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Coroner Releases Jackson Findings This AM

8/28/2009 12:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Coroner will release Michael Jackson's cause of death in the next hour or so.

We're told the Coroner will not release the autopsy report, but we will learn what the Coroner believes killed Michael Jackson ... and what conclusions the Coroner has drawn from the death -- i.e., homicide, death at the hands of another.

Come back to the site and you'll see it when it breaks.

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Insanity 7.0    

Insanity Says: Why do I get the feeling that the coroner is going to answer nothing?? Will someone help me here?? I am wondering just how much money can buy? I comprehend that he autopsy report cannot be released until the investigation has concluded. Is anyone on this board old enough or a fan of Elvis to remember what happened with his autopsy report? The situations are similar (according to media account) was Elvis' report ever officially released. All I can say is that I wish they would lay Pete to rest-enough of this. There are now stories that are being printed that I am beginning to wonder if this is just a ploy to retain readership! The Love Child story really had me wishing it was true so that the Gay and Asexual rumors could be put to rest...When can we get back to the music-This is what Pete was about...

I'm just sayin!

1828 days ago


Don't believe what you read or hear....sadly there is no 'truth' anymore.
But be kind people. We are all here at this time and place together.
Rest in peace Michael. I miss you terribly and love you more.

1828 days ago


well, it's officially in the "PM" where are the coroner's comments?

1828 days ago


The autopsy report should BE PUBLIC information! He may have acted like a child, but MJ was an adult. HARVEY - PLEASE SUE under the FOIA!

1828 days ago

Insanity 7.0    

Insanity Says:

Damn Pete you will be missed...The truth shall set you free..

1828 days ago


Was Michael Jackson killed on purpose? i'm starting to believe it, think of this, Michael had obvious seriuos problems with prescription drugs, many doctors knew this, many doctors before Dr. Murray administered Propofol to Michael Jackson before but he never died with them, Dr. Conrad Murray had the perfect environment to kill him, the perfect alliby which is Michael's addicton, Murray's perfect environment for avoiding murder charges and having only manslaughter charges, the excuse is that he noticed Michael Jackson was having an addiction problem so he dint gave MJ the 50mg of Propofol that MJ ussually was given, he says he tried to help Michael Jackson by giving him "only" 25mg, but what about the other drugs he gave him before, the ones he completely mixed up and that caused his death, well he will have the addict excuse, which is not a real excuse cause that was negligence anyway, but he would said MJ begged him and stuff, could it be that someone on a higher level asked Dr. Murray to kill Michael Jackson??? maybe So*y, that company that Michael Jackson always suspected wanted him dead, its what Michael Jackson always feared, it may be

1828 days ago



It's still morning in LA

1828 days ago

Insanity 7.0    

85. The autopsy report should BE PUBLIC information! He may have acted like a child, but MJ was an adult. HARVEY - PLEASE SUE under the FOIA!

Posted at 1:13PM on Aug 28th 2009 by Bluejeans

Read more:

Insanity Says:

You GO! FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT! The truth...and nothing but the truth so help them GOD!

1828 days ago


BURY HIM ALREADY.....he died because he was a drug closed

1828 days ago


Michael's death is a stated death. The coroner report a stated belief. lololol The owners of all of media and tmz is Providence Equity largest investors in entertainment and media. Providence invests in Sony, indirectly to AEG, Warner Bros, Providence started TMZ. They are the largest investment firm in the world and LiveNation near everyone is indirectly or directly involved with Providence Equity. Come on wake up.
Read my posts at
Even if you don't believe this is a conspiracy you will learn some good stuff on entertainment and media power.

1828 days ago

while my guitar gently weeps    

News flash Autopsy report delayed, the Coroner's investigating reports of a blood stained shirt hanging in closet at the Michael Jackson residence.

Sorry I jest, Michael was a jester' and I'm getting stur-crazy here

1828 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

PM=virtual skeleton,bald,8st 1oz,no food all pills,broken ribs,TITO is still hammering bury him at Neverland,big fight inside the family.Rev Jesse Jackson deeply suspicious cause of death.Conflict of reports to confuse fans and courts.thks pm

1828 days ago


Providence Equity owns Altegrity Security who now the chief of police is transfering too. Altegrity houses USIS the controller of our national security system. Take a lesson in media, entertainment, world and politics.

1828 days ago



I don't really see this. After all the ONLY people who would benefit from Michael's death was the family--and they may likely not have known the contents of his will. So it really makes no sense to kill him. People are losing money from his death and a few might recuperate money to break even or do a bit better (ie. AEG), but they will not make more than were Michael alive. To the contrary, Michael could would have made AEG quite a lot of money from the concert, the memorabilia tour and the film. These were in the works before his death.

1828 days ago


taking too long already! :(

1828 days ago
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