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Michael Jackson Flunked His Credit Report

8/28/2009 7:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Credit ReportHere's a shocker -- Michael Jackson had an abysmally low credit score.

TMZ has learned that in 2007, Jacko's average credit score was 563.67 (Equifax 592, Transunion: 524, Experian: 575) which most experts consider very low. (According to, the average credit rating for people in California is 672.)

The reasons for MJ's credit woes ... We're told he was dinged for several reasons, including:

-- A derogatory public record or collection filed
-- The amount owed on delinquent accounts
-- Number of accounts with delinquency
-- Too many inquiries in the last 12 months

We've also learned Barneys New York actually shut down Jacko's credit line after he racked up more than $224,000 in one billing cycle, this according to Jacko's credit report.

MJ's troubles seem to have stemmed from a large net worth but nearly no disposable income. As we reported earlier, MJ's "Cash in Bank" was $668,215 -- or .05% of his net worth.


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Who cares about his credit report? How much time did you spend investigating this? Barneys New York. Really? Who cares? AND..they did NOT find heroin in Jackson's house. Tweet that.

1799 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Boycott TMZ? Sounds like boycotting eBay. Waste of time. Think
you're going to make a difference? Idjits!

TMZ, There's millions more idjits where these idjits came from. Fear not, TMZ won't die a quick death like WJ did.

1799 days ago


@Mimi 85 Very well said!

@REWARD 79 & Catholic Girl 80: You guys made me laugh so hard I kind of peed a little. lol

1799 days ago


Well said Phyl. Coming up next on TMZ: The last time Michael took a dump. Someone needs to get a life, I have one.

1799 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Jackson fans pee in their pants? Gross.

1799 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

26. ok, so he had no money in the bank but asked Tohme Tohme to hold millions?
Come on Harvey, show us Tohme Tohme's finances so we can compare.

Posted at 1:08AM on Aug 28th 2009 by deedee

That's a good point. Tohme was holding $5.5 million of Michael's money while Michael had a cash flow of only $600,000???

Come on TMZ. How about doing some REAL investigating and start investigating Tohme, or is that too dangerous?

Maybe credit reports are safer and less risky to write stories about.


1799 days ago


Who cares? Is it your life goal to tear this dead man down? If I gave $500,000,000 to charity, I would have a -542 credit score, you f*ckwads. Maybe his credit score would be better if he didn't GIVE HALF A BILLION DOLLARS TO CHARITY!! Ungrateful saps.

1799 days ago


@ Gross Jacko Fans

LMAO! I almost did it again.

1799 days ago


It was hardly Michael's fault was it? He had a huge team of people who were supposed to be looking after all aspects of his life including money. e.g. accountants, business managers, personal managers, financial managers etc etc. It was up to them, any one of them, to take care of his finances and pay all his bills. Michael was obviously kept in the dark most of the time. NOW PLEASE... let him go, let him rest in peace.

1799 days ago


All star game........The mystery of Michael Jackson's death.

1799 days ago

carol kesling    

please leave this poor man alone !!!!! get a life and pick on someone who can fight back.....what a bunch of sleezeballs!!!!!!!!remember the golden rule ????????? you think???????????

1799 days ago


To see what the evil, fraudulent Dr. Tohme Tohme did to MJ's finances and to his life watch:

1799 days ago


TMZ HELLO!!!!! THIS IS 2009 IN CASE YOU DIDNT NOTICE credit scores flactuate ,and nobody cares anywhere.uhhh i want so bad to stop coming back to this site because of all this MJ trashing but God knows i love him and i want to know who is responsible for his death, trust me at this point thats the only reason i keep coming back coz im hoping TMZ will come to their senses and start reporting things we actually want to know about.FYI TMZ you started great reporting on MJ ,im not really sure what happened then you joined the rest of the tabloids and their bad bad journalism. you are no different from Martin Bashir. please just stop it before you lose most of the fans

1799 days ago


Is it so hard for you journalists(?) to treat the deceased music legend with some respect using Mr. Jackson, Michael, MJ or similar instead of "Jacko"??? The biggest bullying campaign in history continues obviously....

1799 days ago


5059 signatures so far, let's make it go viral.

Harvey, you're next.

1799 days ago
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