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CA Attorney General Launches MJ Investigation

8/28/2009 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

California Attorney General Jerry Brown is launching an independent investigation into the death of Michael Jackson.

Brown says the investigation comes at the request of the LAPD and will focus on several doctors connected to Jackson.

Brown said police have met with representatives of the attorney general's Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement and the DEA about what evidence has been uncovered.

The attorney general's office won't name the specific doctors their investigation is targeting.


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oh before I go here is my contribution to the positive links we are posting throughout the internet.
This is a press conference Mj held to explain how much of proceeds of his next tour would go to charity

In case you have trouble with the link below please use the following title in youtube

Michael Jackson Pepsi-Cola Press Conference

1848 days ago


goodnight rs. sorry, i don't read here constantly...i am watching a great show on al jazeera (online of course)!

1848 days ago

danger baby    

the white spots were indications of vitiligo, not lupus. the photos i posted earlier were what came up when i googled 'discoid lupus'. i never saw any signs of that on mj's skin, ever. not on his hands, face, ears, nose -- nada. dr. klein was reportedly the doctor who diagonosed 'lupus'. LOL. probably just another excuse to bill MJ.

taraborrelli quoted 30 pages of sources at the end of his book and did in fact interview MJ and family members. i can find statements online that say he talked with MJ as recently as '05. MJ got p.o.'d about a crack RT made about his marriage to LM, so we know they had contact then, and that was when, 1994? they resolved the tiff amicably. that said, i cannot vouch for a friendship and don't really care if they had one or didn't, because a guy can write a book and get fairly accurate information without being chums with his subject.

of the bios I've read, RT's seemed the most dense/thoroughly researched (and reportedly involved 30 years of research). i couldn't put it down! the book is also referred to as the 'authoritative' bio on MJ. RT addressed the rumors about mj being gay (says he did not think he was). further, unlike dimond's book, i never got the impression that RT did not like MJ or had any interest in misrepresenting him or what happened to him. it seemd to me to be straight non-judgmental reporting. kathryn is asked on film (in the fox jackson family 14 part series on youtube) whether the pepsi accident were serious and she stated she was concerned until she learned that it was not serious. she's his mother, so that's what I will go by.

1848 days ago


I'm sure you all know I did not write 90. But I guess if I have a clone troll, I've arrived.

1848 days ago


I have never seen this before! Michael was the first heterosexual male celebrity to bring to light the AIDS crisis! His legacy is immense.

1848 days ago


Jay Z is on "Real Time" Tonight! I hope he sets Bill straight on Michael.

1848 days ago

danger baby    

a closeup photo of the brown area at the tip of mj's nose shows that he used tape, the kind of medical tape that you use to hold an area in place following plastic surgery or adjustments to surgery. it looked nothing like lupus. it looked like what it was. tape.

1848 days ago


@danger baby

Discoid lupus also causes white spots, and dark brown spots, and lesions, scars, eats up an ear, eats up a nose, baldness, butterfly rashes, etc. We know MJ did have that disease. He also had vitiligo, and it's common for lupus sufferers to get vitiligo also.

I don't believe J. Randy Taraborelli is legit. He can post a thousand pages of references, and I will believe he's lying. He says too many things that are false. MJ had everybody in his life sign strict confidentiality agreements, so there's no way he would tell his business to J. Randy. I don't believe it at all.

1848 days ago

Blanket's Mom    

I respect your opinion, but I do believe Rolling Stone. It is not a gossip rag and has a history of journalistic integrity, which is why it was quoted by other reputable news sources when the article came out. I am sure they would have made sure to be 100 percent sure about the accuracy of such a shocking statement before including that bit of information, to avoid a law suit. There was no indignant rebuttal to that article by the estate or others who personally knew him, to my knowledge, but if some one can prove me wrong, I'd be glad to see it.

The article was otherwise respectful regarding his appearance. This is the issue I' talking about:

Also notice that his nose dramatically changed in just a few months from early '09, to the O2 announcement (and that was definitely him), to an even different looking nose in the last rehearsal video.

I don't know how such a nose tip was attached, but I have since seen some closeup photos of his face were you can see a line of demarkation around the tip of his nose, and a slightly different skin tone there as well. Also look around the sides of his nose in any high res. recent photo. There is puckering there on both sides, which I assumed was scar tissue, but which may have been due to the use of stage glue.

Poor Mike in so many ways!

100. @muscles 96

Thanks, but I just don't buy it about the nose. Rolling Stone can get bad info too. If MJ had a prosthetic nose, like they use in the movies, he would have had a better looking one. And there's no way a glued-on nose would stay on while he was pouring with sweat on stage. His nose didn't look anything like a prosthetic nose at all, and it always had a brown hyperpigmented blotch on the tip with is typical of the dark brown spots caused by lupus, so he tried to hide that with makeup but it was so dark it usually showed.

Posted at 8:37PM on Aug 28th 2009 by LoveHimMore

Read more:

1848 days ago


108. a closeup photo of the brown area at the tip of mj's nose shows that he used tape, the kind of medical tape that you use to hold an area in place following plastic surgery or adjustments to surgery. it looked nothing like lupus. it looked like what it was. tape.

Posted at 8:50PM on Aug 28th 2009 by danger baby

He occasionally wore tape on his nose after procedures, not to hold anything in place. MJ knew all about movie prosthetic masks, and they're not attached with tape, they're attached with special glue. The brown area at the tip of his nose was only discolored skin. I've seen more than enough closeups of it to know. MJ did not have a false nose.

1848 days ago

danger baby    

tons of pics of mj and his nose and there's not a brown smudge anywhere.

1848 days ago


He only got 25mg of Propofol("milk") from Murray. It is 400mg for a good night's sleep. MJ will not rest in peace without that 375mg of "milk" he didn't get. Put a bunch of milk bottles in his coffin.

1848 days ago

danger baby    

1848 days ago



Rolling Stone is not in any danger of being sued no matter what they write. According to the attorneys, all they do is constantly write letters demanding retractions, but nothing ever gets done. The media has been lying their asses off about MJ for years, and without suffering any consequences. Rolling Stone is not always correct, and neither are any of the other magazines and news papers. The ALL pick up and quote each other's false stories all the time.

MJ's nose changed in appearance because Dr. Klein built it back up to a normal size by injecting special fillers. He talked about that on LKL, when he was emphatic that MJ did not wear a prosthetic nose.

There would be no need for a prosthetic nose anyway, because it's too easy for a plastic surgeon to do reconstructive surgery and rebuild the missing tip. They do that all the time. It's no big deal. I know this because my father does reconstructive burn surgery.

1848 days ago

cali chick    

Its about time they got some additional help in solving M.J.'s murder!! I heard that the LAPD only had 3 ppl assigned to the case. And for all the people who keep saying Michael was a druggie bla, bla yes he was addicted to painkillers but its not like he was doing meth, cocaine, or herion which is what true druggies use. Im sure he probably really needed the painkillers at one time in his life and then developed a problem after doctors kept prescribing them the him for money!!

1848 days ago
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