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Pill Bottles, Crack Pipe Found Near DJ AM's Body

8/28/2009 8:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DJ AMSources tell TMZ prescription pill bottles were found near DJ AM's body this afternoon.

We're told his body was found at around 5 PM at his apartment in New York City -- he was shirtless and wearing sweatpants. He was face down.

UPDATE 10:33 PM ET: Crime scene investigators just entered the apartment with evidence bags.

UPDATE 9:15 PM ET: Law enforcement sources say the call came in at 5:24 PM -- the FDNY responded at 5:27 PM. We're told DJ AM was pronounced dead on the scene at 6:00 PM.

UPDATE 8:35 PM ET: A law enforcement source on scene tells TMZ a glass "crack pipe" was found in his bedroom. The pill bottles were found in the kitchen.

UPDATE 8:10 PM ET: Sources say a pipe commonly used to smoke drugs was also found inside the bedroom.

UPDATE 7:51 PM ET: We're told his body has not been removed from the apartment.

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Technically, a convenience    

Heard a cry for mercy, In the city of the damned
Oh oh baby, damned.
Down in the pits you go no lower
The next stop's underground. Oh, hello underground.

Wine and roses ain't quite over, fate deals a losing hand
And I said: didn't mean to... did not mean to fail
You didn't plan it, you over-ran it

Oh, I can have you, baby, But I don't know what to do, yeah
Sometime, baby, nothin' I could do
On the balance of a crystal, Payin' through the nose
And when they couldn't resist you, I thought you'd go with the flow.

And now your stage is empty, bring down the curtain, baby please.
Fold up your show
Hadn't planned to, Could not stand to fry in it
Hadn't planned it, I over-ran it, (fryin)
For your life, For your life.

1800 days ago


These celebs are dropping like flies.

1800 days ago


Drugs are never the answer to your problems, they can only temporarily mask the pain, but as the poison flows through your veins the pain only becomes greater. Real talk.

1800 days ago


you accomplished soo much in your life that most of us cant even imagine you had a great life with a lot of perks but also a very hard life at times your family, friends and fans will always remember the great person you were and everything you did for everyone and the great artist and man that you were, R.I.P.

1800 days ago


O boy. How stupid are u people for justifying this. He had a crack pipe. He was obviously a drug addict. Whether the plane crash happened or not, this would have happened. May he rest in peace. May people learn to keep their head up and quit the drugs.

1800 days ago


NO!!!! GDit, I wish someone could have noticed your pain, I wish you could have held on. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

1800 days ago


108. I can't believe we live in a world so full of hate.

Posted at 9:09PM on Aug 28th 2009 by nicole


Well, I guess it's time you woke up and believed it.

But, it's as equally full of love.

Too bad that rarely makes the headlines.

1800 days ago


Dont blame the drugs,.... do you blame the car when a drunk driver kills?
people are responsible for their own actions,

1800 days ago


I want to know what this mans credit score is, and if anyone turned him down for credit?? Think you guys can get this information for us??


1800 days ago


Only in a ridiculous, "American Idol - pre-packaged pop star" world of 2009, would anyone consider a guy who plays / spins OTHER people's music to be a celebrity! Sheeesh. Having said that, I'm really am sorry this guy died so young and so tragically. No one deserves that.

1800 days ago


He was badly burned on his legs. He must have been in such horrible pain even still. PLEASE, remember a time when you burned yourself, remember the pain it caused if you put it under warm water even a few days after. There was NO scab. NO pain months later. NO hospital stay where they literally tore your skin off and applied a new like skin on you maybe several times a days. But I bet you are the one that we all have to hear complain when you get an ouchie. I would bet you are the one who complains about sinus problems, your relatives, the traffic, the next door neighbor. All your problems are casued by someone else.

You are the ones who will slither in a on a message board and cause the ophiotoxemia that pours through. But you are first. Congratualtions.

It is sad that he survived this to only die this way. That is really it right. It was how he died. Not in a flame of glory, but with a pipe besides his side. Who are you to judge someone. You feel bad for him, tears of concern dripping down your face. YOu want him to be a hero. That is it right.

I would bet if someone were to go back and look at some of these posters, you would most likely find, very non empathic people who have no sense of anyone else's pain emotionally or physically. No sense that your words hurt. Are your sympathy cards that you send to love ones filled with the same. Do you wonder with glee if you got your card there first after great uncle Joe passed. Did you remind everyone at the funeral what an idiot you thought of this relative. Or do you just do it behind the veil of a computer.

I would love to know what a shrink would think of you after reading your post. Your need to not only want to be first, but actually congratulating yourself with the one word post FIRST. No other words on your post. Just first, that's it. HUH?

I bet you sit there by your laptop with your fingers ready to ponce to be first on reporting on someones death to save yourself time try writing 1st. Just practice.... Maybe a bit less posting for awhile, but you will get it.

Can I ask the Unoenders, do you do any finger exercises for this. Yes indeed, this could be a winter sport. You should wear protective gear around your digits, get grants for pedicures. your fingers are akin to Michelangelo's brushes.

You are no better than most of the people you probably comment on. Eat any little furry bunnies alive lately.

1800 days ago


so sad. you would hope that his near death episode would give him a new lease on life sadly it seems it pushed him in the other direction like he had a death wish . why else after all the media coverage about drug use ,abuse would anyone still go that route?self destruction after his life was "spared" in the crash ?survivors guilt? ptsd? it will remain a mystery forever .like mike RIP AM.

1800 days ago


This guy beat out Dr. Conrad Murry for the "looser of the year award!" Whats more pathetic - negligently murdering your world famous meal ticket who would guarantee financial security for the rest of your life OR someone miraculously surviving a plane crash, only to abuse drugs that would end up killing him less than a year later. What a waste.

1800 days ago


OMG!! I just saw this running on E while watching the Kardashians. My mouth just dropped and after reading the stories here on TMZ I am speechless. God. Clean 9 years and he goes back to that crap for a girl? A piece of ass? We will never know if that is the reason behind it and unlikely he left behind a note. Man. I just can't believe this.

1800 days ago


how fricken sad. sober for 9 years, survived crazy plane crash with severe burns, started poppin' pills to recover from plane crash and surgeries - recovering drug addict taking drugs is never going to turn out good. sux.

1800 days ago
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