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Jenkins Power Dialed after Fiore's Death

8/28/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops tell TMZ Ryan Jenkins made a combined 30 phone calls and text messages between the hours of 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM on August 14 -- hours after they believe Jasmine Fiore had been murdered.

Here's the rundown: Buena Park police think Ryan Jenkins severely beat Jasmine after they left the San Diego Hilton hotel at 2:30 AM on the 14th. Jenkins was seen entering the L'Auberge Del Mar hotel in San Diego at 4:30 AM alone. Cops believe Jasmine was taken into the hotel through a back patio entrance, which does not have a security camera.

A small amount of blood and hair was found on the patio. Cops say they never saw Jenkins leave the hotel with the suitcase Jasmine was found in. They think Ryan put her in the suitcase and took her out through the patio, because he was finally seen leaving the hotel without her or the suitcase at 9:20 AM. It's unclear if Jasmine died in the hotel or in the car.

Cops say Jenkins made around 30 phone calls and texts between the time he left San Diego at 9:20 AM and arrived in Los Angeles at 5 PM. During this time, cops believe Ryan drove to Corona, pulled off-road and removed her teeth and fingertips -- then dropped her body off in Buena Park before driving to Los Angeles. Cops won't say who he called and texted.

AND GET THIS: Cops say once Ryan arrived in L.A., he sent his and Jasmine's wedding rings to Las Vegas via Fed-Ex with instructions to be cleaned. Cops say he never picked up the rings, which are now in the possession of the Buena Park Police Department.


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ROB W    

The RCMP have said they're not laying any charges agains't his step sister or anyone else here in Canada. It's over. Let's move on. It sucks, but this has become a "non story".

1880 days ago


Here's the rundown: Buena Park police think Ryan Jenkins severely beat Jasmine after they left the San Diego Hilton hotel at 2:30 AM on the 14th.

How can that be if coroner's think she died a few hours before her body was found Saturday morning, which would be around 4-5ish am on the 15TH????

Something doesn't add up.

1880 days ago


ROB W, the crime was committed in the U.S. I don't think that the RCMP has the only say in the matter. The story is not "over" yet.

1880 days ago


I've seen it mentioned a few times on some sites that there are pics of Jasmine and Michael at the beach the day he got out of the pen. Anybody know WHERE I can find these?

1880 days ago

Sad sad    

ROB W I have to agree. Though if you look at it this way. If his sister (or whomever it was) turned him in he would probably still be alive. So they can't take that with them to the grave.

1880 days ago


maybe she wasn't dead after the beating or even that night-just unconscious due to blood loss/trauma and when he took her to cornona she was still alive so he finished her off by strangulation.
also, I think some people vilify the victim because it makes it seem like we have control over awful things happening to us i.e if you are good bad things won't happen to you

1880 days ago


Well this guy was truly indeed a certified mental case. To actually perform postmortem acts on his so called "I LOVE MY WIFE". I can't believe the jealousy some men have towards their women, it's actually sickening...I get nauseated when I think of this man and what was brewing inside him. This isn't just a murder, this is pure evil.

To Balls and Krazy Kookey Klown, you all need to get a life. You seem just as sick as Ryan Jenkins. Seek professional help as soon as you can.

1880 days ago


oh and BTW time line doesnt add up. She died early Sat morning according to the coroner. the whole hotel thing was on early fri morning. The reason they are not releasing who he called is because they now have proof it wasnt him and cant backpeddle... i think she made it to vegas like she wanted to, had a blow out with Hasman and he drove her back to vegas in her car to frame ryan. (corona is more on the way from vegas then from san diego) Hasman is the sketchiest one out there.

1880 days ago



Harvey, can you please clear up a few things on your next live feed pls?

1) Did Jenkins report her missing in person or by phone? (If i recall correctly, you said by phone in your last live feed.)

2) How can they say Ryan Jenkins severely beat Jasmine after they left the San Diego Hilton hotel at 2:30 AM on the 14th, yet it's been reported that coroner's believe she died a few hours before her body was found on the 15TH??

3) Was the traces of hair found blonde or dark brown/black??

1880 days ago


Did anyone else see the TV interview one of Jenkins' ex-girlfriends did? She said she broke up with him because he wanted an open relationship so he could see other women. So Jenkins can see other women but he doesn't want the women he's seeing to see other men? What a freaking loser and hypocrite!

Women: Don't EVER let a man mistreat you or set up rules that create inequality. Look what can happen!

1880 days ago


What I don't get is if there was "A small amount of blood and hair was found on the patio" why was there no blood found inside the room? Was she left on the patio? That doesn't make any sense?

Any idea if they are running DNA on this stuff? Does it actually belong to Jasmine Fiore? Or could it have been there prior to them even arriving? How do we know for sure it belonged to her?

1880 days ago


InquiringMinds, the OCRegister has reported that Jenkins made the missing persons report in person at 8:55pm Sat Aug 15 at the West Hollywood police station.

1880 days ago

dr fred    

did she really do hard core porn ?
I saw the nude pix but that is not porn

1880 days ago


aia, interesting. Thanks. So basically, they just let him walk out like a fart in the wind, eh? Dummies!

1880 days ago

I'm so sick of reading about this sick bastard. I mean the books are closed on this mother-f**ker, he's f**king dead (thank God). Move on TMZ.

1880 days ago
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