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Michael Jackson Flunked His Credit Report

8/28/2009 7:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Credit ReportHere's a shocker -- Michael Jackson had an abysmally low credit score.

TMZ has learned that in 2007, Jacko's average credit score was 563.67 (Equifax 592, Transunion: 524, Experian: 575) which most experts consider very low. (According to, the average credit rating for people in California is 672.)

The reasons for MJ's credit woes ... We're told he was dinged for several reasons, including:

-- A derogatory public record or collection filed
-- The amount owed on delinquent accounts
-- Number of accounts with delinquency
-- Too many inquiries in the last 12 months

We've also learned Barneys New York actually shut down Jacko's credit line after he racked up more than $224,000 in one billing cycle, this according to Jacko's credit report.

MJ's troubles seem to have stemmed from a large net worth but nearly no disposable income. As we reported earlier, MJ's "Cash in Bank" was $668,215 -- or .05% of his net worth.


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lol I'm so happy to see you!

What's up lol. I got your message and came flying over here!

1821 days ago


TMZ - stop the madness

1821 days ago


@Phyl: #73 rocks!

@Venustarr: Exactly! :D

1821 days ago


Interesting how so many comment about their disgust of these types of things being posted, yet they ... read them anyway. And then take the time to post comments. There's a big ol' internet out there, if you don't like what a particular site has to say, don't visit it.

And for real - do any of you seriously think that TMZ making a post about his credit score is going to make an impact on what people think about him? If negative thoughts are being conjured up and bad things being said about MJ, it's because of the things HE did and the way HE lived his life.

This is the first piece of information about MJ since his death that actually interested me. What I would really love to see is research done on the amount of public dollars that have been spent on MJ throughout his life in the form of extra law enforcement and other public resources being expended because of who he was. I'd be willing to bet that some of you would be singing a different tune when you found out that you have been spending your hard-earned money on someone who couldn't control his own finances.

Oh, and "danger baby" - assets have absolutely no bearing when it comes to credit ratings/scores.

1821 days ago

Catholic Girl    

First of all, welcome to LA, where everybody except maybe my cat has crappy credit, thank you Wall Street mafia. Ya know, I usually don't curse on here, especially with a blog name like mine (!) but who gives a RATS ASS about credit scores, of all things?!! I mean seriously, especially after that other LAME thread from earlier today, which I won't even dignify.....good grief TMZ, you announcing Michael's death first has completely been cancelled out by all this other garbage you've been posting. I'm almost ready to dump your butt.

1821 days ago


I will give up to $5000.00 to the first person that has legitimate negative information about HARVEY LEVIN(fights with ex's, credit scores, criminal record,incriminating photos, proof of drug use, sexual fetishes and any other valuable dirt).
TMZ posting someones credit score is discusting and inapropriate!
Payback is a MOFO Harvey.

1821 days ago



Usually the board is 30% haters, but when it comes to revealing people's private credit score, all bets are off!

1821 days ago


dang tmz - i loves my celebrity gossip but credit scores? that's a bit much.

1821 days ago

Little Susie 01    

BRO give MICHAEL SOME RESPECT..... HES NAME IS MICHAEL JACKSON not JACKO.!!! u know what Harvey ur Disgusting...
Ppl like you made his life Miserable !!!!!!!! Talking bad of him and laughing at him and accusing him of things he never did! What goes around comes around and all of u ppl who wanted to bring him down.. NONE OF u will ever be as great as he was not as a performer but as a HUMAN BEING! And oneday Karma will turn around at all of those who judged him wrongly!!!!!!! and made hes life HELL!!!!
thats all i need to say u ppl disgust me

1821 days ago

break awayfrom theflock    

Harvey and Staff-

Could you please refer to Michael by his given name? Please have some respect for his family and especially his kids. You know he found that name offense, so why use it and anger the MJ fans that come to your site and watch your show. Not smart business there Harvey, do you realize how many fans MJ has? Please show us and his family some respect!

1821 days ago


Oh, I guess tmzsurfer is through whacking off to Internet porn and came over here to get a sadistic thrill out of spewing ignorant hater swill.

1821 days ago

R.I.P. K.O.P.    

Credit score. Really?

1821 days ago


All of you who make a comments thank you so much for standing together to voice your honest disagreement about MJ credit score being posted. Together we need to do more to make this kind of unrespectful talk by TMZ. TMZ is really a trash and low grade media. the people who work there are evils and mean spirted. Remember we people who stand for truth have power to put this kind of trash media to the ground. If they don't act right and start posting the honorable things MJ did to help others, we should all boycott their site and spread the words. TMZ here where you can start: Go to and learn his magnificent contribution to the world. That's what we want to hear. All of you who are reading this, please go to the above site and sign a petetion for Micheal Jackson to be nominated for Noble Peace Prize. Thank you all for standing firm on the eyes of evils for the truth to shine.

1821 days ago


LAUGH! SO FREAKIN' WHAT?! No one cares what MJ's credit score is, he's still work more than his credit score in millions, more importantly, he's got half the world's love!

1821 days ago

~A true MJ fan from the heart~    

Why are they digging into Michael's credit history? That should be unlawful. "Gone Too Soon" ~A true MJ fan from the heart~

1821 days ago
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