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Coroner Releases Jackson Findings This AM

8/28/2009 12:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Coroner will release Michael Jackson's cause of death in the next hour or so.

We're told the Coroner will not release the autopsy report, but we will learn what the Coroner believes killed Michael Jackson ... and what conclusions the Coroner has drawn from the death -- i.e., homicide, death at the hands of another.

Come back to the site and you'll see it when it breaks.

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MJ pretty much killed himself in a slow suicide. Not too differant from the typcial street level addict. MJ should have sought help when it first clear he was addicted to pain killers. He is certinly not the first to get addicted.

1882 days ago


i seriously do not give a crap anymore. bury him and get it over with.

1882 days ago


Can't they just release the autopsy report and be done with it? Is there any good reason for not doing so?

1882 days ago


this is just unbelieveable!!!! what could be so secret in that autopsy that they cant just release the whole report.???.. they just cant let this man rest in peace and probably never will..we love you mj--sue from tampa

1882 days ago


Why don't they just let MJ rest in peace.

1882 days ago

Sand D    

Why doesn't this family just get in their cars drive over say good bye to this bag of bones and let it be. They already had their show-time that cost everyone way to much! Including MJ's children.
The rent must be up on the coffin by now. What happened to the great belief in all thier religions?? What a fake bunch of people.
News Break Jacksons YOU ARE NOT ROYAL, NON OF YOU HAVE DONE A THING FOR YOUR COUNTRY. If you want to see a real man look at the gardner who sweats to make you look good from the outside. Inside you are all rotten.

1882 days ago

while my guitar gently weeps    

Hope the Autopsy report follows his Birthday party and not his burial, for that I can wait, just bust the pill people's.

1882 days ago


Please Please Please reset your Timestamp to show the proper posting time of your stories.


1882 days ago

Real People    

Im sure they wont Re: Coroners office Release much at all...
But...... I have faith that Harvey will get a copy of the Whole report of the coroner, and thats how it will be released. You Go Harvey !!!!!

1882 days ago


Michael Jackson is dead? I hadn't heard. Why didn't TMZ tell us earlier? This news surely needs more coverage!

1882 days ago


SO didnt we hear this already??
Wasnt the tip of the iceberg propofol?

1882 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

DEAR FACT CHECKER, What I'm about to say is quite disturbing:

I typed in "michael jackson autopsy" in a google search. On either page 13 or 17, I found the life-like illustration of Mr. Jackson, bald and lifeless. I also saw a photograph of many individuals wearing latex gloves and their identities concealed surrounding what appeared to be Mr. Jackson: nude, spliced open, organs removed and the fold of his forehead folded over his nose as his brain was being removed. I was curious. I found it and it disturbed me. If you seek, you will find. Be careful.

Post script: For the thrill seeker, images are updated constantly and these images may or may not be on these pages today. Search and you will find. WARNING: it is disturbing.

1882 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

The only one as I read all of this ..The Puppet Master was very much on the inside tract as still is.The connections are true pointing out The Players of Murder.Can he/she see future events.Jermaine has very dirty hands.He lies big time.ReSearch Team hints stay in touch with PM.THANKS

1882 days ago


Dependant on painkillers or not ..

The doc shouldn't have been injecting him with these drugs. He should have been helping him. He should have cared more about his patient than his paycheck!!

Propofol should not be administered outside of a hospital.

Medical experts say If Michael Jackson died from lethal levels of the powerful anesthetic propofol, then his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, would have had to inject much more of the drug than he reportedly told police.

Doctors also suggest the 2 mins thing can't be true - a persons condition can't go to the point of no return in 2 minutes.

Waiting over an hour to ring 911 - he should have rung as soon as he found him not breathing.

Saying there was no phone to ring 911 yet records show he was using his cellphone earlier. A source says whilst MJ was under propofol Dr left the room to make calls. The records also show he was making calls for over 40 mins.

Not knowing the name of the street the house was on - where he visited everyday!

CPR - on a bed..?
About the dependancy..
He started the painkillers after he badly burned his head, then he had accidents on stage which hurt his back. the longer ur on drugs the more tolerant you become, and the more u need to take to get the same affect, when this happens not taking painkillers can cause withdrawal -more excrutiating pain. Painkillers disturb sleep - hence jackson not being able to sleep and the need for sedatives. Anyone dependant on painkillers knows that its a vicious circle. He needed help not a Dr. Feelgood.

1882 days ago


Thats what it means! NO FULL REPORT! Just the "leaked cause of death" we read about on here a few days ago. My guess is the levels of Propofol are probably just a little bit higher than what old Dr. M reported to the police though!! Hell, I think all the other barbiturates given IV before the propofol alone would have killed him but since Propofol is potentiated or "made more potent & toxic" by barbiturates, I don't think it would have mattered anyway. Any amount of Propofol after all that would have done him in. What a prick this Dr. is.

1882 days ago
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