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Michael Jackson Flunked His Credit Report

8/28/2009 7:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Credit ReportHere's a shocker -- Michael Jackson had an abysmally low credit score.

TMZ has learned that in 2007, Jacko's average credit score was 563.67 (Equifax 592, Transunion: 524, Experian: 575) which most experts consider very low. (According to, the average credit rating for people in California is 672.)

The reasons for MJ's credit woes ... We're told he was dinged for several reasons, including:

-- A derogatory public record or collection filed
-- The amount owed on delinquent accounts
-- Number of accounts with delinquency
-- Too many inquiries in the last 12 months

We've also learned Barneys New York actually shut down Jacko's credit line after he racked up more than $224,000 in one billing cycle, this according to Jacko's credit report.

MJ's troubles seem to have stemmed from a large net worth but nearly no disposable income. As we reported earlier, MJ's "Cash in Bank" was $668,215 -- or .05% of his net worth.


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Sue Wong    

These stories are going too far. This man is dead and even in death he's tortured. Let's not forget 3 vulnerable children who can read and operate a computer!!!

1853 days ago



u r on a roll tonight!...i love your comment about his credit score with God is good..

nice work:)

1853 days ago


This is hitting a little below the belt! I don't think that any of us MJ fans really need to know what his creidt score is!!!!

1853 days ago


TMZ what did you do for poor children ?

1853 days ago



I love your comments too, and I'm so thrilled to see nothing but wonderful comments in MJ's defense! I thank God for this show of love and support to this wonderful human being who gave us so much!

1853 days ago

Sad sad    

At least I know now I too "can" be a millionaire with mine :) yay!

LoveHimMore: I

1853 days ago

Sad sad    

Was trying to say:

LoveHimMore: I heart short guys

1853 days ago


LOL TMZ, you can get away with talking all kinds of smack about MJ, but the credit report is fightin' words.

1853 days ago


So..Harvey..look..I was really sure that we agreed to NOT call him Wacko Jacko or any other derogatory name..didn't we? So ummm ..his credit report messed you up so badly you regressed? Now repeat after me.."His Name Is Michael Jackson..Father, Son, Entertainer, Icon, Humanitarian...Michael..Michael..Michael..........

This is the most irrelevant subject I've seen yet. Neither I, nor anyone else cares what his credit score is. He is no longer here. If you must post stupid least make it something someone actually may be interested in.

1853 days ago

danger baby    

This only proves the rating agencies are idiots. Some Equifax or FICO score drone forgot to figure in the BILLION MJ had in assets. LOL. If MJ wanted cash, he was capable of getting his hands on it.

The Barney's blowout was AWESOME. That would be my all-time dream shopping excursion. Can't believe he did all that in one billing cycle (30 days, I presume). That's $7,466 dollars per day. At Barney's prices, that's easy peasy.

1853 days ago


I bet the writers @ TMZ write these stories & sit and laugh at our comments. they probaly think its funny when we get mad and post things. And oh god...TMZ look at that Blurry pic u posted of him!!! u know that would get a stir going...

MJ probaly had low credit score because im sure he didnt manage his own money. I bet he never even knew how much money he had. Oprah has even said on her show she doesnt know what all she has. Rich ppl have accountants and they are the ones responsible for keeping their bills paid. MJ still was rich as hell. no matter what.

1853 days ago


@Sad sad

I heart short guys too, but Harvey is short in his soul to post MJ's credit score. Harvey has a heart like a dried pea.

1853 days ago


TMZ, I think you've stressed enough how bad MJ's money problems were. Please stop because its getting old.

How about getting us the autopsy report or more dirt on what's going on with this whole "how MJ died" case?

1853 days ago

Sue Wong    

I don't give a damn about Michael's credit score, just my own. The bloody thing goes up and down like a yo yo from one month to the next anyway. I would bet Michael had a perfect score many times. Who gives a rat's ass? TMZ needs to hire a staff that's more intelligent and mature, not dingbats.

1853 days ago


Who needs bank credits when you get so much cash as Michael Jackson had? This guy was making thousands by the time he was 8
Michael Jackson had enough money to open his own bank and issue his own credit cards! Besides who cares about MJ credit?
Get to the point and see if you can find out who/how and what killed the guy!!

1853 days ago
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