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DJ AM's Ex in Tears Outside His Apartment

8/29/2009 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman believed to be Hayley Wood, DJ AM's ex-girlfriend, was spotted leaving his apartment late last night looking visibly shaken.

Hayley Wood

Sources close to AM tell us they broke up within the last week and that he was "completely devastated" over it.


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Another dead hollywood liberal... good riddance.

1820 days ago


So not cool TMZ. Let her greive in peace.

1820 days ago


its not her fault for fxakes, she must feel guilty enough, people break up all the time, drugs kill, like I said before its always lurking waiting for any opportunity to get you.

1820 days ago


Seriously TMZ, sometimes you people are just total and complete trash.

You're like maggots gnawing away at a carcass.

1820 days ago


ok, chasing the poor girl down is just tacky, you guys. She has enough to deal with right now- our society is so jacked! Have some respect. I come hear to read about things but every now and then I am appalled by how far you all take it.

1820 days ago


get the widow on the set - we love dirty laundry.

Read more:

True that, bronco

1820 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

50. Another dead hollywood liberal... good riddance.

Posted at 1:13PM on Aug 29th 2009 by Rob

Hey Rob - Here are some definitions of "liberal":

1. marked by generosity
2. broad-minded

Pretty good traits, actually. Heh.

1820 days ago


Hold up. This girl hears that he's dead then rushes to his apartment where she knows it's going to be crawling with looky-lou's and paps? Please, she just got exactly what she was looking for. Attention. Enjoy your 15 minutes baby.

1819 days ago


I guess when she reads what you guys are writing about it being HER fault, it will be the fault of all of you when she kills herself too eh? Wow you guys are really intelligent!

1819 days ago

Anna Hagy    

he had many gifts given to him and blew it all away on drugs. I bet the families of those who perished in the plane crash are wondering why god took their loved ones when someone who survived threw it all away

1819 days ago


tears?..i didnt hear any crying.. i was expecting an all out break down...doesnt look hysterical to me.. looks like a person trying to get to a cab hiding her face trying not to be on camera.. which is what every actress(or wanna be actress) does in NYC..i never heard of this guy until he was dating Nicole Ritchie, but all in all its still sad to go so soon..he got a second chance at life last year after the plane crash..but he couldnt stay off the pipe..when are people gonna learn that drugs kill!

1819 days ago


My God! It makes me sick to see the way the paparazzi, including the one who shot this, crazily chasing and surrounding this poor girl, who obviously is in shock! Doesn't anybody has any respect left for those going through such an ordeal? This is totally insane...

1819 days ago


I had never heard of him (or Barker) until the plane crash. Both of these guys represent what's cheesy and superficial about contemporary pop music: style over substance.

Maybe the chick is choked because the cops confiscated the pipe she wanted back.

1819 days ago


You guys are so bad. Leave the poor girl alone!!! She's obviously devastated and you're chasing her around like a bunch of vultures!!!

1819 days ago


Who is this guy and why is he famous? Because he dated and hung out with celebrities?.....I've never heard anything from him or other so called "DJ's". What do they do anyway, mix songs that talented people wrote and performed?

1819 days ago
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