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Jenkins Power Dialed after Fiore's Death

8/28/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops tell TMZ Ryan Jenkins made a combined 30 phone calls and text messages between the hours of 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM on August 14 -- hours after they believe Jasmine Fiore had been murdered.

Here's the rundown: Buena Park police think Ryan Jenkins severely beat Jasmine after they left the San Diego Hilton hotel at 2:30 AM on the 14th. Jenkins was seen entering the L'Auberge Del Mar hotel in San Diego at 4:30 AM alone. Cops believe Jasmine was taken into the hotel through a back patio entrance, which does not have a security camera.

A small amount of blood and hair was found on the patio. Cops say they never saw Jenkins leave the hotel with the suitcase Jasmine was found in. They think Ryan put her in the suitcase and took her out through the patio, because he was finally seen leaving the hotel without her or the suitcase at 9:20 AM. It's unclear if Jasmine died in the hotel or in the car.

Cops say Jenkins made around 30 phone calls and texts between the time he left San Diego at 9:20 AM and arrived in Los Angeles at 5 PM. During this time, cops believe Ryan drove to Corona, pulled off-road and removed her teeth and fingertips -- then dropped her body off in Buena Park before driving to Los Angeles. Cops won't say who he called and texted.

AND GET THIS: Cops say once Ryan arrived in L.A., he sent his and Jasmine's wedding rings to Las Vegas via Fed-Ex with instructions to be cleaned. Cops say he never picked up the rings, which are now in the possession of the Buena Park Police Department.


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Sad, Fiore might have still been alive when Jenkins took her back to the hotel. It's possible he didn't actually kill her until later. I'm wondering, and I almost hate to think about this, if when he stopped to cut her fingers off and yank her teeth out, if she were still alive. :( He might have strangled her to unconsciousness but she might have still been alive and awakened at some point. Ugh.

1779 days ago


How did you get the John Mayer mugshot?

1779 days ago


Has your cameramen ever got the band Tokio Hotel somewhere?

1779 days ago


The police have not interviewed Alberto Alvarez, the 911 caller - Alberto Alvarez is now "away" according to his wife. What the hell is the police doing ? Not interviewing a key element to the Michael Jackson investigation ? Yeah, those 3 detectives are doing a "great" job !

1779 days ago


Is it true that Michael Jackson wore a prosthetic nose? How is that possible? Please explain!

1779 days ago


Do you really believe Ryan hung himself? Why did he wait to get to Canada to kill himself? He could have killed himself in his home or in the car next to his ex-wife. Why cut her fingers off and mess with her teeth if he was going to kill himself? I don't buy it. I think he is still alive. what do u think?

1779 days ago


Will you please start posting these live things!

1779 days ago

Half black half white    

where are all the racist black people that white people always seem to be talking about,,, when ever a black person commits a crime and its posted on tmz or any other stupid page you see a whole bunch of racist things said about black people every single time but I hardly see one racist thing said about white people when they commit crimes like this monster here white people are the most racist and destructive race in the planet and that’s a fact

Fu@king privileged @ssholes that raped killed and stole from other races to get to the top Only to keep acting like they’re nice and blame and treat everybody else like crap

I’m getting fu@king sick and tired of white @ssholes and i'm half white.

1779 days ago


MsCommonSense, I don't think the evidence necessarily shows that Jasmine died between 2:30am and 4am on Friday. There's evidence that she was beaten and bloody. What evidence is there that she was already dead by 4am? Jenkins could have killed her later.

1779 days ago


What's the difference between homocide and manslaughter? I always forget.

1779 days ago

mrez golucky    

TMZ- Now you say "around" 3 pm. Thanks for taking my advice!

1779 days ago


what happened to the "cement" delivered to Neverland a few months ago....PLEASE ANSWER! thanks ;)

1779 days ago


how likely is it that browns appearance at the club will be considered a violation of his probation?

was brown at the club last night hanging out with joe when he was beating up brodys gf?

are investigators gonna comb through the miles of highway around corona?
Is there a way to use the video from the video cameras on the 91 to see jenkins driving around there?

1779 days ago


Sick, why is it so bad that Fiore picked up Cardosi and hung out with him for a day or two? Cardosi did his time, why would you condemn him? You seem to have some irrational prejudices.

1779 days ago

Sad sad    

Linda Mott: If he want's a massage I'll be more than happy to give him one. HAHA!

1779 days ago
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