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DJ AM's Ex in Tears Outside His Apartment

8/29/2009 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman believed to be Hayley Wood, DJ AM's ex-girlfriend, was spotted leaving his apartment late last night looking visibly shaken.

Hayley Wood

Sources close to AM tell us they broke up within the last week and that he was "completely devastated" over it.


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So many inmature people here pretending to blame this girl for AM suicide, drug addicts will always find a reason to do what they do to themselves. She is not to be blamed, a person has the right to leave a relationship if it's not healthy, too bad the guy died but that's his fault.

1851 days ago


LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!! TMZ you are S*&T!!!! Did it ever occur to people that maybe she broke up with him because he was using drugs???? It is a sad situation but she is NOT the reason he is gone..he put the pipe to his mouth!

1851 days ago


Feel bad for this young lady because she is probably feeling guilt over his death. Hope she will be OK and as for AM may he RIP.

What a tradegy

1851 days ago


1851 days ago


If we all knew when our or our dearest friends, or family were going

to pass on...we would all be so loving, and caring, and would never

do not the slightest thing to cause pain. but we don't ..and

I believe in destiny...that was his ending chapter...and I hope

that his ex knows there was nothing she could have done differently..

because it was already written...RIP and may peace be with his

famly and friends.....

1851 days ago


She is not responsible for the death of an ex addict and sufferer of PTSD. Those of you who are writing mean things about her sound like a pack of double headed inbreds.

1850 days ago

kate is a very classy lady    

This stupid bitch didn't care when she broke his heart. Hope she feels ALL THE GUILT SHE DESERVES. GOOD ENOUGH. I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS COLD-HEARTED B*** HAS THE SAME NAME AS ME. GREAT.....

1850 days ago


To those who are being so ruthless, your evil!! In 05 I divorced my husband of 9yrs because he began using after 12yrs clean (I didn't know him in those days)I tried for a yr to get him help, he began using after injuring his back and Dr's throwing pills at was never enough!! My husband died in 06 driving drunk/high after relapsing in 04. For those of you who want to blame her, or ANYONE other than him are just WRONG!! Ppl have to want to be clean, it can't be forced no matter how much you love them. I still love my husband but I couldn't live with the abuse anymore, and now he's gone and our 9yr old son has no father. Just remember, you reap what your sew!!! Quit judging, noone knows what goes on behind closed doors.

1850 days ago


Hi, I made my research with professional people, Doctors,Forensics and they said that if a person was clean for so many years and then try to do some drugs, since their bodys are clean any littly bit more than they supposed to have or if the drug was stronger that the one of his choice after 11 years clean anybody can die accidentaly. About the girl, she was very young, maybe she was on drugs and wanted him to star so she left him. To please her he started practcing to be in the same page with her, if he had so many drugs he was not doing it alone. Do you guys remember the reason why he left Nicole Richie? he doesn't wanted to be living with someone that did drugs so he domped her. After that nicole was continued using drugs, remember the wrong way case? she was driving on the freeway on the wrong side so she was lucky no one was killed. She was also hanging out with jack ass O something.because both of them were doing drugs. I pray to God that Nicole change and I hear later that jack ass was trying to stay sober.

1849 days ago


Addicts always blame something or someone for their drug addictions. That's how they make sense of it.

1849 days ago

James OH    

I agree with the people blaming her...and no I'm not a 'jackass' or 'numbskull'.I've simply been a victim of selfish,evil women before and very nearly took my own life also.I got very lucky because I met an actual loving caring woman at the nick of time,but I am a recovering addict also and it is tough to handle a breakup even for lame,"normal" douchebags.He was vulnerable for several reasons(including the recent should have been fatal crash)and this bitch dumps him?NOW??then cries crocodile tears dressed in trendy clothes???Get real.She totally killed him and I hope she burns in the guilt.RIP bro,your ordeal at the hands of shallow tramps is over.

1849 days ago


I just looked up the namke Eliza Howard as poster named"whoa" said and she is definitely the girl in this video and pictures! I knew all along thats not Hayley, she looks nothing like her. Nice Job Eliza exploiting the dead

1844 days ago
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