ago


For the idiots extolling the virtues of pot, what do you think these people initially started smoking?! No one (very often at least) just randomly up and starts doing heroin or meth out of the clear blue almost always starts with marijuana working their way up to the "harder" stuff.

1849 days ago


RIP DJ Adam.

From Brazil with so much respect.

1849 days ago


really? Im supposed to feel sorry for someone who couldn't handle dealing with the trials and tribulations of being an adult? what a wonderful state this country has become........we have a bunch of spoiled brats with self entitlement issues. so one of them ofs himself, something i call population control, and im supposed to feel sorry and tweet r.i.p. screw you

1849 days ago


Just have respect for someone who has passed, and their family and friends. No need to judge.

1849 days ago


wow, every celebrity now wants to die in the year that Michael Jackson has passed away... HURRY UP CELEBRITIES YOU HAVE ONLY 4 more months.

1849 days ago
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