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DJ AM Dies -- Celebrities Turn to Twitter

8/28/2009 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DJ AMThe following messages have been left by various celebrities on their Twitters since the death of DJ AM.

John Mayer: In complete shock.

Lindsay Lohan: i can't believe this.. i'm in shock. why? why? r.i.p. adam.

Alyssa Milano: May you rest in peace, Adam. You touched many with your light and will be missed like crazy.

Ryan Seacrest: So sad the hear about adam. a very kind and generous guy.

Dr. Drew
: I lack the words to describe my feelings.

Ashton Kutcher: much love to my boy AM.

Soliel Moon Frye
: Thank you for bringing so much music and inspiration to peoples lives. Rip Dj Am.

Heidi Montag: my thoughts and prayers are with DJ AM's family and friends.

Shanna Moakler
: My deepest condolences for DJ AM, you were a great artist and will be severely missed. My thoughts and Prayers to his family and friends.

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the truth hurts huh    

No one? Anyone? Have all of his fans disappeared - just when I need them to explain what his talent was and why, as a DJ, he was considered a big deal? I really am curious. Without a reasonable explanation - I would say: "what a crock!" But maybe someone can explain.

1880 days ago


why the hell is HEIDI MONTAG commenting? Does anyone even care what that skank has to say about anything?

1880 days ago


Why is it when people are so fortunate in life they screw it up but doing drugs and making fools of themselves. It's very sad and I feel sorry for the family because they're the real victims.

1880 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

I guess the silence answers my question.

It takes no particular talent to be a DJ. There is nothing that would justify them being considered a "star" or a big deal in the field of music. It's just phony, manufactured hype and all this celeb-not worshiping says a lot about the mentality of people in this country.

Go do something USEFUL with your OWN life - and stop wailing over people who you didn't even know - and who contributed nothing of VALUE through their "fame."

1880 days ago

raving lunatic    

yet another 'celeb' bites the dust. I hope these stories show young kids who idolize these idiots that drugs is not the answer...NO MATTER WHAT YOUR ISSUES ARE!!!!

1880 days ago


Wow! I'm absolutely sickened by the comments that some of you have made about DJ AM. He was a human being!!!!! He had some personal issues that many of us have had in some way or another. He was suffering from post tramatic stress disorder. Yes he did drugs but he was a recovering addict. Both PTSD and addiction are mental health disorders, meaning they are medical conditions!!! I cannot believe the ignorance of some people. He was a musical genious and very gifted in many ways! God bless you Adam and hopefully you will rest in peace now! :)

1880 days ago

Kathy Rose    

To all the idiots making totally insensitive comments.......shut the F up!! You are so brave making stupid comments about someone you don't even know! If you are so proud of what you are saying then put your real name up! It is sad to lose another talented person to this epidemic. Have a little compassion people. RIP DJ AM!!

1880 days ago

Bet he smells    

Hey Lohan,,,,take a good look,,and do something ,,,,so we don't have to read about your demise some day

1880 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

He was a musical genious and very gifted in many ways! God bless you Adam and hopefully you will rest in peace now! :)

Posted at 11:34AM on Aug 29th 2009 by Amy
Amy -
Please explain what made him a musical genius to someone who doesn't understand what a DJ does to warrant that comment. I would like to know!

1880 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Kathy Rose #106 ..... You are right about the epidemic. But until people begin YELLING OUT LOUD - OPENLY & HONESTLY about how devastating and selfish and unacceptable drug use and abuse is - publicly AND to the ones in their own lives that they see doing it - more than they CRY - AFTER someone has DIED .... then nothing is ever going to change.

And while some people may have more of a physical propensity for substance addiction - which is sad and tough - it is still ALWAYS a CHOICE to take a drink - or a pill - or smoke - or shoot-up. THAT's where it is NOT MEDICAL - it is PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for your own CHOICES and ACTIONS.

Ask for help - and get psychological/emotional help if you need it .... but STOP crying VICTIM, VICTIM, VICTIM for YOUR OWN CHOICES!!!

Tragedy? Yes. Unavoidable? NO.

1880 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Did all of you saying that he was really talented and that you'll miss him actually see him spin in clubs or something?? How do you know of his work?

1880 days ago


Being a DJ like DJ AM requires talent. In order to be a good DJ you need to have a good understanding about music and music theory. You have to be able to incorporate different beats and songs together. As well, many DJ's put their own sounds and beats into the music that they are playing. If you think that being a DJ does not take talent or that DJ AM is not a musical genius, then maybe you should look up some of his work. Other amazing DJ's that you could look up so you understand what they do are Chris Sheppard and DJ Tesco.
Also, for some of you commenting on how addiction is self inflicted, you are right in some cases, but maybe you should read some literature on addictions and mental health disorders so that you truly understand that mental health disorders are a medical condition. Too many people have stigma's related to mental health conditions and do not completely understand that they are a medical condition. Depression, anxiety are also mental health conditions!!

1880 days ago


R.I.P. DJ AM! People need to realize that yes, he may have had a drug addiction, but he is still a person who was loved by many and will be truly missed. He may not have "contributed" in the stereo-typical way, but every person that exists in this world DOES CONTRIBUTE in some way or another. You need to just remember that we are all human, noone is perfect, and someday we will all be missed. How would you feel if these comments we left about one of your loved ones.

1880 days ago

San Diego    

Whomever states that he was not a great artist, has no idea or clue that being a DJ of his caliber is so much more than just pushing 'play' to someone else's music. Learning to read a crowd, slowly bringing the crowd down then back up, remixing/producing & integrating everything from elton john to michael jackson into something completely NEW is so much more than just pushing 'play'.
ignorance is unfortunate and sometimes is a reflection of either jealousy or just a lack of being able to comprehend what others can.

1880 days ago


So sad :(

1880 days ago
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