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Coroner Releases Jackson Findings This AM

8/28/2009 12:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Coroner will release Michael Jackson's cause of death in the next hour or so.

We're told the Coroner will not release the autopsy report, but we will learn what the Coroner believes killed Michael Jackson ... and what conclusions the Coroner has drawn from the death -- i.e., homicide, death at the hands of another.

Come back to the site and you'll see it when it breaks.

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47. The only one as I read all of this ..The Puppet Master was very much on the inside tract as still is.The connections are true pointing out The Players of Murder.Can he/she see future events.Jermaine has very dirty hands.He lies big time.ReSearch Team hints stay in touch with PM.THANKS

Posted at 12:24PM on Aug 28th 2009 by PRE=POST=hint

Thank you for the repost... I am trying to stay in touch.. but can't get a rsponse.

1850 days ago


TMZ, if it weren't for Michael Jackson's drama and a murdered hideous looking "model", you would clearly have nothing to post. Why don't you just devote an entire blog to Michael Jackson...oh wait, you practically already do!

1850 days ago


I don't care about the autopsy report. I'm waiting for them to arrest Dr. Murray. His negligence and failure to treat his patient according to reasonable medical practices resulted in Michael's untimely death.

1850 days ago


What's the point of releasing how they believe Michael Jackson died, and not releasing the autopsy result??? I don't understand why is taking so long...there must be something very very wrong we dont know.

1850 days ago


So basically we get a "yep he died of Diprivan overdose" and THAT's it?? How is that anything new? We've been saying that for 2 months now. Release the acutal report, LAPD.

1850 days ago

MJ's PYT    

Yeah PROPOFOL. We know already.We want other details like
the information your not giving out.THANKS..

1850 days ago


If they were smoking marijuana between injections of all the meds....would that be "lethal??"

1850 days ago



We wait for two friggin months and all we get is a one paragraph press release???


And LA District Attorney, indict the mofos that killed Michael!


48. Thats what it means! NO FULL REPORT! Just the "leaked cause of death" we read about on here a few days ago. My guess is the levels of Propofol are probably just a little bit higher than what old Dr. M reported to the police though!! Hell, I think all the other barbiturates given IV before the propofol alone would have killed him but since Propofol is potentiated or "made more potent & toxic" by barbiturates, I don't think it would have mattered anyway. Any amount of Propofol after all that would have done him in. What a prick this Dr. is.

Posted at 12:26PM on Aug 28th 2009 by janalal4

Read more:

1850 days ago


In other words.... this is not new or news.

TMZ - you've been on the ball with this story for the most part, but I'm losing faith (sigh).


I, too, remain increasingly frustrated - and second what other commenters have said repeatedly:


update the TIME ZONE settings for your website.


Thank you.

1850 days ago


Some of your comments are so hateful! Obviously, some of you know nothing about MJ or you would not say such things! He was a great humanitarian, not to mention the best (and I do mean THE BEST!) in his field. He truly cared about all mankind. Something that some of you know nothing about. He will always be the King of Pop so get over yourselves! Truly, you are commenting on him as if he was Charles Manson! Yeah, remember him . . . now that is a sorry story of a person! Leave MJ alone . . . may he rest in peace. He will always be loved and admired by his TRUE FANS!

1850 days ago


Oh I could never see that - I'd die right there.

I just want the text. Read the PDF file of the findings.

Maybe Smoking Gun will have a copy available - TMZ get with it, Smoking Gun outdid you yesterday with Douchebag Meyer's mug shot!


58. DEAR FACT CHECKER, What I'm about to say is quite disturbing:

I typed in "michael jackson autopsy" in a google search. On either page 13 or 17, I found the life-like illustration of Mr. Jackson, bald and lifeless. I also saw a photograph of many individuals wearing latex gloves and their identities concealed surrounding what appeared to be Mr. Jackson: nude, spliced open, organs removed and the fold of his forehead folded over his nose as his brain was being removed. I was curious. I found it and it disturbed me. If you seek, you will find. Be careful.

Post script: For the thrill seeker, images are updated constantly and these images may or may not be on these pages today. Search and you will find. WARNING: it is disturbing.

Posted at 12:37PM on Aug 28th 2009 by Michael Jackson fans in Fresno.

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1850 days ago


I'll patiently wait, but its all so confusing, why they dont release the toxicology report yet, what is happening?

1850 days ago

Sand D    

I guess the choice is
If LA takes the ball for the death, then California pays for the trail etc.
If they don't then the Jackson family can take it to civil and they have to pay for that right
Go.....Jackson you got the bucks

1850 days ago


Except that many crimes (on a state & federal level) were committed and this is not a case where it'll be dismissed as a criminal case but could be tried in civil.


62. I guess the choice is
If LA takes the ball for the death, then California pays for the trail etc.
If they don't then the Jackson family can take it to civil and they have to pay for that right
Go.....Jackson you got the bucks

Posted at 12:43PM on Aug 28th 2009 by Just thinkn

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1850 days ago


Also Thursday, there were media reports that the autopsy would be released on Friday. Craig R. Harvey of the coroner's office said those reports are incorrect.

Can't anyone get their stories straight?

1850 days ago
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